Light Spirit Epic Chapter 372: The duel against the Holy Spirit (2)


Chapter 372 The duel against the Holy Spirit (2)

Arthur died?


Touch! bump! bump bump bump bump! ! !

A loud bang came from the Holy Spirit’s body!

Holy Spirit. The seat of bravery, cracking from the inside! Countless cracks appeared on its silver metal head, and a dazzling golden brilliance appeared from the cracks!

Touch! bump bump! ! ! ! What is destroying it from within the Holy Spirit!

——It’s Arthur!

Just now, Arthur, who was supposed to be engulfed by the huge beam of light spit out by the Holy Spirit, unfolded the sheath of the king at a critical moment! The griffin shield appeared immediately, covering Arthur’s body. With this gesture, he quickly rushed into the body of the colossus Holy Spirit!

He was waiting for the moment when the colossus opened its mouth to attack!

Indeed, the Holy Spirit. The Throne of Courage is huge and agile, and no matter how attacked it is, it is difficult to completely destroy it from the outside.

Well, just destroy it from the inside! Arthur, who drilled into the Holy Spirit’s body, wielded the giant golden blade of the Sword of the Holy King, slammed left and right, slashed and stabbed, causing huge damage to the Holy Spirit in just a few seconds!

The three-hundred-foot-long golden light-blade protruded from the chest of the colossus. Under the desperate struggle of the Holy Spirit, it continued to cut upwards!

The Holy Spirit reached out and grabbed the golden blade like a madman, trying to stop the giant blade from splitting himself!

Touch! More golden light exploded from within the Holy Spirit! Arthur has launched [Spellbreaker] again! This time, it exploded even more in the body of the Holy Spirit, blasting the body of the colossus into a mess!

The Holy Spirit finally couldn’t bear to let go of his hand. When he let go, Arthur had already dragged the golden giant blade up and back again! Divide the seat of the Holy Spirit and the Courage into two!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ——The Holy Spirit let out a low and loud cry, gradually turning into white light and dissipating. In the white light flying in all directions, Arthur stood still in the air as if nothing had happened, watching the radiance of the Holy Spirit surrounding him.

He raised the sheath of the king, waiting for countless white lights to gather in the sheath.

However, the accident happened again! The power of the Holy Spirit did not flow into Arthur’s scabbard, but instead flowed into the wound on Arthur’s shoulder! Flowing into Arthur’s body from the small teeth marks!

“What?! Woo—aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The scenery around him changed instantly, and he quickly returned to the cemetery.


“Arthur?!” Greenville rushed over in a panic to check on Arthur.

“Painkillers! Quick!” Arthur shouted hoarsely.

“Okay, hold back!” Greenville, who had been prepared, still trembled her hands. While comforting Arthur so that he would not struggle, she picked up the syringe and injected the painkiller into Arthur’s body.

The painkiller took effect immediately, suppressing Arthur’s pain. He got up with difficulty.

“What the **** is going on?!” King Oser looked at Arthur’s left arm in surprise.

His arms are wrapped in [darkness] and [light]. The purple-black evil light is tangled with the milky white holy light, showing a special swirling texture on Arthur’s arm. Two kinds of light began to shine one after another, and it seemed that a fierce battle was going on in Arthur’s body!

“Chaos!” King Oser’s spirituality exclaimed.

The next morning.

Bediver watches awkwardly as Albert helps him get dressed. It was a very intricate, very luxurious ceremonial suit, and Al had spent hours just helping Buddy tie a belt. Bedi himself didn’t know how to do it, just standing there waiting for Al to serve, his own legs were already sore and soft.

“Al, yes, is it necessary to dress like this?” Bedivere was really not used to this kind of dress. The clothes were hard, stinging every part of his body, and the waist was tied very tightly.

“Just be patient. Lord Tut hates being despised the most. If you want to arrange a meeting with him, you’d better dress formally.”

“…Okay. I hope the patriarch will like to see this monkey suit.” Bedivere said helplessly.

“This is my only etiquette suit. There’s nothing you can do if you want me to take out another set of such a luxurious thing.” Albert spit angrily, “Wear it as you like, not if you don’t. Just go to Tutan when you wear it, and see if he will smash you with a punch in anger!”

Bedivere muttered a few more words, with an unpleasant expression on his face, and a feeling of discomfort all over his body.

It was just dawn, and there was an uproar outside. It seemed that the envoys of the Turkic (Elephant Man) tribe were coming.

“Okay.” Albert looked out through the gap in the window, “Tuttan is here, and he will go to Dad for a meeting first. After they finish the meeting, I will find a way to spare the others. , for you to meet the Elephant Man’s Patriarch.

Time is tight, ten minutes at most. You spend ten minutes chatting with Tut, do your best. “

Bediveville is frustrated. ten minutes. To persuade a patriarch not to go to war with humans within ten minutes is basically an impossible task.

The two teenagers looked around (Albert’s room was on the second floor). There was a lot of movement outside the living room on the first floor. There were dozens of Elephant warriors under his command. The Elephant Chief Tut in armor is talking to the Khajiit chief Roble about military affairs. They should be speaking the Elephant’s dialect, and Bedivere didn’t understand a word.

“Hehe, another battle.” Albert sneered, he seemed to be able to understand one or two.

Have humanity lost another battle in this war? Not weird either. The fox people are frantically digging up the heritage of the ancients. They have a lot of messy golems, and throw those things into the war with great effect.

Moreover, the tiger people, the leopard people, the white bear people and the elephant people are all excellent warriors. In terms of fighting ability, one person can be evenly matched with more than a dozen human knights. Not counting the Bunnymen who can manipulate monsters.

There are still all kinds of small-scale battles. When it comes to large-scale battles, the orcs will definitely use their magic weapons. At that time, human beings will suffer heavy Of course, the human alliance is not easy to mess with. The heavenly knights of Pantoracken, the generals of Rome, the rose knights of France, the magicians of the mermaid court… Once they make a move, they will be ruined.

Bediver was in a panic while eavesdropping. He had no idea what to do to stop the war. Everything the werewolf boy has done so far is just taking a chance.

The meeting of the patriarchs lasted almost two hours. Roble left after saying a few words, as if to prepare something. Tut and his Elephant warriors were resting in the conference room, waiting for Roble’s return.

“Bedie, get ready,” Albert said, walking out at the same time, “As soon as I lead the group of guards away, you will go to Roble to talk. Remember, come out gracefully and don’t be rash. If you make him mistakenly think that you are going to assassinate him, you will die.”

Bedivere shivered behind him. The tiger man had already pushed the door out of the room, went downstairs along the stairs, and walked into the living room. He walked slowly and carefully, probably to eliminate the hostility of the elephants. Bedivere secretly remembered Albert’s kind of pace, so as not to cause trouble when it was his turn.

The tiger man entered the conference room, chatted with the elephants, and then walked out as a matter of course, leading the group of guards away.

Although he didn’t know how Albert did it, Bedivere had no choice but to hurry and go out.

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