Light Spirit Epic Chapter 365: Disclosure to the Dark (4)


Chapter 365: Disclosure to the Dark Realm (4)

Albert said nonchalantly, despite seeing Bedivere’s face turning blue: “Bedivere, look carefully. The [Bloody Ritual] is about to begin.”

Sure enough, while the guards let go of the ropes of the human prisoners of war, they also opened the porcupine’s cage. The guards opened the gate of the fence and fled from the deep pit, leaving only the dozen or so prisoners of war and the huge porcupine, fighting face to face.

“Is it necessary for you to do this?” Bedivere has hunted the beasts of the Underdark and knows how terrifying the beasts are. He also knew that these unarmed humans could only be slaughtered in front of the beasts.

“I don’t like the way the tribesmen do either,” Albert muttered, “but the tribesmen are at least fair. We simply don’t have enough food to feed these prisoners of war.

If they can survive the **** ritual and kill the porcupine, we’ll let them go and save the effort of killing the monsters ourselves; Fattening monsters. “

The beasts that use human life to fatten will be slaughtered and eventually become important meat and enter the belly of the beasts. This is equivalent to indirectly eating humans.

“That porcupine has grown big enough. It is estimated that after today’s festival is over, it will be slaughtered and eaten.” Albert said, “Bedivere, you can eat such pork. Meow?”

Yes, this is tantamount to inviting Bedivere to indirectly eat human flesh.

Bedivere looked at the porcupine, which had killed three prisoners in an instant, tearing them to shreds and eating them all. The remaining prisoners of war fled in panic and panic, but because of the obstacles of deep pits and fences, it was impossible to escape.

After the porcupine finished its meal, it immediately opened its **** eyes and continued hunting for the next prey. It stared at another thin-faced soldier.

The soldier turned pale in shock when he knew that he was being targeted by the incarnation of the **** of death. The porcupine had already rushed forward, like a 30-foot-tall mountain, and it would be **** when it rolled over. The soldier didn’t have time to panic, he rolled to dodge, hoping to live one more second.

Touch! The porcupine jumped into the air and hit the sharp wall of the fence, his head was bloody, and at the same time, it also knocked the wooden fence out of a big hole, exposing the soil wall behind it!

The beast will not die because of this. The regeneration ability of the beast is very powerful, and the head that was almost smashed has begun to heal!

The prisoner of war being chased by the porcupine was even more panicked. He screamed and ran towards the other prisoner of war. I don’t know what he was thinking, maybe he wanted to pull another person to fight the porcupine with him to distract the porcupine?

The beast had already regenerated, roaring and chasing after him. The prisoner of war had just approached another comrade, thinking that he could get help from the other party, but he was immediately punched to the ground by his comrade!

The fallen prisoner of war was immediately crushed by porcupines! The porcupine stopped to eat the man’s flesh in a few bites, and immediately went after another prisoner of war!

“Ugh…” Bedivere couldn’t stand it anymore, his throat was full of the urge to vomit. But Albert had already dodged behind Bedi, grabbed the werewolf boy’s neck with one hand, and clasped the werewolf boy’s waist with the other, forcing the werewolf boy to look: “Look carefully, don’t run away. Take a good look at these human beings. How they struggled in the moments before dying. Take a good look at how vile, ugly, and betrayed their companions, just to let themselves live a little longer.”

The human being chased by the beast had already rushed to another person, and another prisoner of war was running away, but not as fast as the human being, and was eventually caught up and knocked over by the other side with a punch from the back of the head. On the ground, it immediately became food for porcupines.

After the porcupine ate a few bites, he continued chasing the man. The man repeated his previous behavior again, chasing after another original companion, catching up, knocking him down, and making him the food of the beast.

“Don’t…let me go!” Bedivere begged, he really didn’t want to watch it anymore!

“It’s almost over, watch it!” Albert said, holding on to Bedivere desperately. The tiger man boy is not thin, and it can be said that it is easy to subdue the werewolf boy who is naturally much thinner.

“Ugh…” Bedivere saw that the last human prisoner of war, after fleeing desperately, with no one else to sacrifice, was finally cornered by the beasts. He was forced to the side of the fence, watching the monsters rushing towards him.

He made one of the dumbest choices: trying to climb up through those sharp stakes in the fence.

Obviously, his crawling speed is definitely not as fast as a porcupine’s running speed. Before he managed to climb up, he would be smashed to a pulp, caught between the porcupine’s head and the sharp wooden stake, with nothing left.

“Albert, let me go!” Bedivere whispered.

“Don’t let it go. You are responsible for watching that person’s final fate.” Albert continued to grab the werewolf boy with all his strength.

“I told you to let me go!” Bedivere had a seizure, and he went crazy for a moment, and the huge werewolf body smashed the tiger boy and the crowd next to him.

The giant wolf flew down, chased after him at high speed, and grabbed the beast’s tail with his only remaining arm.

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” World of Warcraft can hit the prisoner of war hanging on the wooden pile only one step away.

The werewolf stopped the porcupine, and instantly turned into a wild beast, turning into a huge silver wolf.

“Ouch!” The silver wolf growled at the porcupine, who are now giant beast to giant beast.

The tiger man boy looked at the huge silver wolf and watched the wolf fight with the porcupine regardless of the pain. The wolf, who had his left hand prosthesis removed and only used three legs to move, was actually at an absolute disadvantage.

He can only nimbly avoid the attack of the monsters. No matter how the monsters bite and collide, he can’t always find a breakthrough to counterattack!

However, now Bedivere is very awake, and his body is controlled by reason, not the consciousness of the previous beast. He acts with wit and combat experience, which is decisively different from the mindless rampage of Warcraft!

The monster rolled over, and the silver wolf jumped to the left, using the advantage of speed to dodge the past. Knowing that the porcupine encountered a strong enemy, he quickly rolled his body into a ball, and the needles all over his body were exposed as a thorn ball!

It rolled its body and sprinted frantically!

The wolf rolls and dodges again! However, the spikes on the opponent’s body are extremely sharp, and after stretching, the attack range is increased, and there is no way to completely avoid it at the speed of the wolf.

“Beddie…” Albert looked at the wolf in battle, his whole body trembling involuntarily.

“Oooooooooooooooooooo…” Silver Wolf didn’t care about the wounds opened on his body, and still kept dodging. The porcupine shuttled through this deep pit like a cannonball, and kept attacking the silver wolf!

Touch! Finally, the silver wolf couldn’t dodge the beast’s blow, and was knocked into the air! He drew an arc in the air and fell on the spikes of the fence!

“…Bedyville!” screamed Albert.

The wolf, who was unconscious for a moment, responded immediately. He tumbled in midair, changed his landing posture, and cleverly grabbed with three legs. He actually used his claws to pinch between the gaps of the wooden stakes and fixed himself to the fence in the air, as if he was walking on a wall!

The porcupine also turned to the fence, slowed down to avoid hitting the sharp stakes, and returned to its original shape.

Silver Wolf was waiting for this moment. He slashed straight down like a white thunderbolt, and immediately rushed to the front of the beast. Before the beast could react, he had already bit down and took the porcupine’s throat!

Click! Those present could clearly hear the sound of the beast’s throat being bitten off, because since the silver wolf came on the field, the field became extremely quiet!

Clap! With another cry, the silver wolf directly bit off a piece of meat from the throat of the beast! All the blood vessels in the trachea were bitten off, and the huge monster spewed a lot of blood from its throat and died directly!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” Bedivere resisted the urge to vomit and changed back to the original. He looked at the corpse of the huge monster in front of with a sad look on his face: “I’m sorry…if I don’t kill you, the human will be——“

“Strange, monster!!” The prisoner of war was still hanging on the fence, only then did he react. In panic, he tried to climb up the fence as soon as possible, but he fell off the fence and fell on the sharp wooden stake. He was pierced by the stake and died!

Bediver watched the change in surprise. He almost gave his life to save this human being, but this human being so simply slammed into the fence and died!

All of this has become meaningless! Just like his actions to lobby the patriarchs this time, it is completely meaningless!

In the end, he still couldn’t do anything, no one could save him, and everything he did was in vain.

Bediver, who was about to collapse, knelt on the ground, bewildered. He wanted to cry, and he didn’t know why he should be crying.

(In the case of Arthur, what would he do? No, I can’t think of it. There is no solution.)


The werewolf boy looked up at the shivering Albert standing in front of him.

“…Tell me, what should I do?” the werewolf boy begged, trying to get an answer from the other side.

Before he could finish speaking, his eyes were darkened——blood loss made him fall into a coma.

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