Light Spirit Epic Chapter 358: Traveling in the dark (2)


Chapter 358 Travel in the dark (2)

“Hum hum hum hum.” Knowing all this, the tiger man patriarch Roble did not despair, but laughed even more. He laughed wildly, his body shaking up and down with the laughter, shaking the raised werewolf boy into a dizziness.

“Boy, don’t make me laugh! If you can’t find the shard, you can’t find it, we don’t force it.” Roble sneered with disdain, his white teeth like a knife blade exposed in front of Bedivere , full of murderousness.

“After we have flattened the glorious region, the rich resources of the glorious region will belong to us. At that time, who cares whether the wall of the world can be opened or not?!

—Wait until we eat the food grown by humans, take off all the splendid clothes on human beings and take them for ourselves, and step on those despicable, naked monkeys, making them like dogs. We beg for food, and we are enslaved to death like cattle and horses – at that time, let’s see who will win the last laugh? “

The werewolf boy looked at Patriarch Roble in disappointment. Bedivere’s expectations fell through. The Hungarians will never live as peacefully as they used to.

Years of drought and famine have made these orcs so hungry that they don’t care if the Wall of the World can be opened. What they care about is the most basic problem of survival: either starve to death or die in a war with humans.

Naively thinking that he could persuade the other party, Bedivere never thought about how pale and powerless such a statement was. He’s still too young.

Roble sneered, his face contorted into a terrifying look, and he threw the werewolf boy heavily with one hand.

“Crack!” Bedi slammed into the stone wall of the house, spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground with a snap.

“Is that what you want to say?” Roble stepped on the werewolf boy’s head and said, “Okay, you are here to persuade us, and what you have to do has been done. I am in a good mood today, so don’t I’ve got you covered. Go back to your Shining Field!

Then wait, waiting for the day when our Hungarian army will wipe out your human society.

If you think you can compete with us, just come! I will mercifully count you as a member of the human race and destroy it all! “

Then, the black tiger man kicked the werewolf boy to the door and turned around to prepare to leave.

“No…want!” At some point, Bedivere had broken free from the rope that tied his hands, he stretched out his hand and hugged Roble’s right leg: “Absolutely… Stop you! Humans and orcs could have… peacefully coexisted! Why do we have to fight to the death…”

“Because humans deserve to die, that’s all.” Roble’s tone revealed disdain and indifference.

“Humans are also the ancestors of the Orcs… If the Orcs were really… unwilling to live the life they are now… You could have… migrated somewhere else… Find more fertile land…and live a better life…”

“Boy, have you heard of the massacre in Egypt ten years ago?” Roble’s tone was extremely cold, “That’s what happened to the orcs who listened to humans and naively wanted to find a new life in Xintiandi.

The result is nothing more than lure us into their world and kill us one by one. We are not animals waiting to be slaughtered! This time, it’s our turn to kill all these despicable humans! “

A huge darkness gradually takes shape in Roble’s mythology, and the obvious darkness can be easily seen by Bedivere with the naked eye.

Beddie knew that persuasion was useless. The man in front of him has been ignited by the karmic fire of hatred, and he has become an out-and-out vengeful ghost.

Seeing that Brady was still silent, Roble kicked him immediately. Bedivere slammed into the wall, this time heavier than the previous one, knocking his head out. This earth-shattering loud noise also attracted the guards outside the door.

“Hmph, well, I changed my mind.” Roble sneered at Bedivere, “You just stay here and watch it. Watch the whole process of our revenge against humanity.

Look, look at the hideousness of these despicable human beings in the moments before they die. Then you will take the initiative to admit that I am right.

——Humans, just so **** it. “

The two guards grinned and dragged the dying Bedivere out. Blood flowed from his forehead, confusing the werewolf boy’s eyes. But he still kept looking at Roble’s dark back.

That is, the dark figure that brought blood and blood to the world.

The next morning, Arthur and Greenville followed King Other through the woods, crossed the endless sheep-gut path, and finally walked out of the apple grove and came to an open field.

Is this the altar King Other spoke of?

This…is a huge cemetery! ?

The cemetery is surrounded by a huge black iron fence. There are thousands of stone tablets in the garden, each of which is in perfect condition (presumably some kind of magic prevented the damage to the stone tablets), and they are all engraved with names.

This…is the cemetery! What altar, all nonsense. Could it be that by visiting our ancestors, we will be able to obtain the enormous power that swept thousands of armies? !

Seeing the look of disdain on Arthur’s face, King Arthur smiled. He led the boys and girls to a huge stone monument in the center of the cemetery. The stone monument was more than ten feet high and was engraved with patterns that Arthur could not understand at all. The dragon statues on both sides were even more eye-catching.

Wait a minute. Where has Arthur ever seen such a stone tablet.

Exactly. There is such a stone tablet next to the original sword seat of the Sword of Kings. However, the stone tablet left in the warrior’s tomb at that time was already dilapidated, and the giant dragons on both sides were either missing corners or wings, and they were not as stunning as the stone tablet that was now reflected in Arthur’s eyes.

“This is… the altar?” Greenville couldn’t help but wonder What is it used for? “

“I don’t need to explain. Would you like to go up and test it yourself, beautiful lady?” King Oser humbly stretched out his hand and made a [please] gesture.

“Take me as a test subject?” Greenville couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy.

“Don’t worry, there is absolutely no danger to the altar,” King Oser emphasized.

Greenville looked at Arthur, but Arthur did not stop her. She secretly scolded Arthur for his incomprehensible amorous feelings, and walked up to the altar.

“Okay, what should I do——” Before she could finish speaking, the words on the stone tablet began to glow. This kind of brilliance soon surrounded the girl, and immediately even the dragon statues on both sides emitted light from their eyes, shining on Greenville.

The girl tried to back away in fear, but it was too late, and the light wrapped her in the center of the altar.

“Wow ah ah ah!” the girl exclaimed. Arthur wanted to rush to save Greenville immediately, but was blown backwards by some kind of magic power, and he managed to stabilize his heels.

A white-haired girl with holy light all over her body appeared in front of Greenville. Except for the emerald green pupils, the white girl’s whole body is pure white, and she looks exactly like Greenville.

Arthur understood in an instant that this was what King Oser called [spirituality]——the purest thing in Greenville’s soul.

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