Light Spirit Epic Chapter 349: Awakening to the Holy Spirit (Part 2)


Chapter 349 Awakening to the Holy Soul (Part 2)

The seat of the great god, Kama (Fate), once again, stands before the eyes of the knight.

God does not move, God is speechless. God is aloof, as if mocking Arthur’s lowliness.

Why? ! Can those who have power squeeze the weak at will? !

Why? ! Can even a **** be able to play with the fate of others at will? !

Never agree, never compromise, never yield!

——I have nothing from the start, so I don’t care about losing anything!

——I am nothing, but I can still challenge God!

Arthur rushed towards the hundreds of feet tall [God] in front of him and swung the sword of the Holy King in his hand.

The huge light blade hundreds of feet long collided with the giant blade in the god’s hand, causing a violent explosion!


After the white light, everything is back to normal.

The impact left the research room in a mess. The surrounding petri dishes containing unfinished androids were all shattered. Those [Arthur] shattered into countless pieces of meat, along with broken glass, scattered on the ground.

The research documents that were flying everywhere were scattered all over the place after a while.

And the three people who stood in the center of the white light just now were surrounded by dots of light.

Arthur’s eyes also regained their former glory.

“Arthur… Arthur?” Bedivere got up and looked at Arthur and asked in a low voice.

“Beddie, Greenville, I’m all right, thank you.” Arthur said in a calm tone.

“Um, um…” Bedivere scratched his head embarrassedly. Greenville, on the other hand, had already shrunk in the corner, her face flushed.

“…Unbelievable! Is this the power of the Fourth Miracle?” Morgoth stepped back.

She was so excited that she wanted to rush over to see what happened, but she was afraid, instinctively afraid of this kind of white light.

While Morgoth hesitated ——-


——-Arthur, smiled.

He laughs wildly, laughs heroically, laughs unreservedly.

His laughter resounded throughout the world, louder than anyone else in the world.

He finally learned how to laugh.

“Mergos, thank you!” Arthur said loudly while laughing, “So it is, so it is! Hahahahahaha!”

“You…Are you crazy, Number Nine?” Morgoth thought she was crazy enough, but she didn’t expect someone in the world to be more crazy than her, to laugh for no reason in this situation ?

“No, I’m not crazy, I’m very normal!” Arthur continued laughing, “I thought I was Arthur D. Pantoracken, the one with a heavy fate. Thank you, Morgoth. You told me the truth.”

His lips are slightly upturned, and even now, he can’t help but laugh.

“Indeed, I am nothing.

——And because of this, I can be anything. “

The [past] can no longer bind Arthur, because he has no [past] at all.

[Fate] can no longer control Arthur, because he didn’t have [Fate].

——[Arthur], it’s just a code name. But it was someone else’s name, the name of a long-dead little boy.

The current Arthur originally had no name. If he wanted to call himself what he wanted, he could call himself what he was!

Iglyn has absolutely nothing to do with him. Uther has nothing to do with him either. The three succubus sisters have nothing to do with him at all, and even Pantoracken has nothing to do with him at all!

He, incomparably free! Whatever you want to be, you can be anything; whatever future you want, you can reach out and grab it!

The original little puppet, who had no heart and no soul, now has emotions, sorrows and joys, cares and compassion, and emotions.

In his eyes, the world that was originally gray and discolored finally bloomed with seven colors of brilliance.

For the first time, he felt that life was so full of meaning.

As a result, he had to laugh out loud. In order to vent the joy and joy that should have been accumulated in his body for decades.

Laugh, laugh, laugh, keep laughing. Until he was tired of laughing, until the corners of his eyes also shed tears.

Then, he stopped laughing and swept across Morgoth coldly: “Stop this crazy machine. I won’t say it again.”

“You actually ordered your master?——“

“You can try to control me again.” Arthur raised his sword, “Come if you can!? Ahahahaha–since you’re not my sister, I don’t need to give it at all. Your face, if you dare to say [no] to me, don’t blame me for slashing you with a sword!”

“Oh, the tone is really big.” The witch raised her hand, and a crimson rapier appeared in her hand.

“Beddie, Greenville, I’ll take care of this woman, and I’ll leave you to destroy the machine.” Arthur shouted.

“Got it.” “Remember to teach that aunt a lesson.” The two raised their weapons at the same time.

The three of them rushed up together.

Arthur’s sword strike immediately collided with Morgoth’s. Although the witch has a powerful teleportation ability, she cannot resist the lightning-fast sword of the knight.

At the same time, Bedivere and Greenville had rushed behind Morgoth’s [Throne]. They waved their weapons and slashed at the huge heart-like machine.

Boom! Boom! Rumble rumble! !

The machine began to beat wildly, the huge mechanical heart spasmed in waves, and the red glowing liquid splashed from the mechanical heart everywhere!

“Wow!” The temperature of the red liquid that spewed out was very high, and it was bubbling with strange steam. The heat forced Greenville to take a few steps back.

“You idiots! Look what you all did?!” Mogos roared, teleporting to the mechanical heart, “Oh ah ah ah—–the research of the slave family! Decades of hard work——!”

“If you hadn’t used this in an evil place, it wouldn’t have been destroyed.” Arthur rushed over and slashed at Morgoth.

Seeing the situation, Mogos hurriedly teleported away.

So, Arthur’s sword inevitably slashed on that mechanical heart.

Dropped about two yards deep, the mechanical heart spewed red fluid and was almost completely destroyed.

But not completely destroyed?

Arthur clearly felt his blade caught in something.

The invincible, incomparably sharp sword of the Holy King has something that cannot be cut open?

Bitter. With a crisp sound, the mechanical heart began to crack, and the cracked fragments and red liquid scattered on the ground.

And something amazing also appeared in front of Arthur.

A baby.

A baby with silver-white hair and blood-red pupils.

What surprised those present most was not the fact that he was born from a mechanical heart.

The most surprising thing about him is that he used his raised left hand to catch Arthur’s Sword of the Holy King with one hand.

This baby, with two fingers, is holding Arthur’s sword of the Holy King!

With a flick of his finger, Arthur’s blade was instantly deflected.


For the first time, aside from Lancelot, Arthur has seen someone who can block a sword with their hands like this without getting hurt.

Monsters! !

Bediver, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity. This kid is somewhat similar to Brady himself——

“Mordred, you can’t come out yet!” Morgoth exclaimed, “the training process has not been completed, if you come out now——“

“Hoo ah ah ah ah!” The baby roared and turned into a huge silver wolf.

Madness? !

Humans can actually use madness? !

Monsters! ! ! !

Bedivere was even more surprised to see Mordred transformed into a werewolf. While he was hesitating, the werewolf had already attacked him! Sharp claws will tear Bedivere apart at any time!

“Beddie!” Arthur threw a shoulder and knocked Bedivere away, but he had no time to dodge, so he could only raise his sword to block!

Touch! The werewolf’s claws slammed heavily on Arthur’s Sword of the Holy King, slapped Arthur out, and he landed heavily, sliding dozens of yards between the red liquid and glass **** beside him.

“Ugh—” Arthur got up, ignoring his injuries, he just raised his sword to defend immediately. The monster power of the werewolf is comparable to that of Bedivere. If you don’t deal with it carefully, Arthur will die here too!

“Roar!” The werewolf seemed to recognize that Arthur was the biggest enemy, and has rushed up impatiently, with both claws out, as if to take Arthur’s life!

Arthur raised two swords to block together, ready to kill the werewolf Mordred in the dark——

“Stop, Mordred!” Morgoth yelled, stopping the werewolf from attacking.

If it wasn’t for her yelling Arthur could have severed the werewolf’s throat.

However, the two stopped fighting. There seemed to be some kind of coercion in Morgoth’s words.

“Change back, Mordred.” Morgoth teleported to Mordred’s side and patted the werewolf on the waist.

The werewolf obediently returned to its original form, and a baby stood silently in front of Arthur.

Mergos picked up the baby, and the motherhood showed from her for a moment, as if she was really a mother: “We should go, Arthur, there will be a period in the future.”

“Mogos, you——“

“Ah, ah, don’t worry, Arthur, let’s count on you winning this time. I don’t want to take care of this mess. I’ll leave it to you to clean it up.” regret for what he did.

“There will be a period later.” With the light of teleportation magic, she disappeared in an instant.

“Arthur…” Bedivere walked over, blushing and muttering in a low voice: “That child, it may be me and Lian Yin’s…”

“What?! What did you do to Lian Yin?!” Arthur stared at Bedivere.

“Stop talking about this!” cried Greenville, watching the dust shaking from the shaking of the building, “This place is about to collapse! Get out!”

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