Light Spirit Epic Chapter 346: The counterattack is on the way


Chapter 346: Counterattack in Destiny (Part 2)

At this time, Ivan also arrived with Javier, the Jade Wind Dragon, and Ao Yun, who was seriously injured and unable to wake up, on the dragon’s back.

“Bee, Bedivere?” Ivan asked in surprise, “How do you—“

“Can I ask you to transport all the wounded here?” The werewolf boy did not answer the other’s question, but pleaded, “This place will be destroyed soon. I will be responsible for cleaning up the rest of the mess.”

“Okay… okay.” Evan went over to pick up Tristan, and threw the murloc prince on the dragon’s back like unloading goods, “You better hurry up, what’s happening here is making the whole world crazy. “

Beddie looked up involuntarily. That’s right, that huge magic booster array is activating some kind of magic.

On the ground, the entire Pantoracken was completely enveloped by a huge red cloud, and red snowflakes were falling.

Those who were touched by these snowflakes fell into hypnosis, destroying each and every one of them like crazy.

“Ha!” With the help of Jaglowe, Greenville rushed over and instantly slapped her palm. The ball of light (Holy Air Strike) in her palm perfectly hit the black core that was exposed on Orlando’s chest.

The black core begins to shatter and break. Orlando tiptoed, and his body began to melt into a pool of black sludge.

“Hahahaha, you can kill me, but you can’t stop the madness of this country!” The succubus was still laughing wildly before he died, “Soon, the Pantoracken will be burned in the fire. Exhausted! The old order will be broken, the new order—“

Before he finished speaking, Greenville had already swung the Dragon Martial Dagger and smashed the succubus’ head with a few knives. The flames burned the black mud into fly ash, making it impossible to be presumptuous any more.

After the succubus was chopped up to the point where it couldn’t be more finely chopped, Greenville breathed a sigh of relief after she completely relieved her hatred. She looked around and saw that Jaglow and Pasiva had also cleaned up the surrounding red-robed warlocks one by one.

“Huh, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief—” Pasiva was about to say, “Is it?—” A large group of violent citizens had already rushed into the council hall.

All of them were holding kitchen knives, hammers, and other weapons that could be obtained by the people, waving them, smashing the tables and chairs in the council hall, and attacking Greenville and the others!

“Damn!——Run to the entrance!” Jaglow said.


“Just run!”

The three of them ran to the underground entrance. After Greenville ran in, Jaglow and Pasiva blocked the entrance at the same time. One set up a large shield and the other set up a magic shield. Guard this entrance!

“What are you doing!?” Greenville exclaimed.

“Go to Arthur and help him!” Jaglowy slapped a rushing citizen with his shield, “We’re here to stall the time so that these lunatics can’t catch up!”

They know that knights in heavy armor can’t match the speed of civilians with no protection at all. Don’t cover Greenville’s escape, and she’ll be caught up.

“You will die!” cried Greenville. She also understood this, and started running down as she spoke.

“We won’t.” Persiva blocked the attacks of several citizens with his magic shield. He pushed back and knocked down a large area of ​​the surrounding crowd, “Go! What we can’t do for Arthur, only you can do it!”

Pasiva is no fool. He had already vaguely felt it. It was not himself who could save Arthur from his misery, but Greenville

—— Correctly, Greenville’s, some kind of [essence]. This essence will save Arthur.

This is the [Apocalypse] that can only be used by high-level magicians who are well versed in magic. The technology of listening to the hidden information from the photon world. Pasiva has been working hard for decades to master this skill.

——In fact, Arthur, who is not a magician, has already mastered the same skills. He called this…


Swipe, swipe, swipe! Arthur attacked countless swords, and each blow was extremely fierce, as if he wanted to chop Lancelot!

Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang! Lancelot also hit back with countless swords, and each hit precisely collided with Arthur’s blade! Only in this way can the swords face each other to avoid being cut into flesh by the opponent’s attack!

Lightning flashes, swords clash, and the battle in such darkness has lasted for an hour! The two are still inseparable!

But, it’s almost over!

Lancelot, with his strong physique, can fight for a long time, but he has never tried to make a fight last so long. He always takes out his opponent within a few rounds, never thinking about physical strength!

And Arthur, who was born thin and always had insufficient physical strength, always rolls around in defeat and accumulates experience in hard battles. He suppressed the power wasted when he swung his sword to a minimum, and attacked with the lowest consumption method!

In addition, the scabbard of the Sword of the Holy King injected an endless stream of photons into his body, making him seem to have endless energy. Born thin and weak, for the first time in his life, he surpassed the opponent in physical strength.

While Lancelot was tired and hesitant, Arthur took the time to spit out dragon flames at his opponent! The raging fire came from the sky, and Lancelot had no choice but to slash with his sword! He used the kinetic energy generated by the second miracle to raise a huge wind pressure and blow the flames away!

However, behind the flames, Arthur is no longer there! Using the cover of the flames, he slipped to the left of Lancelot!


It’s a winner! When Lancelot’s reaction was fatigued, Arthur had already stabbed straight! The golden blade of the Sword of the Holy King slashed towards Lancelot’s chest!

Lancelot had to lean back, hoping to avoid the blow. The sword’s edge slashed the well-made breastplate, straight to the flesh, and cut a large hole in Lancelot’s chest, cutting off part of the lungs and trachea!

“Cough!” Lancelot, who spat out a mouthful of blood, stabbed a sword desperately! This sword is as fast as lightning, directly pointing at Arthur’s heart! If it is really stabbed, it will definitely kill Arthur! It’s too late for Lancelot to regret it! Because his miracle can create kinetic energy, but it cannot instantly eliminate kinetic energy!

The sword stabbed in, piercing Arthur’s chest.

However, it just brushed past his heart! Arthur turned to the left at that moment, avoiding the fatal blow! He responded with a sword at the same time, the cherry-red light blade pierced Lancelot’s abdomen!

“Cough!” The two vomited blood at the same time, and the blood splattered on each other’s armor. Not to be outdone, Lancelot slashed another sword to Arthur’s head!

Arthur ignored his pierced chest and rammed forward!

—— Touch! !

His head hits Lancelot’s head. The sword in Lancelot’s hand pierced deeper into Arthur’s chest, but he inevitably let go, and the whole person was knocked out!

Touch! He slammed into the wall hard, blood gushing from the wounds on his stomach and chest!

“ The sword has been inserted very deep, Arthur gritted his teeth and pulled out the black sword inserted in his chest.

Like dragons, the wounds on his body quickly stopped bleeding.

Something inside him has been waking up. Until now, in this mortal battle, he was finally fully awakened.

He opened his eyes, and the pupils of those eyes contracted into a line, which were the eyes of a dragon. The black eyes turned golden, the excess light from the photons.

——Like the stars shining in the dark universe.

Arthur came to Lancelot and pointed at him with the sword of the Holy King: “Do you want to continue fighting, Lancelot?”

“…Ugh, it’s you who won.” Lancelot whispered, spitting blood as he spoke: “You are really… much stronger. The solutions are all out, but…cough…still can’t win you.

——Well done, bro. “

He was silent. The serious injury caused the blond knight to faint temporarily.

There are 35,428 duels between Arthur and Lancelot in this lifetime.

Arthur, lost 35,426 games and a draw.

Win a game.

He finally broke Lancelot’s [undefeated] fate.

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