Light Spirit Epic Chapter 339: Fighting in the abyss (middle)


Chapter 339 The decisive battle in the abyss (middle)

Arthur and the others ran and fought, killing dozens of red-robed warlocks who suddenly appeared to attack from ambush in the dark along the way.

Arthur found that as long as he held the scabbard of the Sword of the Holy King, his body’s response became very fast, almost returning to the previous*, and he could swing the sword quickly and quickly.

(*Note: Refers to the state of Arthur before he drank the dragon’s blood for the first time in Rome. Arthur, who was later resurrected with the blood of the phoenix, has been very stiff and his movements have been slow. The reason is unknown.)

He even felt that his body had endless energy. After running such a long distance, he didn’t feel tired at all!

Even Evan, the half-dragon boy behind him, and Tristan, the murloc prince, are already exhausted, but Arthur just doesn’t feel tired!

“Keep up the good work! It’s almost there!” Arthur cried.

They ran nearly fifty yards further underground.

Suddenly, the dark and dark underground stone walls disappeared, leaving only the stone steps extending down in a spiral shape.

Further down there is a staggeringly huge dungeon!

Is there such a huge dungeon beneath London? !

Arthur looked up: the originally dark underground rock formations began to appear countless shimmers. Some kind of glowing fungus underground illuminates this underground world.

The dungeon that vaguely appeared in front of everyone was so majestic and desolate! The stone buildings of these ancient people, covered with moss, although well preserved, look like a desolate ruin.

Three people walk through the ruins. Among the countless small stone houses, there is a fairly wide avenue, enough for several standard-sized carriages to pass through it.

“Be careful, there may be a lot of ambushes here!” Arthur said to Evan, meaning that the half-dragon boy should be alert with eagle eyes.

Ivan didn’t need Arthur to remind him, he had already used his eagle eyes to scan the nearby stone houses within a hundred yards. Of course, there was nothing but some moss, bugs, and rocks.

This former ancient city has been uninhabited for thousands of years, and even the ancient wooden furniture has long since decayed and decomposed into dust.

No. It would be wrong to say that there is no one here.

In front of Arthur and the others, stood a knight in red armor.

The moderately built knight stood up straight, and if it wasn’t for his chest opening and closing as he breathed, Arthur would have thought the guy was a figure.

The dazzling red armor looks like it is covered with blood, and it feels uncomfortable to look at it more.

However, Evan had to look at this man again.

——Because, this knight is Ivan’s brother, Aoyun Yuns.

“Aoyun——You are still alive.” Evan drew out his dual spears, and the two rapiers on the spears were his Longwu infinite vacuum blades.

“Of course I am alive. Lord Morgos rescued me in order to have a good time with you.” Ao Yun also drew out his legendary dragon weapon, the magic sword Fafnir.

“You idiot, have you been brainwashed by Mogos?!” Evan said angrily, “I’m very disappointed in you!”

“I’m not brainwashed. I feel refreshed now, and my mind is clear.” Ao Yun said, “The world Lord Morgos wants to build is the only way to save this world- —–A fair and just world where the weak eat the strong and only respect the strong.

A group of idiots like the Council, who have no power and only know how to eat, drink, and play, should never be the ruler of Pantoracken.

——This world is in danger and facing destruction. Only a truly powerful ruler can guide the people of this country to survive! “

Ao Yun raised his sword and pointed at Arthur and his party: “No matter what, we cannot let you advance. You guys, die under my sword!”

“What the **** is he talking about?” Tristan asked in confusion.

“That.” Arthur pointed to the sky.

Originally, there were countless luminous bacteria, and the stone walls of the large underground cavity were now replaced by red lights. Those red lights gradually took shape, forming a huge red magic amplification array.

This thing, Arthur has an impression. He had seen it in the Great Clock Tower in London. This formation continued to cause trouble until it was broken by Pasiva.

The sky over London—no, the sky above the Pantoracken is surrounded by a cloud of red clouds. The already gloomy winter day became dark clouds, and the whole world was an ominous dark red.

“What?!” Greenville had just dealt with a warlock golem when she immediately saw red snowflakes falling outside the council hall. Some of the buildings collapsed due to the tremor, and even snow flakes drifted in.

“The whole world will go crazy, and the kingdom will burn in flames. Then, the weak will die, and only the strong will survive. The old order will be overthrown, and a new order will come!” Aoyun sneered, “This It is the long-cherished wish of Lord Morgos!”

Not really. Arthur was clear. Morgoth would not care about the new order. She just wanted to see the whole world protected by chaos, and people’s expressions of despair and pain.

If they don’t stop that witch quickly, this will all come true. Citizens stained with red snowflakes will be hypnotized and start wreaking havoc!

Pantorakon will be dyed blood red!

“Arthur” Evan called, “You go first, I’ll deal with it here.”


“Okay, let’s go. Aoyun, this idiot brother, has been bullying me since he was a child. It’s time for him to repay his previous debts.” Evan raised his guns at Aoyun.

“…good luck.” Arthur and Tristan ran forward.

Owen didn’t even stop the two. His eyes stayed on his younger brother Evan.

“This incompetent brat, is he still boasting that he wants to teach me a lesson? Haha.” Ao Yun sneered, “You have been a useless coward since you were a child. You will only hide in the corner and cry for anything. Like you Guys, I can’t wait to get a few more punches!”

“You haven’t beaten enough, try again!” The half-dragon boy stared sharply at his brother, “It will make you run away!”

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Ao Yun slashed at Evan with his sword.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah

Arthur and Tristan run along a straight road, their destination is very clear, the tower that forms the center of the underground.

The top of the thing emits a strange red light, and this beam of light is connected with the red magic power boosting array on the sky wall—even the blind know that Morgoth is casting on that tower. magic.

The one guarding the entrance to the tower is a young man.

The Werewolf Boy.

“You must be kidding me—-” Tristan This was originally the purpose of Arthur and his party breaking into this underground palace: to rescue Bedivere.

And now, with red hair all over his body, dominated by wildness, and holding a pair of red photon claws as weapons, Bedivere stands in front of Arthur and Tristan!

“Ow——” The red wolf let out a low roar, and it seemed that it would rush to attack at any time!

“Arthur, you go first.” Tristan picked up his silver spear, a treasure previously obtained from the elves’ arsenal. It was designed like a pair of tuning forks, capable of super Vibrate to smash targets!

“Don’t hurt Bedivere, just knock him out,” Arthur said.

“I know what I have in mind, so I don’t need you to remind me.” Tristan rushed up and shot out.

The red wolf jumped away to avoid the attack, just to clear a path for Arthur to charge through. The wolf planned to attack Arthur, but was forced away again by the ice arrow shot by Tristan!

“Your opponent is me, Bedi!” Tristan shouted to attract the attention of the red wolf, “Come on, my friend! Let’s play a game together!”

Tristan unleashes an ice fog spell, a white fog that envelopes the world around him in haze and cold.

“Ow——” The red wolf spewed steam-like smoke from his body, he let out a low howl, and rushed towards the murloc boy!

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