Light Spirit Epic Chapter 337: Brightness to the Holy King (Part 2)


Chapter 337 Illumination to the Holy King (Part 2)

At the same time, Rome.

“How is it, have you thought about it clearly?” Roman Emperor Justin I asked in a arrogant tone when he came to Shaxing’s cell.

“I won’t obey you, don’t waste your time.” Sha Xing said.

“Very good. Then you can continue to starve here.” Justin I said, and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Shaxing cried, “I have a question to ask.”

“Oh?” The Roman emperor turned his head and groaned.

“Your son Alexander…how did he die?” Shaxing summoned the courage to ask.

“That kid? He died when he was six years old.” Justin I did not answer Shaxing’s question directly, “At that time, I was still a small general and had many political enemies. After the kid was kidnapped. …and never came back.”

“Really?” The evil star remained calm.

The mystery is getting more and more complicated. How a kidnapped six-year-old got into Shaxing’s belly – Shaxing couldn’t explain himself.

Not to mention, he couldn’t remember having eaten such a human at all.

The evil star is not good, but as a dragon, he still has a bottom line. People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people. He only kills those who dare to invade his dragon’s lair—and such a six-year-old child can’t take the initiative to run into the dragon’s lair—

“Don’t take it too seriously.” The Roman emperor’s voice interrupted Xing Xing’s thoughts, “I’m not here to trouble you for Alexander’s business. You don’t need to listen to those gossips.

——Let me tell you one more news: your contractor Arthur has successfully suppressed the council of Pantoracken and has been recognized by the council as the king of Pantoracken.

If he comes to Rome to pick you up, as a courtesy of the Allies, I guess I have to release you too. lucky guy. “

The evil star was speechless. That guy Arthur became king was a sure thing, and Shaxing never even suspected it.

It’s a monster that can tie with the Shaxing. It’s a strange thing that such a monster doesn’t become king.

Just be patient for a while. In a few more days, Arthur will come and pick him up. ——Long thought hopefully, completely unaware of the departure of the Roman emperor.

At the same time, in a hospital in Rome.

“Charlotte…” A blond boy looked at the girl who had been turned into a stone statue on the hospital bed.

Lancelot has created the elixir of immortality according to the formula given by Merlin. However, whether this thing will work or not will take a while.

If it works, in another twenty-four hours, his sister will be able to dispel the petrification and return to the flesh.

Otherwise, the stone statue in front of him is the form of his sister from now on, and she is equivalent to dead.

For Lancelot, the twenty-four hours of waiting was extremely long and full of unease.

A woman’s voice sounded from behind Lancelot: “Are you still watching, Lancelot? You girl lover.”

“Go away, Morgos. I’m not in the mood to chat with you.” The blond knight sat quietly in front of his sister’s hospital bed, never even taking his eyes off his sister’s face.

“What a rude kid. Well, then the slave family is gone, and this special medicine to remove petrification will not be needed for you.”

“What?!” Lancelot jerked back.

I saw a woman in a red evening dress holding a bottle of translucent red medicinal liquid in her hand. The red potion sealed in the glass seemed to be burning with a strange magic excess light.

“A cure?” Lancelot asked suspiciously, “Why should I trust you, Morgoth?”

Morgoth smiled slyly. The witch’s red lips were upturned like the sharp horns of the devil: “This is a potion refined from the blood of the phoenix. As for the effect, it has been tested on Arthur. If you still don’t believe it, just like this—– -“

The demon girl opened the cork of the potion bottle, and a drop of red potion fell on the back of the girl’s hand. A burst of blue smoke rose, and a small part of the back of the girl’s hand was released from petrification.

“Hehe, how’s it going? Compared to the medicine you didn’t know where you got it from, and it took a long time to determine whether it would work, the immediate effect of the Nujia medicine is more effective, right?”

Morgos is seducing the boy.

Lancelot frowned. He knew very well that once he got involved with this demon girl, nothing good would happen.

“But, you want this medicine.” Morgoth seemed to be able to read Lancelot’s mind, “The more ways to save your sister, the better, right?”

A painful twist appeared on Lancelot’s handsome face. He had heard from Arthur what Morgoth had been up to recently, and he knew very well that the witch was in a hostile position with his friend Arthur.

The conditions offered by this demon girl can be roughly known without thinking.

That’s for Lancelot to… betray his friend Arthur!

——For the sake of your sister, for the only blood relative, are you willing to betray your best friend?

Morgoth sneered sinisterly.

At this moment, the expression on Lancelot’s handsome face, distorted by pain, was exactly the beauty that Morgoth was most looking forward to seeing.


Arthur wiped his armor, tweaking his gear to the best of his ability and getting ready for tomorrow’s battle.

“Arthur?” Palamidis knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Arthur said, reluctant to put down the screwdriver in his hand, while holding his gauntlet to reassemble.

The Leopard Warrior walked in with his two sons… and Vivian.

“Arthur, are you okay?” Vivian greeted as soon as she came up, but this way of speaking was obviously not her style, and she shrank uncomfortably beside Palamides.

Arthur saw what happened to the old sister and knew that something must have happened between Vivian and Palamidis.

The blue hair on the Leopard Warrior is now shiny black, a dramatic change Arthur has noticed.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” Arthur deliberately said calmly, “I heard that the institute was attacked, you are, are you all right? No injuries in the battle?”

“It’s okay—-” The leopard warrior blushed and scratched his head embarrassedly, “Well, Arthur, we’re here to say goodbye. The location of the research institute has been exposed, Vivian Need to find another location to build a new research institute. I have decided to go with her. …Maybe I can’t stay with you to help for a while.”

“Well, let’s go.” Arthur said. He couldn’t help feeling a little lonely, but he also knew that Vivienne needed Palamidis more than himself.

There are also two kittens. They should have some peace of mind in this chaotic era. —— Arthur glanced at the two leopard boys.

The two leopard boys gave Arthur a Under the treatment of the Archmage, their internal injuries were basically healed.

They didn’t say anything, just smiled happily.

After some goodbyes, Palamides and Vivienne walked out of the room, leaving behind only the broken (old) King’s Sword.

After Seglade walked out, he walked in the last safir, and before leaving, he said to Arthur: “Arthur, can I help me?”

“Of course, Saifei… Tovir.” Arthur said.

If it wasn’t for the two leopard boys who desperately sent the Sword of the Holy King to the execution ground, Arthur would not have been able to see the sunrise this morning.

“You’ve done enough.” Arthur said, if he could laugh, he really wanted to squeeze a smile, “Go, with your father, brother, and Vivienne, live with you I wish you happiness.”

“Arthur——” The leopard boy hugged the knight and wept softly, “Thank you meow, Arthur—-I will never forget your meow—- Always… a good friend meow——“

“I won’t forget you either, Tol’vir.” Arthur stroked the head of the leopard boy. “Now, go. Don’t cry. In the rest of your life, keep smiling to me.”

“Mmmm.” The leopard boy wiped away his tears.

The scabbard of the Sword of the Holy King shone faintly around Arthur’s waist.

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