Light Spirit Epic Chapter 334: Death to Qiming (Part 2)


Chapter 334: The Deadly Battle for Qiming (Part 2)

Countless ebony knights poured in again. They were not stupid and could only be fooled for a while. When they came back, they had already prepared the consciousness of mortal death, and they had also re-established their battle strategy.

An entire row of knights with shields guarded the front, in order to prevent the charge of the giant leopards.

A whole row of spearmen stood beside the Shield Armor team, lined up among the plum blossoms, in order to suppress the giant leopards with firepower.

“This… is not good meow!” Seglade looked at the Cavaliers in the distance, “What should I do, meow?”

“You can drive the intruders outside the institute,” Merlin’s voice came from the communicator, “I will deal with it later.”

Merlin can’t kill people. If he uses magic in the narrow corridor of the research institute, someone will inevitably be killed or injured.

However, after driving the invaders out into the open field, it was Merlin’s world.

“Ugh…that’s a willful request—-” Palamidis moved his numb arm, “You continue to control those golems to press forward. I’ll find a way. Break that shield formation.”

“But meow——“

“Don’t make a fuss, just do it! You want to protect Aunt Vivian too, don’t you?” Palamidis fell to the ground and instantly turned into a giant leopard.

The two kittens shook their heads helplessly. They hid in the corner and controlled the golems to press forward.

“Roar!” The giant leopard rushed out with the golems. In the eyes of the enemy, a large group of giant leopards rushed over!

“Don’t panic! Concentrate, shoot, shoot, shoot me!!” Douglas shouted.

Countless light projectiles were fired at the giant leopards. Although those golems had little combat power, they had strong defensive power and pressed forward, providing perfect cover for Palamidis, who was hidden in the leopard group.

One golem fell, two, ten, twenty, more and more golems couldn’t stand the intense fire and finally fell to the ground, but the black panthers were close to the tenth shield team. yards away!

“Roar!!” The giant leopard leaped out and attacked one of the knights with a shield.

Douglas had expected this for a long time, he leaped up, and pierced the chest of the giant leopard with a sword!

However, there is no feeling of being stabbed in the flesh! What he stabbed was a hard machine, a golem thrown from the golems by Palamides!

Another giant leopard took off and flew towards the shield team! The knight was crushed to the ground by the weight of the giant leopard and was in disarray: “Sure enough, it still doesn’t work! Help ah ah ah ah!!!”

Countless giant leopards jumped up together. They were all fakes. They jumped up under the control of the leopard boys, and simply used their body weight as an attack.

——But this simple attack looks very terrifying under the illusion. The knights only know that they have been thrown to the ground by the giant leopard, and the giant beast is roaring at them, as if ready to disembowel them at any time. tripe!

“Don’t panic! Keep shooting! These guys are powerless paper tigers!” screamed Douglas, stabbing another giant leopard in the chest with his lightsaber. He already knew that these things were just golems.

However, a giant leopard next to him ripped apart a knight’s chest with one blow. The blood sprayed on other knights’ bodies, faces, and armor, and immediately made the knights truly panic and began to flee!

“Roar!” The giant leopard knocked down another knight and tore off the knight’s head. This black panther is like the death **** of this group of knights, specializing in hunting and slaughter.

“Ha!” He drew a claw and killed another knight who was running for his life.

Although it seemed incredible, Douglas had already understood that this giant leopard with real offensive power was the leopard man who had just cut off his hands and feet just now.

He gave a grim smile again.

“Ahahahahahaha! Don’t run away, kitty!! Let’s keep playing!!” Doug Russ chased after him with his sword raised.

But Palamides had no intention of dealing with Douglas at all. He relied on his amazing willpower to transform again. In fact, there was not much time left to transform. If he dragged on, he would return to his original shape.

The only thing he can do now is to frantically kill the ebony knight who is running away in front of him, reducing the enemy’s effective power as much as possible.

——Take as many enemies as possible before he dies.

Plan! Douglas chased after him, swiped at the giant leopard, and opened a hole in the leopard’s thigh. Palamidis didn’t care, he pounced on another ebony knight and tore the knight to pieces!

“Don’t run! Play with me!” Douglas smiled almost pervertedly, he continued to catch up and drew another sword!

The giant leopard jumped to the wall to avoid, the blade only left a wound on his arm, and he had already jumped on the wall several times in a row, jumped from the ceiling, and crushed another ebony knight’s brain!

“I told you not to run away!” Douglas chased after him again and drew his sword! This time Palamidis was not so lucky, a deep cut was made on his back!

“Crack!” Leopard spat out a mouthful of blood and continued to run forward.

“Still running?!” Douglas rushed over and stabbed the leopard in the back of the head. This time he really wanted to end the leopard’s life!

However, the leopard’s body shrank instantly, and Douglas stabbed in the air. He used up his strength and turned into a normal cheetah-sized Palamidis, still running, spitting up blood and continuing to run, rushing up, biting another knight’s throat with one bite!

“Die!” Douglas followed, no matter the life of his companions, even the knight and the leopard chopped down!

“Ouch!” Palamidis was too tired to move. Knowing that this was his death, he closed his eyes in resignation.


Keng! !

The woman teleported to Douglas with the Sword of Kings. She swung the newly made King’s Sword with her gloves, parrying the deadly blow.

“What, what!?” Douglas spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at his pierced chest, his heart was perfectly pierced, and he knew he would die.

“I was actually…by a woman——“

“You dare to hurt my man, you deserve to die 10,000 times!!” Vivian roared, she manipulated nine swords to slash in turn, and in an instant, Douglas was torn apart.

“This is—for Lester!” The leopard pounced, biting hard, tearing a piece of flesh from Douglas’s face.

Then, Palamidis returned to his human form and fell to the ground feebly.

“Palami—” Vivian hugged the Leopard Warrior and looked at the wound on his body, very distressed.

“I…I’m really useless…I wanted to protect you…but I was saved by you.” The leopard warrior said.

“Idiot.” Vivian hugged the Leopard while using her body temperature to warm the Leopard Man’s cold body, “You’ve done a great job——“

“Ugh…Sword of Kings!” Panther Man gasped and whispered, “Hurry up…Send the Sword of Kings…to Arthur!”

“Dad, leave it to us next.” The two Leopard teenagers came over and looked at their exhausted father, and Vivian who was working all night and had a nervous breakdown.

“…Arthur… I’ll leave you to my brother.” Vivian put the King’s Sword on the scabbard and handed it to Zephyr.

Merlin was already outside the research institute, using powerful fireball magic to blow up countless knights with one shot, but he controlled it very skillfully, and none of those ebony knights died. This powerful magic only showed the most basic intimidation effect, and let the ebony knights flee.

“Is the sword ready?” Merlin teleported to the two kittens, “Grab me! I’m going to teleport!”

Whoosh! ——The three disappeared in an instant.

Both Leopard and Vivien looked relieved. They couldn’t predict Arthur’s fate, but they had done all they could.

The two embrace each other. In the cold winter morning, in this destroyed research institute full of corpses, they cuddled with each other, conveying warmth to each other.

The two fell into a blissful slumber.

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