Light Spirit Epic Chapter 328: Winter Night (Part 2)


Chapter 328: Dreaming in the Winter Night (Part 2)

East Sky Knights Base, Elsenburg.

When Arthur and Persiva arrived, in the living room of the other courtyard, only Tristan, Ivan and Jaglow were alone.

(Ser Arctor is no longer in the courtyard because he is going to teach the Holy Enchantment of the Eastern Knights.)

The half-dragon boy Ivan has been blind for two days and has not fully recovered. He has been recuperating with his eyes closed. Currently, he can only eat easy-to-eat food such as bread with the help of Jaglow.

And the murloc prince Tristan, who hasn’t slept for almost a week, is close to a dizzy state, and only relies on his strong willpower to stay awake. Arthur didn’t know how many days the mermaid could go without sleep, but it was very unusual for Tristan to be like this, and Arthur didn’t have to think about it.

“Arthur,” Jaglowy saw Arthur coming and gave him a letter, “Your telegram.”

Arthur opened it up suspiciously. Two seconds later, his scalp was numb from the content of the telegram.

Lancelot sent an urgent telegram to tell Arthur that the evil star was being held by the Roman emperor.

The emperor seems to like the golden dragon very much, and intends to tame the evil star and keep it as his mount.

Arthur miscalculated. Originally thought that the evil star could transfer time and space at any time, no matter how bad the situation was, it would not be captured alive by Rome. He didn’t expect Justin I to kill the evil star with just one blow, and put the dragon in prison before the star dragon evil star can transfer time and space.

That’s what Arthur was worried about. The emperor of Rome once wanted to detain Arthur and his party as generals, but now he even spared the stupid dragon, Shaxing.

Arthur sat down and forced himself to remain calm.

If, as the king of Pantoracken, he can be on an equal footing with the Roman emperor, there may be room for negotiation. ——If Arthur becomes the king, the evil star is the mount of the king of Pantoracken.

Since Rome and Pantolaken have formed an alliance, they must give face to the king of Pantolaken.

Become a king to save another friend? …what a strange reason. Perhaps it should be abandoned, and may he be better off in Rome. Arthur imagined that the male star would appear majestic on the battlefield, mounted by the Roman emperor.

At this time, a snow butterfly flew in through the crack of the window, flew crookedly and laboriously, and finally landed on Tristan’s shoulder. At the same time the butterfly disappeared, the murloc prince jumped up.

“I found it!” he shouted, “that witch’s research institute!”


“Could that be the butterfly just now—” Pasiva called out.

“That’s right, the one that stuck to the last warlock when you fought those warlocks who cast red hypnotizing snow.” Tristan said, “it took the butterflies back to their base– –That snow really was that demon girl doing the trick!”

“Great. We can go save Bedivere,” Arthur said.

“No!” Tristan walked out of the living room, “I won’t be able to beat that witch now. I’m going to sleep and refresh myself. Arthur, hurry up and get your Sword of Kings back. Well, without that in hand, what are you fighting for.”

Arthur suppressed his emotions. Tristan is right, the [Knights of Arthur] now are all wounded and sick, and it is no use to go. If I encounter the group of red-robed warlock golems again, I can only be captured alive by all of them.

No one was more anxious to save Bedivere than Tristan, but he was able to endure and act rationally. How can Arthur be in a mess?

At the same time, Morgoth’s research institute.

“What the **** is that witch trying to do?” Bedivere was still in the cage, and in order not to be so embarrassed, he deliberately changed into a wolf form (because he had no clothes to wear).

Morgoth has not been seen for three days, and it has been Lian Yin who has been taking care of Bedivere these past few days.

In the dead of night, Lian Yin will open the cage, let Bedi out, help him bathe, and hug him to sleep.

Silver Wolf fell asleep in the girl’s warm embrace—it was a brief, heaven-like time in this hellish research institute.

(Where is Lian Yin now, what is she doing…)

While Bedivere was wondering, the maiden Pattymore miraculously appeared in front of him. Is it still noon, and Lian Yin’s appearance is a little early?

“Lian Yin?”

The Patimo girl didn’t answer. She just came over, opened the cage, and hugged Bedivere (in silver wolf form).

“Bedivere—” The Pettymore girl looked at the silver wolf uncharacteristically with affectionate eyes, “I want you…with me now— “

“Now, now? In broad daylight?—” Before Yinlang could finish speaking, Lian Yin had already held Yinlang’s face and kissed him.

Bedivere gets carried away by the excitement of a kiss, he changes back into human form, hugs the girl tightly, and the two begin to kiss fiercely.

Until, Lian Yin pushed Bedivere away, slapped him, laughed and mocked the werewolf: “Hahahahaha, it’s so innocent, little guy!”

The illusion was unraveled in front of Bedivere, and it turned out that it wasn’t Lian Yin at all, but the sorceress Mogos!

“Wow!” The werewolf boy was frightened for a while, and immediately turned into a silver wolf. In order to protect himself from the encroachment of the demon, he escaped into the cage.

“Hey hey, it’s quite quick to escape.” Mogos sneered, “Run away when you see the slave family, do you take the initiative to give him a hug when you see Lian Yin? -Oh, isn’t it? Lian Yin said that she has a history of thousands of years, she should be older?”

Bedivere faced the humiliation of the witch with a silent scowl.

“Hehe, ignore the slave family? That’s okay.” Mogosi sneered, “Anyway, the slave family has already got what they want, so you are useless to the slave family.”

“What?!” Bedivere was shocked: “What did you do to Lian Yin?!”

“No matter what the slave family does, it has nothing to do with you.” An evil smile appeared on the demon girl’s face, “The slave family could have dealt with you now, but it is still useful for the slave family to keep you. Hehe, think about it, Arthur and his group of idiots are scrambling to prepare to come here, and the slave family finds it fun.”

Morgoth intends to use Bedivere as bait. In fact, she deliberately let Tristan discover the location of this institute, so that Arthur and the others would be caught.

Arthur and the others foolishly thought that they [lucky] found Morgoth, and planned to make a sudden attack to break into the [defensive] research institute and rescue Bedivere.

Silver Wolf was anxious. He had to figure out a way to inform Arthur before he let his friends fall for them. ——What should I do?

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