Light Spirit Epic Chapter 324: The riots in the winter night (middle)


Chapter 324: Riot in the Winter Night (Part 2)

The next morning. There are still two days left until the promised date of repairing the King’s Sword.

“No reason!” Palinlor slapped the table angrily, making the cups and plates on the table dance together. He threw the newspaper aside and said, “To say I’m crazy, goddamn, this bunch of **** media!”

Arthur, who was next to him, was indifferent and continued to eat breakfast.

He still has a fever. After the battle yesterday, the cold not only did not get better, but it became more and more serious. Now he feels that his whole person is in a trance, and the world is revolving around him. He didn’t want to do anything today, he just wanted to lie down in bed and sleep.

Knights of the Knights of the East threw leaflets over London urging citizens to beware of hypnotic red snowflakes. However, the parliament also made a big fuss in the newspapers, saying that this was a play written, directed and performed by the Eastern Knights, and the purpose was to rebel and riot.

The relationship between the Order and the Council is becoming more and more rigid, and this kind of infighting has become more and more ugly. This is politics. To make a big fuss about that kind of thing, the parliament can shamelessly put the blame on Palinlore. Really disgusting to come home.

——The council, to put it bluntly, is a group of nobles who only rely on honor and power. They only care about their vested interests, and it is impossible for them to hand over the Pantoracken Kingdom that they had divided up to the king (Arthur).

[The King Supporting Club] In the end, it’s just a drama, and people with discerning eyes know that this matter cannot be solved without war. In the end, it was up to the Knights to launch an attack and kill all the dog thieves in the Council before Arthur could successfully become king.

Again, meaningless blood will be shed. stupid human.

Thinking about it, Arthur found himself in bed.

“Huh?!” He got up, “Why—“

“Are you awake?” Pasiva sat by Arthur’s bed. “Cousin Arthur, you fainted after eating only half of your breakfast, which surprised us. With such a serious cold, you should Lie down.——Come, take this medicine.”

Arthur took the medicine, poured it into his stomach with boiling water, and then lay back on the bed.

There are special drugs. That is the dragon blood of the evil star. If you drink that, you will immediately become more energetic, and you will not be afraid of cold and heat. You don’t need to worry about this little cold.

“By the way… the evil star… where is it?” Arthur couldn’t help asking.

He just remembered that his good friend Jin Shining, took Lancelot to Rome, and hasn’t come back yet!

At the same time, Rome, in a cellar.

Xinghui Longshaxing opened his eyes and got up.

He looked at the surroundings, and couldn’t help but be stunned.

His last memory is that he took Arthur’s friend Lancelot and rushed into the borders of Rome.

Due to the emergency and no notification, he used his plasma dragon flame to penetrate Rome’s absolute defense barrier and rushed in.

It also received a warm welcome.

Lancelot left him behind and went to save his sister.

Surrounded by a large number of iron cavalry, the evil star remembers that at the end, he was hit by something in the chest and fainted. He returned from the form of a dragon to that of a teenager, and fell to the ground, someone was approaching.

That figure…where did I see it.

Where is it?

He shook his head, instead of thinking about that kind of thing, he first observed the environment around him.

Prison? The evil star sneered. He is a dragon with teleportation magic that can teleport back to his own dragon lair. Can such a prison trap him?

However, he found himself unable to use magic. The body seems to be restricted by something, unable to gather photons smoothly, and even unable to decompose the inherent photons in one’s body for the needs of activating magic.

It was only then that he discovered that the cell was engraved with runes used to interfere with magic. Although it is a seemingly simple cell, the protective facilities are surprisingly comprehensive.

Shaxing realizes that he has been arrested.

How many days have passed? Calculating from the hunger level of his stomach, Sha Xing did not eat about six meals. In other words, he was locked here and was in a coma for three days.

Damn Lancelot, who only cares about saving his sister, doesn’t he know how to save him quickly?

A figure approaches. Sha Xing turned his head to look, he knew this figure.

That’s the figure that knocked him out with a blow three days ago.

Also, the figure he once saw in the Roman arena. The guy has been sitting high up on the viewing platform.

This man is the Roman Emperor Justin I.

“Do you feel better, Ginger?” The Roman emperor approached the iron fence of his cell. His tall figure was very bold, and his words also carried the arrogance of an emperor.

“Emperor of Humanity, what are you doing? Let me go!” Shaxing said angrily, “I just helped bring that Lancelot here, other things have nothing to do with me, hurry up and let me go back Go to Arthur!”

“Well, this is it.” Justin I laughed coldly and arrogantly, “It’s okay to let you go back, but your kid burned through the Roman barrier with dragon flames, causing the Roman barrier to collapse.

You have caused such great harm, how can I claim compensation from you and Pantoracken? “

“What?!” The evil star just spit out dragon flames in a hurry, intending to cut a hole in the barrier. It never occurred to him that opening a hole would cause the entire enchantment to collapse.

Is it true, or is the Roman emperor talking nonsense, trying to take advantage of the evil star?

It doesn’t make sense to think about it now. Or try to escape first.

“What do you want, Emperor of Humanity?” Sha Xing took a step back and asked in a low voice.

“I want to know how you changed from dragon to Justin I said,” That’s amazing. Such a perfect creature can also change from the form of one creature to another——”

The Roman Emperor Justin I was born into the grassroots. He gradually advanced from an ordinary infantryman to a general, and was finally elected by the Roman Council as the first emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. He is illiterate and worships only absolute powers: dragons, for example.

The golden glittering star Dragon Demon was captivated by the Roman Emperor from the moment he passed through Rome’s absolute defensive barrier and raised the alarm.

Justin I wanted to get this golden dragon and turn the golden dragon into his pet. It must be very cool to ride the golden dragon and fly everywhere.

Therefore, he used various excuses to catch Xinghui Longshaxing and put Jin Shanying in this prison.

It is this evil star who has now turned into a teenager. The emperor looks at him and his eyes are shining. He can’t wait to tame the evil star as his own.

“You have two choices, boy.” The emperor sneered and said to the evil star in a commanding tone: “Either, you will be locked up here for the rest of your life, or, you will make a contract with me and become my mount.”

“You must be joking with me—-” The evil star saw through the mind of the Roman Emperor Justin I, and he took a deep breath.

——The promise of [to return to Arthur’s side], I am afraid he will never be able to fulfill it again.

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