Light Spirit Epic Chapter 322: Melee for Feixue (true)


Chapter 322 The melee for Feixue (true)

“Nowhere to land?” Arthur saw that the bell tower was full of spires, so he activated the horn of the dragon rider’s head, unfolded a giant lightsaber, and slammed directly into the bell tower!

“Wait, what do you want to do——” Evan has a bad feeling: “—What?!”

Touch! ! ! The crazy Arthur directly smashed the clock face of the big clock tower with his dragon ride and rushed in!

“Cough, cough, cough!” Ivan was thrown to the side, and the rising smoke made him cough again and again, he lost his sight again, and couldn’t see anything, so he shouted: “Arthur? What’s wrong with you?” Are you still alive?!”

“Noisy! Dodge while you are!” Arthur grabbed Evan’s arm with one hand and threw the half-dragon boy into a corner.

In front of Arthur is a group of weirdos. One by one wearing bright red robes, like a magician’s dress. Arthur had never heard of such a red-robed mage.

“Are you mercenaries brought in by the Council?” Arthur raised his only weapon – his Dragon Martial Dagger – ready to strike.

The weirdos didn’t answer, just lit up their weapons one by one. This group of red monsters not only have red robes, but also have red tattoos, and even the weapons in their hands are all crimson.

Arthur looked at the shimmering magic power augmentation formation on the ground. He had no time to hesitate. If you don’t get rid of these guys quickly, the Eastern Heaven Knights will suffer heavy casualties!

“Ha!” He rushed up and drew a sword. The flames on the sword blew towards a red-robed warlock.

The Warlock flicked sideways, dodging the flame’s attack with a strange movement technique. Only a small portion of the flames scorched the Warlock’s robe, revealing a slender white thigh.

The woman.

Arthur understands. These red-robed warlocks are all women, and their fighting style is very different from that of the knights. They don’t have absolute brute force, but they use clever movements, agile dodges, and soft and flexible bodies to fight.

These guys are very similar to Arthur’s fighting style! But Arthur is a man after all, and his body is not so soft and flexible. Now he is sick and injured, and he is at a great physical disadvantage! It’s probably impossible to get rid of this group of women with odd jobs quickly!

A warlock slashed a sword in Arthur’s back, and Arthur ducked to dodge. Another warlock had already shot an arrow at Arthur. The red arrow didn’t know what kind of enchantment it had, so Arthur had to roll and dodge.

Two, three, and four arrows continued to fly towards the direction of Arthur’s tumbling. Their predictions were very accurate. I’m afraid they were master assassins!

Arthur had no choice but to step on the ground, stopped rolling, and an arrow shot into the air and landed at Arthur’s feet. Another shot at Arthur head-on, and he felt the dagger toss it away. The last arrow was almost impossible to dodge, and Arthur had to raise his gauntlets to block it!

Clap! Fortunately, the enchantment on the arrow is not the type to increase the power, its penetration is very poor, and it is not worth the problem under the powerful protective ability of the black dragon armor!

Is that really true? Arthur felt a numbness in his left arm. There is indeed an enchantment on the arrow, I am afraid it is a magic that can instantly paralyze people! —This is not an enchantment for the purpose of killing, but to capture the opponent alive and bring it back for a good interrogation!

Recalling the shameful memory of being injected with Veritaserum yesterday and being forced to give information, Arthur’s scalp tingles! You must not be caught alive by these women!

After being captured, he will be tortured to the death, and finally he has to tell the information, and he will be tragically killed after being useless. This kind of death is too unbearable!

“Damn!!” Arthur was furious and waved the sharp blade in his hand frantically. The dagger in his hand drew arcs of fire, constantly blowing away at the opponent.

The women are very agile. They do all kinds of side flips and back flips, twisting their soft and flexible bodies to easily avoid the arc of fire.

The dragon in Arthur’s hands quickly lost his original power. Excessive use will weaken the enchantment of the Longwu dagger, and it cannot restore its original power without a certain cooling time! It is no different from an ordinary dagger now!

As the saying goes, one inch long is one inch strong, and one inch short is one inch dangerous. Arthur, who holds a small dagger, is at an absolute disadvantage in the face of this group of red-robed warlocks who carry both swords and bows!

A dozen arrows shot at Arthur, Arthur rolled and avoided half, blocked half with a dagger, but two arrows hit his shoulders and knees!

The shoulders are protected by heavy armor, so there is no serious problem. However, Arthur, who was hit by an arrow in his knee, suddenly felt that his entire thigh was paralyzed and did not obey the command, and his footsteps began to slow down!

The two warlocks have already rushed up, stabbing the rapiers in their hands together!

Arthur saw that there was no way to avoid it, and this time he was either impaled to death, or captured alive and tortured until he died. He gave up struggling, closed his eyes and waited for his end!

Keng! !

Arthur thought he had been hit, but felt no pain in his body.

He opened his eyes and saw that Pasiva deployed his magic shield to block the opponent’s attack, and at the same time Jaglowy cut off the heads of the two women with his sword!

A woman? No, that’s not a woman at all! Those were two exquisitely crafted golems that looked very similar to women!

Right now, the headless Warlock Golem is still waving its hands and feet indiscriminately, looking very terrifying.

“Damn, you actually pretended to be a woman to lie to me!” Jaglowy yelled, “Just lie down and don’t move the doll!”

He pierces the chests of the warlock golems one by one, shutting them down.

“Wow.” Arthur pulled out the arrow on his knee, his knee was still a little numb, “These guys are hard to deal with, be careful!”

“Got it.” Jaglowy rushed up. Although this guy can only play with women, his swordsmanship is not ambiguous. It is estimated that Palinlor was taught from childhood. He slashed and slashed with a sword in one hand, and methodically blocked the opponent’s arrow rain with a shield in the other. A warlock golem had just rushed over and stabbed with a sword, but was blocked by his shield and pierced through his chest with another sword.

“Enough, don’t mess with magic!” cried Arthur as he tried to stop Persiva from healing him.

“It’s alright, just a little magic.” Pasiva put away his hands, he just put a little magic to relieve the paralysis on Arthur’s legs, “Can you continue to fight?”

“Of course. Give me a spare lightsaber.” Arthur said.

Parsiva took out a lightsaber, Arthur took it in his hand, and the lightsaber shot a fuchsia blade.

“The sword specially made by Jaglow has a high energy output, so be careful when using it.” Pasiva said, taking out another slightly shorter lightsaber.

“Ha!” Arthur swung up with his fuchsia lightsaber, slashing wildly. Thanks to the help of Jaglow and Pasiva, the battle was much easier. The three of them slashed and slashed, and the five warlock golems had already fallen.

“There are three left, kill them all!” Arthur roared, rushing up and stabbing with a sword! Before the golem could react, it was pierced through the chest.

“Haha!!” Jaglowy also rushed forward with his shield, blocking the arrow shot by another warlock golem. In the gap between its weapons, Jaglowe had already rushed to it. In front of him, a shield made it dizzy, and another sword pierced its chest.

“It’s you in the end!” Pasiva slashed a sword, but was avoided by the golem, and the golem stabbed back with a sword, but Arthur had already rushed to its side and slashed it away with a sword. The right hand of the sword!

“Pap!” The golem rolled around in confusion, but was already rushed up by Pasiva to make up for the knife, and cut off its left arm with a sword!

“Pop!” The golem gave Persiva a head hammer like a madness, hitting Persiva with gold stars in his eyes. At the same time as he fell to the ground, the warlock golem had rushed out from him, directly Jump out of the big clock tower and run away!

“Damn it!” Arthur ran to his dragoon, intending to pursue him.

“Wait a minute!” Pasiva sneered, there were still a few snowflakes in his open palm, “His Royal Highness Tristan gave me a snow butterfly just now, and I have already glued it to the golem. Don’t go after it, it will lead us to the mastermind behind this.”

“But, your head—” Arthur looked at Pasiva’s bleeding forehead, the lump looked very serious.

“It’s fine, just go back and put some ice on it.” Pasiva walked to the magic booster array, “First get rid of this **** He recited a long magic incantation, They were all things that Arthur couldn’t understand. After a while, there was a pop, like glass shattering, and the magic power augmentation array was broken by Pasiva! The broken magic array quickly melted into the air, and Arthur Looking outside, the red clouds in the sky also dissipated quickly.

“Ha ah ah ah!” Palinlor was surrounded by dozens of civilians, and the giant man tried to trick them out. At this time, the civilians finally regained consciousness. Seeing this scene, they were frightened and fled: “The Grand Duke of Palinlor is crazy! Help!”

The Celestial Knight scratched his head with a helpless expression on his face. It’s obviously this group of civilians who are going mad…

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the citizens continue to disperse from Elsenburg. Finally resolved this incident.

“Haha! Haha! Ha—snee!” As soon as he relaxed, he sneezed again and again.

“Hey, pay attention to your body, cousin.” Jaglowe took off a robe from the Warlock on the ground and put it on Arthur, “Put this on first, at least keep it warm.”

In fact, the black dragon armor on Arthur’s body is enough to protect against the cold. However, he always felt that some kind of cold feeling was constantly seeping out of his body.

He helped Evan beside him and jumped on the dragon rider: “Go back quickly, I’m going to starve.”

He just hopes a hot dinner can drive away the cold.

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