Light Spirit Epic Chapter 314: Inverted to the Dream (Part 2)


Chapter 314: Inversion of Dreams (Part 2)

An hour later. Arthur returns to his farmhouse outside London.

“Oh, it’s dirty enough.” Pasiva looked around, Arthur and the others had only left for a few days, and the place was already full of dust, “Cousin Arthur, what are we doing in this kind of place? “

“Take a change of clothes, and…” Arthur was looking in the cabinet in the bedroom. He found a stack of manuscripts, which were the deciphered documents of the previous “Secrets of the Holy Sword War”. (His main purpose is to retrieve this manuscript)

“Holy Sword…War Secret?” Persiva asked curiously when he saw the stack of documents in Arthur’s hand.

“Hush…” Arthur sneezed, “Well, we’re looking for a way to crack the secret of the King’s Sword.”

The two ancient books are still being deciphered by Greenville, and there has been no news. Arthur knew that the deciphering work must be going very poorly, and Greenville did not dare to mention it to Arthur.

Merlin also said that 10% of the mysterious information could not be deciphered from the Sword of Kings. This is really an ancient sword full of mysteries.

“Everything is packed.” Evan packed up some of Arthur and others’ clothes and walked out of the living room.

“Thank goodness, finally there are underwear to replace.” Arthur said casually.

“Cousin Arthur…Are you still wearing——“

Arthur responded with a subtle expression to Persiva: “Don’t ask such a thing.”

Ten minutes later, they returned to the courtyard of Fort Elsenburg.

“Look, it didn’t go very far, did it?” Arthur jumped off the dragoon and looked at Palinlor, who was fidgeting beside him.

“Well…whatever you want.” Palinlor frowned and lowered her crossed arms, “A guest is coming to see you.”

A guest?

Back in the hall of the other courtyard, Arthur had just opened the door when the smell of alcohol came to his face.

An old man is drinking whisky by himself by the fire. That was Ser Arctor, Arthur’s adoptive father.

“Uncle.” Arthur walked up and said, “What wind brought you here? Did you—”

“I just finished teaching the boys of the Western Heavenly Knights to learn [Holy], and now I will transfer to the Eastern Heavenly Knights to start the class.” The old man stirred the ice in the wine glass. The fire from the stove reflected in the old man’s wine glass, shimmering gold.

“Really?” Arthur also sat down by the fire. He hadn’t sat next to his adoptive father like this for many years and chatted with him.

“Thank you for the mother’s business.” Arthur whispered, he tried his best to lean his body to the stove to get more heat, “I didn’t expect you to suddenly appear in that kind of place, especially for the sake of Mother was rehabilitated.”

Although what Aktor said was a lie, he saved a lot of face for Arthur’s mother, Iglin. At least, the council can no longer hold on to [Yeglian is a succubus] and continue to smear her and Arthur.

“Rehabilitate your mother? No.” Aktor muttered half-drunk, “I owe Orlando 600,000 gold, Arthur. I just hope you can come up with this The money is here to help me pay it back. After that, we’ll have two ends.

Of course, some extra pay is required. —— 800,000 yuan, it shouldn’t be expensive as a seal fee, right? “

“Okay.” Arthur looked at the old drunk in disappointment. Turns out he was doing it for the money.

“One more thing—” the old man said, “That kid Lancelot should be coming soon.”

“Lance——” Before Arthur could finish speaking, the door of the living room was knocked open, “Lot?”

He was dressed in black, but couldn’t hide his golden blonde hair. The handsome Lancelot, Arthur’s old friend, hurried in: “Arthur!”

“Lancelot, why are you in such a place—Lord Justinian?”

Arthur still remembered that Lancelot was supposed to be the close guard of the Roman messenger Justinian in the identity of [Knight X].

“Your Excellency went back to Rome, accompanied by General Bessarius. The Roman battle lines have been formed, and they have begun to fight some small balance-of-power battles with the Huns. This is not the time for– —-“

Lancelot glanced at Ser Arctor next to him.

“Arthur, you and Miss Greenville are on good terms, right?—Please, you have to help me. As long as Miss Greenville can save my sister.”

“Your sister?” Arthur remembered what Lancelot had said before. Wasn’t his sister in Rome now, threatened by terminal petrification, with less than a year to live?

“That’s right. The phone call from the hospital in Rome two days ago said that Charlotte’s condition has deteriorated. She has less than a week to live!” Lancelot flushed with anxiety, “Uncle yesterday Come and tell me, Miss Greenville has a way to save Charlotte? Is it true? Arthur, you accompany me to find Miss Greenville immediately! Please!”

“Okay, okay.” Arthur comforted Lancelot, “Calm down first, okay?——Uncle, is your language really reliable?”

“Not necessarily?” Acto turned his head and said ambiguously, “What my [star-gazing eye] can see is only the [mainstream of history], the events [most likely to happen] in history. However, the world is originally made of chaos, and sometimes unforeseen changes will occur, changing the original history.”

Arthur didn’t answer. He didn’t have time to digest these incomprehensible things, so he had to put the old man aside: “Okay, Lancelot. Let’s talk as we go.”

He has to go to the Knights of the North to find Greenville. I had made the girl angry before, and she would not answer no matter how much she called. This time, when I went to Edinburgh Castle, there was a possibility that I would be closed.

However, for Lancelot, Arthur had to bite the bullet and go.

“Are you going out again?” Palinlor was guarding the mechanical warehouse, as if to prevent Arthur from running out on a dragoon when he wasn’t paying attention.

“It’s just a trip to the Knights of the North, come back soon.” Arthur jumped on the back of the dragon rider and motioned for Lancelot to sit up too.

“It’s a long way to Of course Palinlor wouldn’t simply let Arthur go,” at least bring a squad as an escort. “

Palinlor treated Arthur as a protected animal, which made Arthur very annoyed. He puffed up: “Bring an accompanying iron cavalry at most. —You don’t come with me, okay? !”

“…I really can’t do anything about you. I’ll call Pasiva over here.” Palinlor picked up the phone.

He’s not exactly stupid. If he didn’t make a phone call, but turned around and went to call someone, Arthur would have flown out on a dragoon.

An hour later. The dragon cavalry and the iron cavalry landed in the mechanical warehouse of the Beitian Knights. Since Palinlor had notified in advance, it was Cameron, the chief of staff of the Beitian Knights, who came to meet them.

“Hey!” Arthur sneezed as soon as he jumped off the dragoon.

“Please take care of yourself, Lord Arthur,” Cameron said.

“I… uh,… my friend Lancelot needs to talk to Miss Greenville in an urgent matter. Can you introduce me?” Arthur hesitated.

“Greenville is in the infirmary, you can go find her yourself.” Cameron’s face showed a funny smile for a moment, “It’s okay, the head of the regiment is out for a meeting today.”

Arthur didn’t understand the hidden meaning of Cameron’s words. With a puzzled look on his face, he motioned for Lancelot and others to come with him.

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