Light Spirit Epic Chapter 311: Abstain from sadness (true)


Chapter 311 Forbidden to Sadness (True)

On the way back, Arthur passed the infirmary and saw two kittens kneeling in front of their father’s bed and feeding Palamidis oatmeal.

Vivian may have performed some kind of surgery on the Leopard Man, and the recovering Leopard Man can’t go anywhere, so he has to be left here temporarily.

“I’m going back, do you really want to stay here?” Arthur asked.

“Go back. Let’s keep it.” Saifel and Seglade grinned together. They seem to have some kind of plan.

“Okay.——Good luck, Palamides.”

“I’ve been lucky.” The Leopard Man smiled at Arthur.

The Leopard warriors of two weeks ago were still struggling with a tragedy that would never end. Now, he is lying on the hospital bed with a happy expression to be served by his sons.

Arthur couldn’t help but feel emotional.

On the way back, Arthur was the only one driving his dragoon. He could have flown faster, but Ao Yun’s iron cavalry that followed closely behind seemed unable to catch up with the speed of the dragon cavalry.

It’s so troublesome, I really want to leave them behind and go back first…

An hour later, about ten kilometers outside of London, a group of guys driving black cavalry entangled Arthur and his party. There were about a dozen people, all wearing black cloaks, and their appearances were unknown.

“Arthur?” Ao Yun’s voice came from the walkie-talkie, “What should I do? Do you want to strike first?”

Arthur looked at the group of cavalry from a distance, “No, wait a minute. If they make a move first, we will fight back. Even if it is a small move by the Council, we can’t make it first and implement it.”

Arthur was right to be concerned. The other party is also waiting for Arthur and the others to take the shot first. But after flying for about ten minutes, the opponent first lost patience, and the group of black knights finally rushed over and fired at Arthur’s dragon cavalry.

Naive. Arthur was driving the dragon cavalry and rolled over easily. The light bullet brushed past the fuselage of the Dragon Knight. ——Since the other party shot first, he has no need to be scruples.

The dragon cavalry flipped in mid-air, and a huge blade of light shot out from the horn in front of the fuselage, slashing down at the enemy plane coming from behind! The other party was split into two pieces, and after falling down for a few seconds, there was a strong explosion!

More enemy planes surrounded. The number is about thirty. Arthur drove the dragon to roll, turn, and drift in mid-air, a series of irregular flurry. The light blade of the Dragon Rider’s nose seemed to swing freely under his consciousness, constantly slashing.

The green light swayed, and where it passed, one enemy plane after another was chopped into two pieces, falling and exploding!

After killing about 20 enemy planes, Arthur secretly scolded Palinlore for being a jerk, why didn’t he equip the dragon cavalry with light cannons and other equipment. Only melee equipment (although lightsabers are powerful) is too inefficient to kill enemies, and dangling, even Arthur is starting to get dizzy!

As Ivan returned fire, he supported Arthur with artillery fire under the direction of Owen. He had fought on the back of a dragon, but he did not expect that the battle on the iron cavalry would be so difficult: the iron cavalry flew too fast, lacked stability, and was very difficult to aim!

In order not to get hit, Ao Yun is doing irregular curvilinear movements all the time, making Evan dizzy, and his attacks are repeatedly missed!

It’s not easy for Aoyun himself. He has to take care of his evasion and command Evan to support Arthur. He is also very busy!

The number of enemies has increased again. There are more than fifty black iron cavalry circling in the sky, no matter how fast Arthur and the others kill, they can’t keep up with the speed of enemy support!

If this goes on, it’s only a matter of time before we lose!

Just then, the accident happened! A bullet hit Ao Yun’s iron cavalry, and unfortunately hit the iron cavalry’s engine. With the abnormal sound of the engine, Aoyun shouted: “I count three, jump right away!”

“What?!” Evan hadn’t reacted yet. If he jumped, wouldn’t he fall to his death?

“Two, one, jump!” Seeing that his brother was still in a daze, Ao Yun grabbed Ivan’s collar and jumped hard!

They jumped out of the iron cavalry, the iron cavalry flew dozens of yards before it caught fire and fell into the jungle below!

Ao Yun and Ivan are not much better, they are flying in the air, shuttle in stray bullets, and are about to fall to the ground! If you don’t do anything, you will either be killed by stray bullets, or you will fall to the ground and turn into a lump of meat!

“Tsk!” Ao Yun pulled out his dragon weapon—the magic sword Fafnir. Driven by his thoughts, the magic sword instantly turned into a crimson dragon and caught the two of them.

The dragon instantly approached Arthur’s dragoon, and Olympic grabbed his younger brother and gave Arthur a wink.

“Wow!” Evan was thrown out and sent to Arthur’s dragon rider!

“What are you going to do?” Arthur shouted. When he saw Ao Yun’s awe-inspiring expression, he had a bad premonition.

“Take care of Evan!” Ao Yun said on the dragon’s back, “There are too many enemies here, break through first! I’ll hold them back!”

“No! You will die!” cried Evan, “How can one person deal with so many enemies!”

More and more black iron riders appeared around, surrounding Arthur and the others.

How did these guys track down Arthur? What are you going to do? !

“Damn!” Arthur ran out the engine of the Dragoon, “Evan, hold on to me, I’m going to speed up!”

“Wait! Oyun!”

Whoosh! ! ! ! !

Arthur drove the speed of the dragon to the maximum, and the dragon galloped at full speed to break through the encirclement.

Indeed, with the horsepower of Arthur’s Dragoon, it is still possible to carry Evan and escape.

Evan looked back at Ao Yun who was left behind. His brother was sitting on the back of the magic dragon Fafnir, rushing left and right, dodging the attack while cutting the back of Arthur. But it was obviously very mentally draining for him to manipulate a magic sword to do so many actions.

The dragon has no special attack, just a magic sword in the form of a dragon. It quickly gained the upper hand in the rain of bullets. Several holes were punched in its wings, and the scales on its body were covered by the rain of bullets. Broken layer by layer. It’s a miracle that it can maintain the reluctance to fly!

Finally, the moment of defeat came, and a bullet pierced Ao Yun’s chest. Countless bullet rains followed, smashing the dragon into pieces!

“Brother!!!!!!” Evan screamed. He and Arthur were actually a kilometer away from Oyun.

“I’m sorry about Aoyun, Evan.” Arthur whispered. He thought to himself, wondering how his whereabouts had been betrayed.

No clue. Logically it shouldn’t be possible! ?

Then how do you explain this ambush?

“Evan?” Arthur was moved by the unusual silence behind him, and he turned his head to look.

Evan is behind Arthur, throwing up. The half-dragon boy was not only motion sick, he also felt a wave of nausea because of his weakness.

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