Light Spirit Epic Chapter 309: Abstain from sadness (middle)


Chapter 309 Forbidden to Sadness (Part II)

Arthur, who was locked in the scanner, could only feel an inexhaustible injustice in his heart. It was just drunk, changed clothes, and spent the night outside, so unforgivable?

Besides, Arthur didn’t even touch a woman, so why was Greenville angry? Unreasonable!

And, even if he touches a woman, so what? Why is Greenville angry? What’s the matter with her? ! …it’s unreasonable!

He shakes the machine laboriously. Useless. The ton-heavy scanner is firmly fixed to the ground with iron nails and screws. Its hard acrylic inner shell is even more indestructible with the current defenseless and slightly thin Arthur.

He was discouraged when he saw that he couldn’t escape no matter how he shook or bumped. The cold December air blew in from the few air holes of the scanner. Although Arthur was prevented from suffocating to death, the cold made the naked Arthur sneeze repeatedly.

“Help!…” he called, but was exhausted from missing lunch and was hungry and thirsty.

He shivered with cold, thinking the worst.

In particular, it was found frozen into a popsicle and lying there with limbs twisted.

And in those shy pink fancy panties…like a whore.

…what a tragic way to die!

When he was starving, cold, and almost desperate, the back cover of the scanner was opened. Strictly speaking, it was ripped off.

A stout hand grabbed Arthur’s ankle and pulled the boy out of the scanner.

“Ugh!” Arthur’s frozen body slammed to the ground. This guy Palinlor doesn’t know what tenderness is at all.

“Hey, kid, are you alright?” Palinlor threw Arthur on the ground, took off his cloak, and threw it to Arthur as a cover. I ran away hurriedly, I thought what was going on. Huhuhu—you kid, could it be that you have done something light on her?”

“No!” Arthur shivered from the cold, crawling over to pick up his clothes.

“Pfft…” Palinlore glanced at Arthur’s ass, and the pink **** made him laugh, “You kid also wear this kind of thing? Could it be Jaglowe? Forcing you to wear——“

“That’s right! I was drunk by your two sons. They stripped my clothes off while I was in a coma and made me wear these underwear! Are you satisfied with that?!” Arthur hurriedly put on his pants to hide the shame.

“Well, that kid—” Palinlor scratched his head and said, “If you don’t do good things, you will wander around in that kind of romantic place, and now even underage cousins ​​have pulled over to that kind of place. I’ll go back and teach him a good lesson.”

“You’d better teach him a lesson!” Arthur angrily said, “He’s obviously a guy who lacks lessons!!”

Palinlor shrugged and walked out as if running away, “No way, who told their mother to die so early, I can’t control these two stinky boys. I gave up long ago.”

Arthur looked at Palinlor’s back. In the tall back of this middle-aged man, there was a faint hint of desolation.

“Sneez!” Arthur sneezed, feeling chills all over his body. He has a cold.

Seven o’clock in the evening.

Palamides opened his eyes. He had been in a coma for a full day. He saw Vivian sleeping beside him.

The woman’s fair face showed a peaceful expression in her deep sleep, which was very beautiful.

Leopard man blushed, turned his face away and deliberately didn’t look at it. He saw the golem waiting quietly beside him.

“Goo…” Leopard Man’s abdomen began to hum. This is the first time he has heard his own abdominal rumbling in the past few days. Because before that, his body was filled with artificial internal organs—mechanical parts that Vivian had replaced in order to prolong the life of Palamides.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Vivian woke up when she heard Palamidis’ belly rumbling, “Are you hungry? Wait a minute, I’ll get you some liquid food– —“

“I’m alright, I can do it by myself—” The Leopard Man wanted to get up, but the pain inside his body continued to tear!

“Don’t force it, you just came back from the dead end.” Vivian said, “Lie down. I’ll be right back.”

“You are so busy with your research work, I will cause you trouble——“

“It’s good to know. Then you should listen to me and don’t cause me more trouble.” Vivian ordered.

Palamides was silent for a while. This tough guy would not have easily heard other people’s orders, but now in front of Vivian, he is as meek as a kitten.

“Uh, my sons—haven’t Arthur brought them here yet?” Palamidis asked.

“No. He didn’t contact me either.” Vivian said, “Today is the rare snowstorm in Pantoracken in ten years. They shouldn’t go everywhere in this bad weather. Just wait one night.”

“Okay…” The Leopard Man fell silent, listening to Vivian’s footsteps leaving.

For some reason, he didn’t care about his two sons. What the big cat was thinking about now was Vivian’s peaceful and beautiful face that was asleep just now.


“Oh, does Arthur catch a cold?” Tristan mocked, putting down his knife and fork, “I thought idiots wouldn’t catch a cold.”

“You’re an idiot.” Arthur wiped his red nose with a tissue, “It’s snowing so hard today, I’m just walking outside, I don’t have a cold.”

The evil star on the side looked suspicious, but he didn’t say anything, just eating.

Having drank the dragon blood of the red fire dragon and the hoarfrost dragon, Arthur should not be afraid of the cold and heat, and he would not care about the cold weather.

In other words, the recent battle was too exhausting, and the power of the dragon in Arthur’s body began to thin? Shouldn’t it be time for Arthur to drink a little more of his own blood to add something——Shaxing shook his head. The battle with the Celestial Knights is over, and he is no longer obliged to provide more dragon blood to Arthur, unless there is a new battle waiting for him. Let’s talk about it until then.

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee He hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls of bread, barely filling his stomach, and left the table: “I’d better take a bath and rest early.”

Seeing Arthur walking crookedly, Pasiva came over to help him: “Let me help you, cousin Arthur.”

“No!” Arthur pushed Persiva away. He remembered the way Greenville was angry before. Although he didn’t understand it very well, he vaguely felt that it was very bad, so it was better to avoid it, “No need, I will wash it myself. This cold is nothing.”

He leaned against the wall and walked away bravely. The other knights looked at each other with a blank look on their faces.

Persiva still follows Arthur’s back despite Arthur’s objections. There is a question in his mind, and he has been wanting to ask it since last night.

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