Light Spirit Epic Chapter 306: Disputes over Resolutions (Part 2)


Chapter 306 Disputes over Resolutions (Part 2)

Senator Orlando freezes the hologram at the pre-war confrontation between Arthur and Grand Duke Hall.

“The third battle, Kelton vs. Grand Duke Hall.”

Everyone clearly saw Arthur’s “surrender” move:

[The boy stuck the golden sword in his hand on the ground.

Heavenly Knight Hall was taken aback, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing else, the only thing I want to say is that I’m not going to fight this battle.” Arthur said. ]

“Did you hear that?” Orlando said triumphantly, “The Keltons have surrendered at this time. He put his sword on the ground and pronounced a declaration of surrender, intending to end the duel. Therefore, this duel is inherently ineffective.”

Arthur should be thankful that he accidentally crushed the bee golem next to him. He was so annoyed by the bee golem that he crushed it, preventing more conversations from being recorded. Otherwise, the few words he said next would really put him at a decisive disadvantage.

Celestial Knight Hall sneered.

“That’s all you want to say?—— Arthur’s words at the time [we won’t fight this battle] were just a **** off remark, and the subsequent battles also showed that he had the will to fight. Let’s meet him next time. It was obvious to all those present.

It is a rich imagination for you to assert that Arthur has surrendered just based on an ambiguous statement. “

“Humph.” Orlando smiled disdainfully, “There are still many doubts about the showdown between Your Excellency and the Keltons. Your Excellency is not innocent, and you are suspected of colluding with your opponent to deliberately lose!”

“Ha, some people are so good at talking nonsense! Your Excellency doesn’t know how to find a knight who can fight to comment. Is there any room for water?” Hall said, “If you can do it, next I won’t be stabbed with a sword if both hands are broken. Who dares to use their lives to make jokes?”

Arthur knew in his heart that Hall was bluffing. In fact, the Celestial Knights did release water when they fought with Arthur, otherwise Arthur would have no chance at all.

It’s true that Hall took Arthur’s sword to protect his cat Wallace. But at that time, Hall could actually kill Arthur first. Hall’s failure is that he has to defend both his mount and Arthur. If experienced fighters watched their competition, they would definitely know it.

Olando shook his head dismissively, his slightly wrinkled face froze, as if he was about to run out of [ammo] in his hands.

“The final battle, Kelton vs. the Grand Duke of Palinlor!”

The hologram is played only until the moment when the two are yelling.

“I have to ask, what are you all doing?” Orlando said in a tone of false accusation, “Not only did the Wangli Arena be destroyed in a large area during the battle, but the audience also suffered a lot of casualties. .

On that day, a total of 600 people were injured, thousands of people felt unwell because of your yelling, and 72 people died of stampeding on each other because of panic.

Since that day, the council has received numerous letters of complaint, and more than one hundred cases have been formally prosecuted. You two are really a pair of calamities, and the duel alone has caused such huge casualties? “

“What’s the matter with me? I’ve been against the live broadcast of the parliament’s duel at the Wangli Arena from the very beginning.” Palinlor crossed his arms with a look of indifference (unrepentant), and roared loudly: “Men’s fights are so vigorous, those who can’t stand it, even if the weak people faint, it has nothing to do with us! If you can’t stand it, don’t come to watch the fight, stay away and watch live TV, understand?”

Arthur hides his face helplessly.

“About this [live broadcast], I have to ask questions next time!” Orlando said, “your [live broadcast] is over there, and the bee golem used for video recording was damaged by your roar. , no one knows what happened after this!

Your Excellency said that you lost to the Keltons, and that is only your one-sided remark. Can you guarantee that there are no tricks in it? “

“What a fool! Who wants to be beaten by cutting off their limbs? I fought with all my strength!” Palinlor roared.

Arthur knew that only this **** Palinlor didn’t put water in the final showdown.

“Hmph, it’s hard to say. Not only is there no evidence to prove what you said, but also no evidence to prove how the battle ended in the end.——And there is a biggest problem:”

Orlando looked at Arthur sinisterly: “Grand Duke Palinore, I have evidence to suspect that you favored your nephew!

——This so-called Kelton, his real name is Arthur D. Pantoracken, he is the former Celestial Knight of the Eastern Knights Uther D. Panto Laken’s illegitimate son, and also the Grand Duke of Palinlor, your nephew! “

As soon as the words fell, there was already a violent commotion on the field, and the councilors could no longer hold back and expressed their dissent.

Orlando’s accusations came like a storm, and he planned to completely discredit Arthur, so that he would no longer have a foothold in Pantoracken:

“He is the royal family of Pantoracken. He has coveted the kingship from the very beginning. He joined other heavenly knights to play this scene, just for the return of the kingship!

He is a traitor plotting to usurp parliamentary power! a liar! A shameless tyrant!

Although he retains the royal blood of his father Uther, he also retains the dirty blood of his mother Iglynn!

Do you remember this Iglyn? ! Infiltrated as a maid ten years ago, in the Pantoracken family, seduced the heavenly knight Uther, and finally killed thirty-six people of the Uther family, a succubus! “

A hologram appeared, a cruel image that Arthur had seen in his life: in the fire, his mother Iglin was burned to charcoal!

“Look! It’s this witch!” Orlando slammed mercilessly, “This murderous succubus killed the then Grand Duchess of Pantoracken and the eldest son of the Grand Duke. Gunther, and thirty other servants!

The blood of the cursed, vicious, witch is now flowing in this young man’s body!

Not to mention whether he is the royal family of Pantoracken, this witch’s son should have been tied to the stake and burned to death immediately, instead of standing here brazenly waiting to be elected king!

He is not qualified to be a king at He is just a wild seed from a demon girl! He’s not even human! ! “

“Burn him to death! Just like burning his witch mother, tie him to the stake and burn him to death! Such monsters can’t stay in Pantoracken! They can’t even become kings!”

“Burn him! Burn him!”

The councillors began to boo, and the crowd raged. Orlando this guy incited the crowd to target Arthur with the most vicious words, and his purpose was achieved.

Arthur can’t bear it anymore, his anger slowly expands in his heart, at the critical point of eruption——

Archduke Hall cast an encouraging look at Arthur, suppressing the urge in Arthur’s heart, he hurriedly said: “Mr. Orlando, please pay attention to your words! If you can’t prove that Arthur is The illegitimate son of the Celestial Knight Uther and the Witch Iglin, all this is just your guess! If you want to discredit him, please provide evidence first!”

“Of course there is evidence! —” Orlando raised his eyebrows and said with a full air: “Call the witness Sir Arctor to come on stage!”

The council hall, which had been boisterous, soon fell silent.

An old man pushed open the door and walked in slowly from the entrance of the council. Arthur recognized him.

This old man is undoubtedly Arthur’s adoptive father, Kay’s father, Ser Arctor!

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