Light Spirit Epic Chapter 304: Disputes over Resolutions (Part 1)


Chapter 304 Disputes over Resolutions (Part 1)

The next day. On this day, it snowed heavily in London, and it was a very bad day.

Arthur returned to the courtyard of Fort Elsenburg, where the Knights of Arthur were housed.

“You’re finally back meow, Arthur?” Seefer saw Arthur push the door in and hurriedly shouted, “Where the **** did you go yesterday?”

“Well…something.” Arthur hesitantly replied, closing the heavy wooden door to keep out the cold wind and snow. Trembling, he sat down by the fire to keep warm, and looked to see if there was anything to eat in the pot of the fire.

Tristan sneered, looking at Arthur who was pouring the stew out of the pot to eat. Arthur’s clothes were still from yesterday’s outing. The kid must have spent the night outside somewhere.

“That’s good, you’re very lucky!” The murloc prince sneered and sarcastically said, “Bediver is clearly in the hands of the demon girl, the good or the bad is unknown, but you are in the mood to go out and spend the day. Sure enough, you won the battle. The four heavenly knights are invincible in the world, which is amazing, right?”

Arthur gave Tristan a sharp look: “My King’s Sword is still being reforged, and I can’t do anything without a weapon. Also, do you know where Morgoth’s research institute is?!”

Tristan shrugged: “I don’t know, but I’m looking. Better than having fun.”

A snow butterfly flew back and landed on Tristan’s shoulder. His face was disappointed: “Isn’t it?”

Arthur looked at the murloc prince’s looming dark circles under his eyes and knew that this guy was using search magic day and night. Maybe the heavy snow outside here is also caused by him.

“…Anyway, I can’t find it [effectively] like you.” Arthur responded with a sarcastic, “You just work hard and turn the whole world upside down.”

Tristan ignores Arthur. He sat there silently, as if concentrating. He blew out a breath of frost and turned into dozens of snow butterflies, which flew out from the cracks in the windows.

Arthur imagined the white elves flying in the snow. Those who don’t know see it, and they will definitely make up some fairy tales and ghosts.

Arthur stood up when he was full, “Okay, please do it yourself. I’ll take a shower and then talk about it——“

After spending a night in that dirty place, he felt that he not only needed to take a bath, but also had to do a whole body disinfection——

What annoys Arthur the most is when Jaglowe (don’t know if it was intentional) returned Arthur’s original clothes, but he lost Arthur’s underwear. So that Arthur was still wearing the fancy pink (and heart) **** from last night.

If this kind of thing were seen by the knights, Arthur would definitely be teased for a while. He hurried to take a shower and change clothes to eliminate this [criminal evidence].

However, he was so lucky.

Palinlor almost slammed the wooden door open, he rushed in: “Arthur——?! You actually went to that kind of place last night?!”

Arthur was annoyed. Jaglow’s big mouth!

“How can you do this! You, you are not yet grown up!” The Grand Duke of Palinlore scolded: “What have you been doing?! You go in and out of that dirty and dirty place, just Aren’t you afraid of making a scandal?!——Don’t you have the self-consciousness of being a king?!”

When he said this, Arthur became annoyed: “…Where I go and what I want to do, it’s my freedom, Palinlor [uncle]. You even have your two sons. I don’t care, but are you free to take care of my business? What are you? Are you my guardian?”

Palinlor was left speechless by Arthur’s icy rebuttal. He sighed and said, “Okay. You’re doing well. Then I’ll leave you alone. You can just get sick with any filthy **** disease and fester and die. I’ll go back and beat those two boys. Say it again.”

“Okay, no more.” Arthur waved.

“Uh–” Palinlore held back his breath. This brainless strong man has no special skills other than fighting and killing, and he is not able to argue with others, so he is always refuted by two clever sons and is speechless. Now even Arthur’s nephew is like this, can he not hold his breath?

“Oh heh heh, are you arguing? It looks like I’m here at the wrong time?” A knight pushed open the door and walked in. Arthur saw that it was the Grand Duke Hall of the Heavenly Knight.

Arthur had to admit that it was much better to see Hall at a time like this than to see the other three Heavenly Knights. Leon Dickens is an old urchin, Ewens is a heartless man, Palinlore is an idiot, and only the Grand Duke of Hall can really be regarded as Arthur’s good teacher and friend.

In irritability and despair, Arthur cast a look for help at Hall, and Hall smiled at Arthur: “Stop arguing, boys. [The King Supporting Club] is about to begin.”

“The King’s Club?”

“Let’s talk as we walk.” Hall came over and patted Arthur on the shoulder, pushing him gently towards the door.

Palinlor shrugged and walked out.

The evil star (still in the form of a teenager) who was dozing on the sofa shuddered: “Please, who closed that **** door!”

The Royal House of Commons in London is a huge building with a circular ceiling that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Although it has a history of thousands of years, its splendid golden ceiling and white exterior walls that are repainted and refurbished every year have not shown the wind and frost of history at all.

There are more than 1,000 pillars of carved gold and white stone surrounding this huge ring-shaped building in Romanesque architecture, each of which is wrapped with magic runes for reinforcement. They firmly support the entire building, making the House of Parliament as stable as a mountain, able to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake without collapsing.

Arthur did come here, but only from outside. However, this time it was a little guy like him who really entered this parliamentary hall.

He was dressed in a rustic way, wearing only a simple cotton suit and a simple black dragon armor breastplate (and also wearing the pink underwear, which made Arthur very uncomfortable), and he was pinned to his waist. The Longwu dagger (although it is rare and rare, people who don’t know the goods will definitely dislike the ugly appearance of this dagger), led by two heavenly knights, entered this solemn council hall.

“Listen,” Hall walked beside Arthur and whispered to him, “Let us take care of the rest, you don’t need to say anything. The four Heavenly Knights of us have already reached a consensus. , want to make you king. But the council will definitely use all kinds of vitriolic reasons to criticize your actions and oppose you to become king. Those old diehards don’t want to give up their power sure Will use all kinds of dirty tricks——“

“—I don’t want to be king!” Arthur retorted angrily, “Are you all **** listening to me?! How many times have I said that I——“

Hall hurriedly covered Arthur’s mouth: “Don’t talk nonsense here! —Listen, I don’t care whether you want to be a king or not, you have experienced the sacred ceremony of the battle of the five kings, and the most correct The heir to the throne elected by the method of …… and you are still—cough.——Now you can’t help yourself, even if you want to give up, you have to wait for us to fight for you once, really If you can’t do it, give it up again, okay?”

Arthur looked at Hall grumblingly. If it were the other three Heavenly Knights, Arthur would have been so angry that he would have slashed him with a knife. But Arthur’s feelings for Hall were the same as for his grandfather (he had never seen his own grandfather), with awe and admiration, which was the only reason why the raging dragon in Arthur didn’t attack.

“This is also for the peace of Pantoracken, okay?” Hall persuaded. “There is no time or energy to mess around with the parliament. We must retain our strength to fight the Hungarians!”

“…Okay! Just do what you said.” Arthur said angrily and involuntarily pouted: “I didn’t say anything, I watched you and the council bite each other. I wish you all the best. Happy biting.”

Palinlor, who was beside him, shook his head and smiled disapprovingly.

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