Light Spirit Epic Chapter 300: Reinventing the Holy Spirit


Chapter 300 Remodeling to the Holy Blade (Part 2)

At noon on the same day, at the base of the Knights of the East, in the courtyard of Fort Elsenburg.

As soon as Arthur came back, he looked for the two leopard boys and planned to take them to Vivian’s research institute, but——

“Don’t meow.” Saifer shook his head, fiddling with the wooden sword for training, wagging his tail up and down every time he swung it, “Let Dad and Aunt Vivian stay, let’s go too. I’m in the way.”

“In the way? What do you mean?” Arthur looked puzzled.

“Hey hey hey.” The two leopard teenagers smiled at each other. There was a slight slyness on their faces.

Seeing Arthur still so bewildered, Seglade had no choice but to walk up to Arthur’s ear and muttered, “Dad and Aunt Vivian kissed meow. They might be fighting hot now. Meow!”

Fighting hot? Arthur vaguely sensed that this was some kind of obscene statement (because Kay once said something similar in a wretched face), so he frowned and twisted the ears of the Leopard Boys: “Who taught you these obscene words?” ?——Tristan?!”

The murloc prince, who was wiping his equipment, looked unconcerned. He looked tiredly at Arthur and the two leopard boys who had their ears pulled and wailed, and said, “It’s none of my business. It must be Kay taught.”

Arthur murmured to himself, this guy is so cunning to push everything on Kay’s head while Kay isn’t there… But would Vivien like Palamidis? This is too bizarre, right? It’s like a flower inserted in —–

“Cousin Arthur!” A (fancy) voice interrupted Arthur’s thoughts.

Arthur looked back and saw that it was Jaglow and Pasiva, two playboys (nympho).

In fact, Arthur really saw the faces of these two people clearly at this time. The first time we met in a coffee shop in London, Arthur in women’s clothing did not dare to be recognized. The second time we met was a make-up party. Not only did they wear masks, more than half of their faces were covered, but they also in the darkness of night.

Yaglowe and his father Palinlor are almost identical in appearance, with a straight square face, a thin face, a high nose, bushy eyebrows, a medium-length black hair, plus Sleek bangs. Those black pupils had an air of cynicism.

Pasiva also looks like his brother. His square face has a little extra roundness, apparently inherited from his mother. His eyebrows were not as thick as his brother’s and father’s, but he still had an air of intimidating heroism. He only has short hair and black eyes, but he has the wisdom of a magician…and a little cowardice.

Arthur flinched involuntarily. Although I met these two people in women’s clothes before, which is very different from the current dress (Arthur now only wears a light armor breastplate, with a base of casual clothes), but Arthur always has a bad premonition in his heart, afraid that he will recognized by the two.

It would be a real shame if men were identified as women. In order to keep his dignity, Arthur has to continue to play stupid no matter what——

“Ahahahaha, hello. Do we… know each other?” Arthur squeezed out a fake smile, deliberately avoiding the eyes of the two guys.

“Oh, don’t let me see you, cousin Arthur.” Jaglowe laughed, “I’m Jaglowe, (pointing to the young man beside him) This is my brother Percy. Wat, our father is Palinlor.

—— Dad said that you were Uncle Uther’s illegitimate son, and you have never shown your face? It’s so rare! Yesterday you and Dad fought, we all watched it, it was really good. Unexpectedly, in this era, there are still people who can teach that dead old man a lesson. “

Arthur heard a trace of dissonance in Jaglowe’s words. No matter how Palinlor was escaped by Arthur, seeing Palinlore’s sons commenting on their father like this, Arthur still felt very unhappy, and immediately replied: “Okay, don’t talk about your father in that tone.”

“Uh… well.” Jaglowe’s expression froze, but it only lasted for a second, and the eloquent guy changed the subject: “Speaking of you and Gunther Cousins ​​are really powerful, what secrets do you have for being so powerful?——By the way, what about Cousin Gangser?”

“You…don’t know?” Arthur asked in surprise.

“I don’t know what?” but was asked back.

In yesterday’s duel, most of the audience couldn’t stand the two dragon roars of Palinlor and Arthur. They were dizzy and fled, and there should be not many people who could stay and see the end. These two guys should have fainted or escaped as well.

However…these two **** guys don’t know about Gunse’s death? Palinlore didn’t tell them?

Arthur thought of this, and immediately said calmly: “No, I don’t know. My brother may have left to do his work.”

He thought of Gunther’s death and his heart ached. Gunther might not be that bad, and if it wasn’t for fate, he could have been Arthur’s good brother.

In other words, if Iglin had chosen a different fate and married another man (Palinlor), Arthur would not have been born at all, and Gunther would not have been killed for accidentally killing Arthur from the very beginning. The killing of Iglin.

In the name of love, it is impossible to be evil. However, the ending is not always satisfactory.

“Well, is that right?” Jaglowy laughed hilariously, “Okay. I wanted to invite him to pick up girls…to a bar. He’s not here, are you coming? Feelings about it!”

“I’m only seventeen, how can I go into a bar.” Arthur thought about all kinds of excuses, and said that these two leisurely guys are really troublesome, “Cousins, leave me alone and go play.”

“Don’t say that, come on—-” Jaglowe pulled Arthur without saying a word, put his arm on Arthur’s shoulder as if he was familiar, “Even if Don’t drink, drink a glass of juice or something. Let’s chat (by the way to pick up girls).——Do you already have a girlfriend?”

“…I’m only seventeen years old, Cousin Jaglow.” Arthur continued with a stern face, “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Could it be…” Jaglow said with smaller and smaller business: “Still a virgin?”

Arthur was angry, he pushed Jaglow’s arm away, “I’m sorry, I’m still a Arthur who has no feelings, doesn’t know what love and love are at all. For Arthur , these are things that are out of reach, and the creatures like women are even more like a flood of beasts, scaring the seventeen-year-old ignorant boy away every time.

——The only less scary Greenville, but an annoying little devil, Arthur felt a headache listening to the girl’s sneer.

“Come on, cousin.” Jaglowe grabbed Arthur, “You have to see the world before you can grow up. Like Pasiva, you only know how to hide in your room all day. It’s too bad to study magic and only know how to fight and kill all day long. Do you really plan to live like this for the rest of your life, alone?!”

Arthur was too lazy to answer. He and the other party’s outlook on life were so different that it would be pointless to argue. The world in Jaglow’s eyes must be full of rosy colors. The beautiful world in his eyes was extremely extravagant to Arthur, and it was probably a sight that Arthur could never see in his whole life.

Such a person full of happiness really makes Arthur feel all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred in his heart—he can’t wait to give Jaglow a slap right away.

However, Arthur had to admit that Jaglowe’s words were extremely correct. If he can’t get back all his feelings, Arthur really can only die alone. He can’t go against his heart and love what he doesn’t love.

——This is the darkness left in his heart.

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