Light Spirit Epic Chapter 295: Finding the Way is the Final Chapter


Chapter 295: Seeking the Way to the End (Part 2)

Ten minutes later, in the mechanical warehouse, a mechanical monster with thick heavy metal and black color appeared in front of Arthur.

This mechanical monster with sixteen photon explosion engines is also extremely cool in shape: the completely streamlined body has a dragon head-like design, and the sharp front end is a powerful lightsaber, just like the dragon’s angle of attack. The dark and shiny armor shell almost seamlessly wraps the parts in it, like a steel king wearing airtight armor.

“There is no weapon other than the lightsaber,” Palinlore patted the machine, “I have been riding my Alicorn, leaving this iron monster out in the cold. Like you If you like it, I’ll give it to you.——The council can’t ask it now anyway.”

“Can I… really have it?” Arthur asked skeptically, as if nothing like this had ever happened in Arthur’s life.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a gift from your uncle.” Palinlor said plainly, as if it was a toy that could be given away.

There are only 16 Dragon Riders in Pantoracken, and the value is about 700,000 Pantoracken gold coins. After selling this thing, a person can have a lifetime of inexhaustible glory and wealth. Palinlore gave it to Arthur just like that.

Arthur said nothing. He felt that if he answered like this, it would be the same as admitting that Palinlore was his relative.

Although Palinlor is indeed Arthur’s uncle in terms of blood…but, Arthur always felt very angry and could not forgive this guy for what he did. Even if you have already played a game, you can’t completely relieve your anger.

As if seeing through Arthur’s thoughts, Palinlor coughed dryly: “Cough. You can test drive it first.”

Arthur’s heart skipped a beat. You can still test drive it. right. Try it without losing.

He jumped on the dragoon and tried the engine.

“What are you doing? You go out without a guard?!” Palinlor exclaimed, “At least one of your knights!?”

“Isn’t it a test drive? There’s no need for that kind of thing.” Arthur said of course.

However, he found himself unable to start the engine. In front of him is a glowing keyhole. It seems that the Dragon Rider needs a special key to activate, and the security system is one level higher than that of the Iron Rider.

Palinlor smirked and took out a key from his pocket. He’s an idiot, but not so stupid that he won’t keep his hands.

“Tsk. Trouble!” Arthur angrily ran back to the courtyard.

He glanced coldly: Depressed Tristan was unqualified; looking at the irritating golden glitter, he was unqualified. He then said to the leopard Palamidis: “You, come with me.”

“Uh, what?”

Ten minutes later.


“Quick, stop! I’m going to throw up!” the Leopard Man yelled.

Another minute later.

“Ouch…” The leopard warrior vomited as he supported the tree beside him, and vomited out the breakfast he had just eaten.

“I thought you could run at supersonic speed. You should be able to get used to the speed of this iron monster?” Arthur looked at the leopard man who was motion sickness and his feet were soft for a while, helpless.

“Running on four legs and flying on a machine are two completely different things… ugh…!!”

Arthur turned his face away, too lazy to deal with the Leopard.

This scene, I always feel very nostalgic. I’ve [played] with Bedivere before. Bedivere, who was stunned, also vomited.


“Hold on a little longer, it’ll be there soon.” Arthur jumped on the dragoon.

“Go, where?” After spitting up, Palamidis picked up the water bag, washed his face, and cast a pleading look at Arthur.

“Tower of the Archmage.”

After the dragon cavalry entered the ivory tower, it landed safely in the sky garden. Archmage Merlin came out to greet him and asked, “Arthur, if you want to see me, wouldn’t it be alright to call me directly? A teleportation will arrive.”

“Just to try the performance of this machine by the way,” Arthur patted the dragoon, ignoring the muffled groan of Palamidis next to him, “Also, there is still a place to go later.”

“Well, okay. . . . Why did you come to see me?” Archmage Yao also looked at Arthur’s dragon rider with interest, and he seemed to want to The machine was dismantled to study.

“There are two things to fix.” Arthur said, “First, fix this big cat that only gets motion sickness.”

“Okay—-” Merlin approached Palamidis with a smile, ready to use some kind of magic.

“What are you doing?!” Palamedis saw Merlin put his hand in his ear, wanting to resist, but before he could resist, he felt dizzy. He thought he had been tricked, and when he was about to run away, the dizziness had disappeared, followed by a burst of refreshment. The motion sickness just now seemed to be a daydream and no longer existed.

“Okay, the inner ear has been repaired, and the completely symmetrical structure should prevent motion sickness.” Merlin withdrew his hand and said, “What else?” He was expecting Arthur to ask him to repair the dragoon.

“It will be more troublesome to take this one.” Arthur drew the sword of the king. Yesterday’s battle was interrupted into two parts, and the magic weapon has lost its original brilliance, and now even the golden sword light can’t emit It’s like a piece of rotten iron.

“My God, how did you get this kind of virtue!” Merlin said in surprise.

“You’re a god, there’s always a way to fix it, right?” Arthur’s tone was slightly sarcastic.

“——Don’t talk nonsense!” Merlin took this joke seriously, and he looked around nervously.

When he saw Palamidis looking at the beautiful sky garden fascinated, he didn’t hear Arthur’s conversation at all, he was relieved: “Okay. I’ll think of a way. If you want to fix this sword , I can barely understand the theory. However, to actually repair it, you also need a skilled weapon craftsman. My [body] fingers are too cumbersome to do some delicate procedures.”

Arthur remembered the sight of Merlin’s “spirit” coming out of the body. Now this body is probably just a container he made or got from somewhere – just like Lian Yin, it was originally a puppet without a soul, and then it was attached to Merlin, the light spirit.

I’m afraid this guy can’t manipulate this body well, after all, it’s not the flesh and blood he was born with in this world.

“There are weapon craftsmen, I’ll take you there.” Arthur remembered the last time Vivian got angry with him, and he didn’t want to bother Vivian anymore.

But that’s fine. He also had something he wanted to talk to Vivian about. very important stuff.

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