Light Spirit Epic Chapter 287: A dream come back to Yu Huizhao


Chapter 287: The Dream Returns to Yu Huizhao

At the same time, everyone returned to the farmhouse.

“Hoohoo.” Bedivere and Tristan yawned as soon as they stepped into the farmhouse, casting Arthur’s eyes begging for rest.

“Okay, let’s wash and sleep.” Arthur said helplessly.

The two teenagers walked to the bathroom together, and Arthur just hoped they wouldn’t drown in the bath.

“I should go too.” Greenville also turned to leave.

“Oh, wait! Did you miss something and haven’t done it yet?” Arthur looked at the girl who wanted to run away with a depressed expression.

“Tsk, you can’t wait for tomorrow…” Greenville took out the magic mirror Raeltherfield unhappily.

“Tomorrow is a duel, do you think I can wait?” Arthur said impatiently, already walking towards the stables.

Greenville sneered and shook her head: “It’s hard to deal with impatient men.”

In the stable, the evil star is lying on the haystack and sleeping soundly. He is still in the form of a teenager, and the armor on his body can’t be taken off, so he can only sleep there wearing hard gold armor– — but he doesn’t seem to care.

“Wake up, stupid dragon.” Arthur shook the evil star.

“Um… sleep for another five minutes…” Shaxing hesitated.

“Show him this.” Greenville handed the Mirror of Recall.

“Can this mirror really make him return to the dragon body?” Arthur took the mirror, but he was full of doubts.

“Anyway, let him try it.” Because Greenville was sleepy, she didn’t bother to explain, so she jumped to a conclusion.

Arthur slaps the male star hard.

“Huh? What are you doing?!” The evil star jumped up, but when he opened his eyes, what he saw was the mirror surface of the magic mirror Raeltherfield — that huge diamond of one thousand carats– —-

As if being sucked into a mirror by some kind of magic, the evil star falls again.

“Uh, Greenville?!” Arthur looked at the shimmering mirror, and his doubts deepened.

“He is now in his own memory world.” Greenville explained, “you go in too, all you have to do is to save him from your own memory. I should be able to find myself again.”

“Did you tell me to run into the evil star’s memory? I always feel a little inappropriate…”

“You have no choice.” Greenville picked up the magic mirror, “Go, bring your little friend back.”

Arthur reluctantly stared directly at the mirror of the magic mirror, and the magic gradually sucked Arthur’s consciousness into it.

Originally just a small dragon egg.

The red little dragon hatched from the egg, and the expectant gaze of the parents lasted only a second.

Then, Dragon Emperor Titans’ face immediately stiffened. Because this little dragon is not the Howling Star Dragon or White Frost Dragon he expected.

The Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Queen immediately quarreled. None of the dragon language they used could be understood by Arthur, but Arthur could imagine that these fierce words must be mixed with all kinds of foul language. [Bitch], [**] etc.

Another little white dragon hatched from the dragon’s egg. From a young and ignorant age, he looked at his brother, and looked at his quarrel, ignoring his parents at all.

Since that day, Dragon Emperor Titans never smiled again, nor showed any kindness to the Red Dragon and White Dragon brothers, only indifference on his face.

Since that day, the dragon queen Ayaris never took care of the two little dragons, and almost left them to fend for themselves, and the feeding was limited to preventing them from starving to death. She even wanted to strangle the little red fire dragon to prevent him from being an eyesore, but she firmly believed that she did not betray her husband’s dragon queen, so she didn’t do anything in the end.

In order to take revenge on the Dragon Queen, the Dragon Emperor transformed into a humanoid and went to the human world to fool around with the princess of Pantoracken.

No matter how the Dragon Queen protests, the Dragon Emperor doesn’t care. They quarreled all day long, and the two little dragons huddled in the nest watching their parents roar.

This has ushered in thousands of winters.

Until the dragon queen disappeared from the sight of the two little dragons and never appeared again.

Until the Dragon Emperor disappeared from the sight of the two little dragons, he never appeared again.

Two little dragons, who depend on each other for life, begin to quarrel all day long. The gradually sensible younger brother seemed to understand that his elder brother was the culprit of all this and the fuse of his parents’ divorce. He blamed everything on the evil star.

They fought, fought, and fought desperately to destroy each other, even knowing it was futile.

The hoarfrost dragon that left the nest never came back.

Unable to bear the ridicule of other dragons, the red fire dragon also left the lair and took shelter in another cave.

He never looked forward to the return of his parents and younger brother.

Thousands of years later, the moment they reunite, it all ends in tragedy.

I have lived in the world for ten thousand years and gained nothing. Live, but only to witness the moment of death.

…that is, how unbearable.

Looking at the memory of the evil star, Arthur has all kinds of feelings in his heart. He came back to his senses, only to see a young man squatting at the entrance of the cave, looking at the whole world under the mountain.

The world is big, but it has nowhere to go.

Arthur also sat quietly beside him.

“Sometimes I think it would be great if I hadn’t been born into the world.” Shaxing whispered, as if it wasn’t for Arthur, but for himself.

“People can’t choose their own birth.” Arthur was also muttering in a low voice, as if it was not for the evil star, but a lament for the past.

“However, people can choose how to live. They choose how to live.

You are a dragon, you are a giant beast that wants to soar in the sky. No matter what the past has become, no matter what your present looks like——

——As long as you spread your wings, you can have the sky. “

——Without any dragons, they will forget how to fly. Because that is their innate nature.

Arthur came back to his senses, slowly got up, and saw the Xinghui Longshaxing lying on the haystack and sleeping soundly, and had turned back into a little dragon.

“…Successful?” Arthur asked in a low voice, he also felt overwhelmed, and entering the world of the magic mirror made him lose a lot of energy.

“His situation, I think, is called [success].” Greenville replied ambiguous The girl’s wise eyes stared at Arthur: “—— And in your case, is it [successful] or [unsuccessful]? That can only be known by asking yourself.”

“Green…” Arthur tried to finish, but his eyelids were as heavy as lead and could no longer be lifted. He fell forward.

Greenville hugged Arthur and supported the knight with her body.

She felt Arthur’s weight.

The boy in front of her was no longer the slender boy with a stupid face that she had snickered disdainfully before.

On his thin but firm face, there is a hint of heroism and vicissitudes rarely seen among young people.

The little bit of muscle that faintly grew on his body was the result of his hard training after going through thousands of life-and-death battles.

The unknower, on the other hand, would only snicker at the boy’s powerlessness; but to Greenville, she knew everything—–

——This boy, who is entangled in the fate of [weak], needs to work hard to develop this muscle, Greenville knows better than anyone else.

Looking at Arthur from a distance, Greenville couldn’t help but throb in her heart.

“…This guy, has he grown taller again?” Greenville muttered in a low voice.

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