Light Spirit Epic Chapter 280: Dancing at the Banquet (Part 1)


Chapter 280 Dancing at the Banquet (Part 1)

The next evening. (Tomorrow is the duel between Arthur and the Grand Duke of Palinlor)

Arthur’s ominous foreboding finally comes true.

Ominous? This is more than ominous! This is simply a disaster!

He was forced to wear a sky blue evening gown.

The beautiful and lovely evening gowns are completely designed with the idea of ​​waterfalls and flowing water, and the colors are gradation from sky blue to snow white from top to bottom. The gradient color is very outstanding but not pretentious. It is like the flowing water from the sky falling on the earth, splashing beautiful white water on the ground.

It’s beautiful. …however, this is a women’s evening dress.

Female. Pack. of.

Arthur looked at Bedivere and Tristan beside him, dumbfounded, and then looked at Greenville, who had already bent over with laughter.

“Greenville, did you do this on purpose?” Arthur suppressed the anger in his heart and asked calmly.

“No, it’s not!” Greenville covered her smiling cherry mouth and denied repeatedly, “Pfft…I said, this is a masquerade party, wearing a mask, no People will recognize you. So, you don’t have to worry about your integrity…I mean, your image will be ruined.”

“Since I’m wearing a mask, do I still need to disguise myself as a woman?!” Arthur said angrily. Greenville is making fun of Arthur just to make fun of Arthur?

“…Yes, it is necessary!” The girl suppressed her laughter, “Think about it, it’s not easy for the two of us to arouse the guards’ vigilance while wandering in the castle, or a man and a woman are there. Strolling around is less likely to arouse the guards’ vigilance? This is entirely for our convenience.”

Although he knew that this was a false idea made up by Greenville, but Arthur always felt that he was persuaded in some way?

…Seriously, you lose.

……but Arthur still stubbornly said: “If you want to sneak into the castle wearing this kind of thing (skirt), it will be very inconvenient to move… Besides, your high heels… .It could kill me to walk!”

He fiddled with the pure crystal high heels on his feet. Even now, he was wearing such a thing, and a blister was rubbed out on his heel. What a pain in the **** to wear this all night.

Beside you, Bedivere looked at Arthur, who was now dressed like a little princess…he couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling.

“Beddie, what’s the matter with you? Your face is a little pale.” Tristan was laughing hard as he endured the pain, but he cared more about Bedivere’s gaze, “How? I dress like this. Is he handsome? He looks like a little prince, right? Ahahahaha.”

(You were originally a prince…)

“Yes, yes, you are very handsome.” Bedivere smiled and said perfunctorily, “Is there really no problem with your injury? Can you act according to the original plan?”

“It’s alright, I can handle the battle now!” Tristan put on his tie disapprovingly, “Let’s go!”

After the group walked out of the farmhouse, Merlin waited outside.

“Archmage, I’m so sorry to have you prepared for this.” Greenville smiled.

“You’re welcome, it’s the right thing to do for you to serve—lady.” Merlin bowed humbly. He extended the word “lady” for a long time. In fact, he was mocking Asia. Se.

Then, the mage raised his hand and threw out a pumpkin in his hand. The pumpkin instantly turned into a glittering, gorgeous carriage.

He raised his hand again and threw four mice from his sleeves, instantly turning them into four pure white horses.

“The magic will be activated before twelve o’clock, and that will be the only time for everyone to escape. I wish you all success.” Merlin smiled. He also seems to be looking forward to this action… It’s more a prank than an action?

Although there are many places to complain, Arthur thought that Merlin was an omnipotent light spirit, and this little trick would not be difficult for him, so he held back his full stomach and got into the carriage. .

As soon as Bedivere whipped the whip, the horse neighed, and the carriage began to move, along the country road, all the way to the Second Imperial City.

At the same time, London, Elsenburg.

“Uncle is really not going to the party?” Ebony Knight Gunther, wearing a black evening dress, came to the living room.

“Don’t go.” Celestial Knight Palinlor said disdainfully, “That kind of boring party where dignitaries enjoy themselves, I’m just humiliating myself when I go there. It’s better to practice swordsmanship here.”

“…Dad really doesn’t understand the style.” The black-haired youth who was also wearing a black dress said, “Forget it, you old man who doesn’t know how to work around, just get moldy here. Me, Pasiva, and Cousin Gunther are going to have some fun. Probably won’t be back tonight.”

“Yaglowe… stinky boy!” Palinlor said angrily, his eyes were round and smoke was rising from his head, “If you are so presumptuous, I will take you out of the house. Get out!”

“Come on. You don’t chase mom away like this anyway.” Yaglowe retorted.

“You ——“

Without waiting for the Grand Duke of Palinlor to get angry and scolded, Gangser rushed to mediate: “Okay, uncles, cousins, now is not the time to quarrel, this night is rarely Christmas Eve, everyone will be peacefully- —–“

Before Gangser could finish his sentence, a flying arrow brushed past his face and slammed into the pillar beside him.

Gunser wiped the blood from his face, and the small scars on his face healed immediately. But he looked at the cold arrow with a ferocious expression on his face.

“Who is so bold?!” Palinlor roared his voice echoed throughout the castle.

Of course, no one would be foolish enough to answer.

Gunther took the arrow off the wall and saw the letter tied to the end of the arrow.

On the stationery there is only one line:

[I know you are not human. See you in the eastern suburbs of the city. ]

Gunser put away the letter, and his face that was terrifying and dark instantly turned into an amiable face: “I’m sorry, Jaglow and Pasiva, it seems that I can’t accompany you to the masquerade. Here is a nasty one. The rat generation is waiting for me to destroy.”

His two cousins ​​looked at each other, speechless.

“Do you want me to help?” asked Palinlor on the side, shaking his feet impatiently. This boring banquet made the Celestial Knight panic.

“No, uncle. I can handle this kind of rat by myself, there is no need to let you do it, uncle. You should rest well tonight, uncle, and prepare for tomorrow’s duel.” Gangser smiled.

Actually, there is a reason why Gunther didn’t ask Palinlor to go. He was irritated by the cold arrow just now, and was about to start a massacre, and he was using the cruelest means he could think of to absolutely kill the offender. He didn’t want to be seen as his [true face] by others when he started killing.

Because, this Gunther, he is not a human, just something in human skin.

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