Light Spirit Epic Chapter 278: Disclosure to True Knowledge (Part 2)


Chapter 278 Disclosure to True Knowledge (Part 2)

That’s ——- photons!

The [light] that Arthur saw gradually gathered in the air into a shape, a vaguely human shape. It is such a dense photonic polymer that the photons, which were originally invisible to the naked eye, turned into human figures like this light due to excess light.

“Merlin, are you…”

Merlin’s voice began to sound in Arthur’s head: “We call ourselves [Astrovas], but in your time and space, there is a more suitable name for our existence: Photanima. .”

Bright! Completely composed of photons, the ultimate life form! It is more advanced than the epic photonic creatures such as dragons, and it has true immortality. They are made entirely of photons and have no flesh, so they are immortal!

It’s like a god!

At this moment, Arthur was inexplicably horrified and speechless. Facing the god-like Merlin, he didn’t know how to react!

“Hehehe, don’t be so surprised, I’ll go back to the body first.” The light spirit was attached to the body called [Merlin] again.

“Now, you finally understand what I am?” Merlin asked, “What else do you understand?”

“I…” Arthur gradually replied from a state of horror, “I have a whole world of questions, but I don’t know where to start. Anyway, let’s talk about [Pandora] first. What’s the matter?”

“As you’ve heard, Pandora is my wife. That should have been billions of years ago — in terms of this world’s timeline. We actually started from the last Reincarnation has passed through [silence] and came to the new universe, [the human beings of the old universe].” Merlin said. He was expecting Arthur’s incomprehensible look, but he wasn’t going to go any further on the subject.

“Our [Old Universe] humans built a pure land and created [New Humans] there. However, unlike the New Humans, we ourselves have the technology of immortality, and our bodies are like the [New Humans] in your time and space. Like Patimo, we are immortal. Through various technical and physical advantages, we [Old Humans] rule over the created [New Humans] and are worshipped by [New Humans] as gods.. ….there should be us in your ancient mythology.”

“You are the gods in mythology?!” Arthur exclaimed.

“…Maybe.” Merlin looked disapproving, “We have different interpretations in different time and space. Do you call us gods in this time and space? That’s it.”

“However, we are still not truly immortal. Although the body can survive for a long time, something in the body cannot escape the fate of disappearing. Our [death] is not just a physical death. , but…[The Corruption].”

“The… Decline of the Soul?”

“I have personally seen many [old humans] die because of this. Their bodies are not damaged, but their consciousness has since dissipated, and they have never woken up. The body still can’t keep the [soul] in the body. Something in the body will eventually decay and wither, turning them into an empty shell without a soul.—–that is [the decay of the soul] .”

“In order to achieve true immortality, the [Eternal Robber Project] was carried out. My wife is the chief researcher of the project – Professor Pandora.”

“…Is the research product you [light spirits]?” Arthur looked at Merlin in disbelief. What an amazing (crazy) study to turn a living person into a fully photonic construct…

“No, there is no [finished research product] at all. That plan developed in a completely uncontrollable direction and failed completely.” Merlin smiled helplessly, “Pandora researched…or Said that this kind of thing she found in the dark universe is the original dark son, [prime darkness], [boundless darkness], the thing that destroys the world.”

“Then how could you…”

“My body?” Merlin laughed desperately. “The moment his wife opened the research container, our universe was swallowed up by dark sons. The time and space we are in is fast. The land perished. But my wife left me the same precious gift.”

Merlin pulled out his necklace, and the milky-white stone on the pendant began to glow softly.

“[Stone of Hope]?”

“It’s something that reverses the laws of causality.” Merlin said, “As soon as my hand touched this stone, I became like this, and the [darkness] of that time and space was also expelled. If I go out, I am afraid I have escaped to another time and space.”

“I still have no way to fully understand what’s going on. However, I, who turned into a [Light Spirit], can gradually jump in time and space, listening to the call of every world, traveling through countless time and space, I have been looking for Pandora who was infected by Anzi. This is my whole story.”

Arthur looked at Merlin, and he saw no falsity in the mage’s eyes. Although these are bizarre stories, he can vaguely understand that it is true.

“…But you still can’t explain how the spirit of light is generated.” Arthur continued to ask, “Just touching the stone turned it into a spirit of light? Hehe, aren’t you just casual? It is so convenient to be able to make an army of light spirits.”

“That’s impossible, Arthur.” Merlin shook his head with a smile, “My guess is, it’s not because of the [Eternal Robber] plan to turn me from an ordinary person into a light spirit, but, we These light beings are all [self-existing] beings that have existed from the moment the universe was born, even before there was time, and are part of the forces of nature.

——We are [the world’s self-correcting power].

We are like the [white blood cells] of the world, and exist to maintain the order of the world itself. Whenever there is an abnormal [pathological] in the world, we are responsible for appearing and eradicating it.

——If there is no special reason, we would only exist in the form of a living creature, and would not [awaken]. “

“…And what makes you suddenly awaken is the crisis that can destroy the universe, the outbreak of the dark son.” Arthur looked at Merlin in surprise, and he felt a sense of deduction for the derivation he proposed. Surprised.

“That’s right. I’m afraid that’s the way it is. It was because the world needed me to awaken that I was awakened as a light spirit. Since then I have traveled in countless time and space and encountered many light spirits, I guess They are also luminaries for the same reason.”

“And after that? Have you successfully prevented Anon from destroying the universe in every time and space you have been to?”

“No, there are many failures. There are also many false positives. I am actually attracted by the constant summoning power, and go to every time and space, but where do these powers come from, and what are the principles? Even I don’t know. That is to say, there are cases where nothing happens, when it is too late, the world is already facing destruction, and it can no longer be saved. This is also the case. Yes.”

Arthur paused for a while, needing more time to digest the knowledge.

“Arthur, let’s talk about it today. Don’t talk to anyone about Pandora. The more you talk about it, the more distorted the world will be. We are absolutely sure Don’t mention it to anyone. Not even the closest understand?”

Arthur nodded: “Okay…”

“Okay.” Merlin put away the dark curtain magic, “I have to go too, I will contact you if there is anything important.”

“Merlin!” Arthur asked quickly, “You said we were the same kind. You also said that you can’t just kill, everything you do will distort the world. What about me?”

“You, I don’t know.” Merlin said mysteriously, “You haven’t really awakened, but you still exist as a person, a cog of the great destiny of this world. Everything you do, I’m afraid it’s also what the world expected, and it shouldn’t cause too much distortion to the world…. So, do whatever you want? Even if you kill a person casually, that person’s life should be yours. Under the sword. And, you don’t need to pay too much attention. I only sensed light-like fluctuations in you: I am still skeptical about whether you are a real light-spirit. If you are just an ordinary person, I will There’s only one thing to do: kill you and silence you.—-Hmmm, just a joke. Goodbye, boy. May the light shine on your way.”

Arthur was speechless. He looked at Merlin’s retreating back, helpless for a while.

——Who said that [there is no destiny], [destiny is all created by us]?

Does man create fate, or does fate create man? This is an eternal mystery in the young man’s mind.

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