Light Spirit Epic Chapter 267: The end of the battle is the first light


Chapter 267 The end of the battle at dawn (Part 2)

At the same time, the battleship [Sword of Damocles (Yang)].

Ivan put on the controller and controlled the front door of the battleship, shooting the enemy troops flying in the sky.

An army of 300,000 people is attacking the warship. Dragon Queen Ayaris did not send half of her troops to sneak attack here, but sent more than half!

The artillery roared, and Ivan concentrated his energy and exhausted his eagle (dragon) eye skills, in order to kill an enemy with one hit. He can lock on more than 500 enemies at the same time, and after firing the cannon, he ignores those enemies and continues to search for the next batch of enemies to shoot! A thousand forts fired alternately, almost no bullets were fired, each shot was fatal, and thousands of people could be killed in one second.

Despite this, there are still too many enemies for Evan to handle! The bows and arrows of the miscellaneous soldiers, the dragon flames of the dragons, all greeted the protective cover of the battleship, and the protective cover would not be able to hold it any longer!

The green dragon Javier carried the elf girl, like a green light, shuttled through the enemy line, wherever he went, a large number of enemy troops fell dead!

“Elyson?” Evan yelled through the communicator, “What are you doing!? You’re too far ahead! Dangerous, come back!”

“No, no problem.” The elf girl replied, “I’m going to use [End Song]. Evan, plug your ears.”

“The end—?”

The sweet singing begins from the microphone… no, from outside the battleship? ……nor. From [the whole world].

The elf girl used some kind of forbidden technique, and Evan could vaguely feel it. He quickly tore off his sleeves and covered his ears with strips of cloth. Elaison’s singing faded from his head when he had the [ears plugged] hint in his mind.

Countless enemy soldiers on the battlefield began to show uncomfortable, struggling, and twisted movements. Their movement stopped.

I’m afraid Elason’s song is some kind of neurotic sound. Moreover, unlike the ultrasonic waves that rely on air vibrations to spread, her [End Song] can rely on photons to spread.

It has spread very far. I am afraid that it can cover the entire battlefield in an instant.

This should be the same as hypnotism, which can affect nerves by relying on the listener’s psychological cues. Evan [plugs his ears] to avoid being hinted, so he is not influenced.

[Song of the End] froze all the enemy troops in the entire battlefield!

Evan instantly understood Elaison’s intentions. So he seized the time even more, opened fire violently, and smashed the surrounding enemy troops one by one!

Just hold on for a while longer, Elaison! Evan thought silently.

Earthly, in the early morning of the fifth day (there is still one day left until the duel between Arthur and Palinlor). Kilimanjaro is five kilometers east of the volcano.

Kai dodged Frey’s sword and rushed over to pick up the severely injured Palamedis. Frey slashed over with another sword, but she misjudged the narrowness of the cave, and the flaming magic sword slashed into the stone wall! The high heat of the magic sword can instantly vaporize everything, and the stone wall is no exception. It is vaporized by the high heat and spews a strange smoke!

Frey didn’t expect this, and was taken aback, but Kai took advantage of this opportunity to hug the Leopard Man, drilled out of the cave, knocked Frey away, and walked away!

“Wow!” After the giantess steadied herself, she saw the red-haired knight galloping far away, and said angrily, “Don’t run! Damn it!!”

She pursues with a sword.

Kai, who runs desperately, is a knight with plenty of stamina, but with Palamides on his back, not only will his speed slow down, but his stamina will quickly run out.

If this goes on, you will be caught up sooner or later!

The Panthers know this too. He endured the severe pain in his abdomen and shouted: “Hurry up and leave me! I’m just your burden! Just run away by yourself!”

“Don’t!” Kai was sweating profusely, but he was very stubborn, “You also escaped from the volcano underground palace behind my back, how can I be deadly to you? Say a few words less. , don’t distract me!”


“There are two children waiting for you to go back, right? If I leave you and run away, what do you want me to do with those two children?” Kay said, already exhausted. panting.

Palamides does not speak. He wanted Kay to escape, but Kay was right that the Leopard Warrior wanted to be saved. It took a long time to find two children, and I haven’t done any of the responsibilities of a father. How could he just die like this!

So he stopped talking, he could only trust Kai and let Kai run behind him.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

A loud bang came from behind, and the interval between the loud bangs was getting shorter and shorter.

That is, the footsteps of the giantess Frey!

Frey is indeed not good at running, she is a magician not a track and field athlete. But she reverted to the thirty-foot-tall giant, her natural form, so she could run much faster. —— Her one step is basically equal to Kai’s ten steps! There is no reason to be unhappy!

“What?!” Kai saw Frey chasing after him. At her pace, to catch up with Kai was about two or three steps away.

“See where else you can escape!” Frey roared.

“Oh, there’s no way!” Kai also instantly turned into a 30-foot-tall giant, grabbed Palamidis the leopard with one hand, threw it on his shoulders, and ran forward!

“What?!” The fire giant Frey didn’t expect Kai to be like this. When surprised, Kai had already run away!

Elysian Pure Land, the seventh day at dusk. [Second Star Fragment] Raiders Wow! ? “Bedivere was shaken from his back by Xianvia and onto the deck of the battleship. He got up and said dissatisfiedly, “What are you doing?” ! “

“I’m going to support the battle between the father and the evil star. You can do it yourself, kid.” Xian Wei said.

“Your ice magic is useless! Come back!” Bedivere hurriedly shouted, he had a bad premonition.

“…There is always something I can do.” Xianwei said, then ignored Bedivere and walked away.

Dragon Emperor Titans endured the pain and pulled out the ice spear. The spear had opened a big hole in his abdomen, and [darkness] was slowly spreading inside.

This level is not bad, the Dragon Emperor doesn’t care. It is also possible to clear [Darkness] after the battle is over.

Xianvia rushed over and patted his father’s wound with his paw. Ice cubes immediately blocked the wound.

“Thank you, Xianwei.” The Dragon Emperor said casually, and he praised his son in a rare way, “Now, focus on dealing with Ayaris first.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Ayaris finally spoke after the long -awaited dragon, with infinite crazy in her words, “His Majesty I love, and my children, you finally finally Here it is!”

Across five thousand years, Karma (Fate) brought them together for the end of it all.

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