Light Spirit Epic Chapter 265: The end of the battle is the first light


Chapter 265 The end of the battle at dawn (Part 1)

Elysian’s Pure Land, morning of the seventh day, battleship [Sword of Damocles (Yin)], bridge.

“Then… Tristan will leave it to you,” Bedivere said uneasily. He knew that entrusting Tristan to another warship was not an appropriate method, but the warship they were on was going to attack [Second Star Fragmentation Point]. It’s not just as simple as a gunnery room!

“Understood.” Ivan replied through the communicator on the bridge of another battleship [Sword of Damocles (Yang)], “But…you really have no problem. Is it? The combat power is scattered by half, but there are not many enemy troops to deal with…”

“If I guessed correctly, [Darkness] will also send half of its troops to attack you.” Dragon Emperor Titans said, “Your troops are really not enough, please do it yourself.”

About 100,000 infected elves and 10,000 dark son dragons remained. After half of the dispersion, there are 50,000 infantry and 5,000 dragons on each side. The difference in combat power is simply too great.

Evan looked at Elison, the elf girl, and Javier, the green wind dragon, beside him. Even if the main gun of the [Sword of Damocles (Yang)] is powerful, this force is definitely not enough.

Only Arthur and the others can count on them. If they can get rid of the [Dark] mastermind as soon as possible, the dark creatures that run out of control will stop. What Arthur and the others have to do now is to race against time.

“Then,” ordered Arthur, “the sword of Damocles (Yin) is now on its way. The battleship is at full speed!”

“Understood.” Lian Yin replied without emotion. She was operating the battleship and set off at the highest speed.

The countless photon jet engines on the back of the battleship were fully opened, and they burst into flames, continuously absorbing photons, compressing photons, and then detonating and frantically ejecting blue photons. They propel the entire battleship, making the battleship really like a giant sword, roaring out!

Whoosh! ! ——Ivan sat silently on the other battleship, feeling the vibrations left by Arthur’s speeding away. He looked at the elf girl beside him, and Elaison gave him a smile. The girl’s determined eyes seemed to be looking forward to the end (destruction) of this event (the world).

“Elyson?” Evan was silent for a long time before summoning the courage to ask in a low voice, “After this incident is over, we will——“

“Well, what?” the girl asked in a soft voice.

“…No, nothing.” Evan blushed and faltered.

Earthly, late at night on the fourth day, in a small lake at the foot of the Kilimanjaro volcano.

“Huh…Isn’t there any problem coming here?…cough…” The blue giant leopard dropped the red-haired knight and immediately returned to its original form. He coughed and vomited a lot of blood.

“Hey, are you alright!? Why do you look like you’re about to die?” Kai crouched down in front of the water and washed the burns on his arms with clean water. The burns were not as severe as they seemed, very strange.

“I tried my best to control it, but I still ran at a speed that I shouldn’t have.” Palamidis the leopard said, clutching his abdomen in pain. His badly injured internal organs could not withstand running at such a high speed, and now it has begun to deteriorate.

Originally, Archmage Merlin had repeatedly told me not to run at full strength. However, leopards are always speed-seeking creatures. It is impossible for them to run without letting go of their feet.

“Come on, drink some water.” Kai took some water over worriedly. The leopard man took two sips, and suddenly all of them spewed out, with a lot of blood.

His eyes darkened and he collapsed.

“Hey, are you alright!? Don’t tell me you’re down!?” Kai was startled.

Ten minutes later, Leopard Man opened his eyes and found himself lying in a small cave with some leaves of large tropical plants on the ground as a bed. He felt the pain in his internal organs to turn upside down.

Kay sat beside him and slept. Judging by Palamidis’ sense of smell, they should have traveled a long way, and here is some distance from the volcano.

Enduring the pain, the leopard warrior pulled out a small photo from his jacket pocket showing him with his two sons. There was no sorrow on the faces of the children, they were able to laugh, it was only a few days ago.

Palamidis looked at the photo with a warm feeling. He felt that his pain was less severe.

“Oh, so you still have children.” Kai, who was beside him, said suddenly, so frightened that the Leopard Man immediately put away the photo.

“So pretending to be asleep and peeking at other people’s photos is your hobby?” Palamidis said angrily.

“I didn’t pretend to be asleep, I didn’t.” Kai said with a sneer, and then he felt that it was rude, so he added: “Are those your sons? Very cute children.”

(cute, but skinny…)

“…Well. A lot of things have happened, and the sons who were finally found. Thanks to Arthur.” Palamidis muttered to himself.

Kai was speechless. He was originally hostile to this leopard man. After all, this guy was an enemy of Arthur and the others. But now seeing the fatherly expression on the Leopard warrior’s face, he was a little moved.

Palamidis closed his eyes and found a more comfortable position to lie down and asked in a low voice: “…that fire giant shrew, what are you going to do with her?”

Kay replied as a matter of course: “Of course, I want to find a way to defeat her, and then get the flaming magic sword——“

“Don’t be stupid, how could you possibly win a monster like that!” the leopard warrior interrupted, he was a battle-hardened warrior, and he knew the difference between Kai and Frey just by watching a battle. The power gap between heaven and earth.

After being refuted like this, Kai’s aura suddenly diminished by half: “That’s why I have to think about it——“

“Impossible, impossible is impossible.” The Leopard Warrior said, “In the face of absolute power, it is useless to play those clever tricks. If you fight her again, you will surely die. Moreover, you can’t fight her either. Go ahead, right?——You have feelings for her.”

The last sentence stabbed Kai in the dead end. His whole body shook violently, and he was speechless.

“Hmph, sure enough. An innocent little boy.” Palamidis said with a sneer.

The so innocent Kay was furious: “…Okay, I admit it! I can’t take a shot at Frey. Her beautiful (hot) body, if there is a trace of scars… .Even if God can forgive me, I can’t forgive myself!”

The Leopard Man rolled his eyes at Kai: “I got I was about to be killed by that shrew, are you still thinking about this kind of thing?! Forget it, you are like this. If you can’t get that sword of extermination, you’d better go back with me if you’re dead.”

“Impossible. Without the Flaming Devil Sword, I wouldn’t be able to kill Gunser at all.” Kai said, “I didn’t come here to get the sword in such a **** place as a joke!”

“Listen, kid,” said Palamidis, “I don’t care if you’re joking or not. My job is to get you home safely, not to mess around with you and that shrew. Wait for me. After the injury is a little better, we will withdraw as soon as possible, don’t linger in such a ghost place!”

“If you want to withdraw yourself, I won’t leave until I get the sword!” Kai said in a rage.

“You don’t even have a plan on how to get that sword of extermination, you just want to get the sword? It’s too much—–“

“…It’s the Fiery Demon Sword.” A voice interrupted.

“Oh yes, it’s the flames—-huh?!” Palamidis was startled when he heard the unfamiliar voice, and almost jumped from the ground.

“Big cat, what did you just call me? [Shrew]?” Frey’s face was full of anger, holding the flaming magic sword, standing in front of the cave: “You two are both impatient, aren’t you?! “

“Oh, **** it!” Palamidis the leopard stared at the fire giant Frey with wide eyes, knowing that his time was approaching——

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