Light Spirit Epic Chapter 262: Dawn (middle)


Chapter 262: Duel at Dawn (Part 2)

Evan and Thor faced off, both were about thirty yards away from the opponent, one with dual spears and the other with a steel bow.

“Ow!” Bedivere was pinched by Arthur’s stomach and cried out in pain, “Arthur, which one of them will win?”

“Well, Ivan has become a lot stronger recently, and he can even tie Javier the Jade Wind Dragon. However, Prince Thor’s strength is still unknown.” Arthur said, “He can bring one of the few A few elves, surviving in a world full of dark creatures, must have their own advantages, right?”

“You didn’t say anything—Ow!——I’d really like to see Prince Thor’s ordinary steel bow,——Ow!— –How to compete with Ivan’s modern weapons.”

Beddie still doesn’t know how terrifying the weapons in Evan’s hands are, and he hasn’t seen the battle between Evan and Javier the Emerald Wind Dragon with his own eyes.

The two daggers installed in front of Ivan’s double spears are two ancient dragon weapons [Infinite Vacuum Blades]. They have a powerful enchantment, and can burst out countless vacuum blades at the moment of touching an object, slicing the opponent with a blade of air that is as thin and sharp as a knife.

That’s a very powerful melee weapon. Although the vacuum blade could not attack at a long distance, Ivan used his own ingenuity to find a more effective way to use it: use the vacuum blade to slash the light bullets fired by the light gun, and use the enchantment of the vacuum blade to interfere with the photons in the light bullet.

The situation is like adding more energy to a magic, and the effect of the magic will increase explosively!

After being interfered, the light bomb will explode into a vacuum wave, which will be launched at a high speed. This is a veritable long-distance vacuum knife with an effective killing range of 100 yards!

Ivan’s double stabbing spear is the crystallization of modern weapons, as well as the crystallization of ancient weapons. It is a dream combination produced by combining the wisdom of two generations at the same time.

Of course, the powerful attack of this weapon has two disadvantages: First, it is relatively slow to launch. Because it needs to launch light bombs first, and then use the dagger to chop; second, the direction is not easy to control. The moment the light bullet is cut, the direction in which the vacuum blade scatters is determined, and the angle of the scattered vacuum blade is random.

When Ivan raised his gun and made the first move of this attack, Arthur had seen it from a distance and understood the drawbacks of this attack. However, the shortcoming of this trick can indeed be overcome in other ways, Arthur thought, if Evan knew how to do it.

Countless vacuum blades were fired at the Elf Prince. Thor, who is proficient in the eagle eye technique, can’t help but startled when he sees such an incomparably sharp air blade. But he instantly found a space to hide in the gap between the vacuum blades. Since the Vacuum Blades are scattered, it is easy to dodge when they see them coming.

After he dodged the first blow, he knew that Evan was not easy to mess with, so he acted in earnest.

The elf prince pulled out an arrow and shot it at Evan.

“Humph!” Evan turned sideways in disdain, dodging the opponent’s attack. The arrow passed him by.

However, the arrow did not land. It flew out half a yard and disappeared directly into the void.

“What?!” Evan felt that the arrow was a little weird, and he became very energetic. The arrow actually appeared out of thin air from the other direction, still shooting straight at Evan!

“That’s… warp magic?!” cried Bedivere, who was watching from a distance, “Ow!”

“Well, (clips Brady)” Arthur explained, “Elves are the best at warp magic. It is estimated that an anchor is bound to the tip of the arrow, so that the arrow is at the entrance and exit of the warp. Keep flying.”

The arrows of elves are very powerful, with vacuum magic, flying in ordinary space is almost unaffected by air resistance, and it should be similar in warp space. It flew out from one exit, and if it missed the enemy, it immediately got into the next entrance. All Thor needs to do is to use magic to control the timing of opening the entrance and exit of the warp.

He looked at Evan who was dodging the same arrow in the distance, “If the arrow is not followed, it will continue to fly down, from one exit to another, and circle Evan forever.”

“Then, it’s not going to be good next time….Ow! (Bediveville was pinched by Arthur’s lower abdomen) —–Hey, Arthur, that one just now was Did you do this on purpose?!” Brady exclaimed in dissatisfaction.

“That note is for you idiot.” Arthur said disdainfully, “Who dares to pick up that arrow with his hands!? It is full of various enchantments, what should I do if it explodes the moment the arrow is picked up? ?”

Bedivere is speechless. Evan, who is proficient in the eagle (dragon) eye technique, should know better than Arthur and the others what will happen to the arrow. The enchantment on the arrow is definitely intimidating.

——Is he just passively dodging all the time?

“But…” Bedivere looked at Ivan, the boy was dodging the same arrow shot from countless directions, “Isn’t this situation one-sided? Just one arrow will kill Ivan. It’s so embarrassing.”

“Huh, this is it—-” Arthur looked at the elf prince who was on guard, “Thor only shot one arrow, and there was his reason. Operate warp magic, constantly in the nearby space. Opening the exit and entrance requires a lot of mental energy. I am afraid he can only operate two arrows at the same time.”

A similar enemy Arthur has encountered. The leader of the [Beren Thieves Group], (suspected to be) the thief leader of the dark elves, Beren, also operated his two hands at the same time, moved instantaneously in the warp, and made an attack with a [response time almost infinitely fast]. At that time, Arthur suffered a lot.

However, such complex and powerful magic also comes with great risks. At that time, Beren had to operate his two hands to move in the warp, leaving him almost no time to think about other things, and his body was basically unable to move, so he could only stand and be beaten. This is the reason for his defeat.

The same is true of the present elf prince. He only handles one arrow, not because he can’t handle another. He was smarter and more sophisticated than Beren, and knew the weakness of his own tactics, so he only used half of his abilities and spent the other half of his energy on defense. His arrows only need to grasp the timing of opening the entrance and exit of the warp, which is better than Beren’s two-handed attack. In this way, he can force the opponent to evade the attack in embarrassment, while retaining his strength to deal with the unexpected.

He is a seasoned, cautious and budget-minded fighter (archer).

The elf prince Thor is indeed extraordinary. Arthur thought to himself that the strength of this young elf was probably better than that of Evan, and his intelligence was probably better than that of Evan. It is futile for Evan to continue to struggle. If he does not come up with a solution as soon as possible, he will soon be completely defeated.

At this time, Evan was also thinking about the same thing. The solution he thought of was—rushing over desperately!

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