Light Spirit Epic Chapter 260: Awakening to Flame Flames (Part 2)


Chapter 260 Awakening to Flame Flames (Part 2)

Earthly, in the evening of the fourth day, Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace.

The fire giant Frey holds the flaming magic sword Raivadine, and beside her is the salamander Luke.

The two confront Kai and Palamidis with ghastly hostility. Not to mention the hostility of the giantess Frey towards Kai, and the hostility of the Salamander Rook towards the stranger Palamides is also irreversible. He is only good to Kai, and all intruders other than Kai will be killed without mercy!

“Wait a minute, what’s going on?” Kay asked helplessly, “Beauty, you’re joking when you say you’re going to cut me… right?”

“Idiot! Who would joke with a cockroach man like you?” Frey, who was full of anger, raised the flaming magic sword and said viciously: “Your next opponent was originally Luke, and your last opponent was originally me. I don’t care how many helpers you have called, and you can cut it! It’s just right now, the two of you, and the two of us, don’t say this competition is unfair!”

“What?! Who wants to team up with this big cat?! I’ve never regarded this guy as a companion!” Kai glanced at Palamidis next to him disdainfully.

Frey probably took Kay’s previous oath [to challenge this duel with dignity and get the Flaming Demon Sword] as a joke. Suddenly such a leopard appeared, and she thought it was the helper he called (it was in nature).

And the basis for the giants to judge the truth of the matter is very simple… simple and violent: fight and say!

Seeing that it was useless to say anything, Palamidis sighed and drew his weapon, “Just take your breath away and think about how to survive this battle first.—– -Boy, watch out for that sword! I’m afraid it will die badly if it gets cut!”

“You don’t need to remind me of such a small matter!” Kai shouted, and he was helpless for a while, so he had to draw his weapon, “That salamander is my friend, you should be careful when you attack!”

“Hmph, let’s try it.” The Leopard Warrior sneered.

Frey raised her sword and charged at Kai, paddling, paddling! The flaming magic sword with translucent purple flames is deadly, and Kai can only keep dodging!

At the same time, the salamander Rook also curled up, surrounded himself with flames, and rolled towards Paramedis like a wheel of fire!

The leopard warrior knew that he would be severely burned by this thing, so he tried his best to dodge, and the salamander roared ten feet from him! The fire storm that was raised was still so hot that Palamidis was dizzy for a while!

Less than ten yards from the charge, the salamander turned in an instant, and he rolled back like a boomerang, crashing into the Leopard Man! The Salamander’s turning is achieved by kicking the ground with its claws. He has a strong deflection ability. His Hot Wheels are fast, have a large attack range, and are extremely flexible!

“Okay, let’s see who is faster!” Palamidis ran, he ran in front, and the salamander chased behind him!

The leopard warrior, who has not been healed from serious injuries and was warned by Merlin not to run at full speed, now only dares to run at half the original speed. Even so, his internal organs are still aching, and he can only grit his teeth. Hold on.

The salamander behind him is full of energy and full of power, rolling with a fierce energy.

Compressed combustion air was ejected from the holes in the gaps in his scales, allowing him to float half an inch off the ground, rolling at high speed with almost no friction, and leaving a trail of fire on the ground as he passed! His moves are very similar to the [Emerald Storm] of the Celestial Knight Youns. Not only does it integrate attack and defense, it can deflect most of the attacks, and it can also move at high speed and agility!

The leopard warrior saw that he was gradually being caught up with, and if he continued like this, he would be squashed and scorched into cat dryness, and he rushed towards the lava pool without thinking about it!

He came to the edge of the lava pool, accelerated, jumped!

He leaped dozens of yards, stomped on the wall of the Death Arena, and slammed into it! Jump back!

Behind him, the salamander has followed, and he plunged into the lava pool!

The leopard warrior jumped back against the wall and landed firmly on the edge of the death arena. He looked at the salamander that fell into the lava pool, and remembered what Kai just said [don’t

The order to hurt the salamander], can’t help but feel guilty. But the situation was so urgent that Palamidis had no choice.

“I’m sorry, little guy. Rest in peace.” Leopard said.

——His confession was superfluous.

“Ow?” The salamander poked its head out of the lava. This fiery lava pool is just a hot water pool for the salamander Luke! He doesn’t think the water is hot enough for him to take a bath here!

“Ow!” The big lizard was playing in the lava.

“Uh, well, that should have been expected,” said the Leopard Man with wide-eyed eyes.

The salamander rolled on the surface of the lava, and then turned into a hot wheel, and he rolled up the lava, and the hot magma splashed everywhere!

“Oh, hell!” Palamides dodged the lava and ran again.

Elysian’s Pure Land, in the early morning of the seventh day, battleship [Sword of Damocles (Yang)], medical room.

The werewolf boy looked at his friend worriedly. He himself was burned all over by the fire, but he didn’t have time to pay attention to such trivial matters.

Arthur sat aside to bandage Bedivere. When he saw Bedi so absent-minded, he could not help persuading him: “Don’t worry, the elves have used intensive treatment on that kid, he won’t die.”

“It’s one thing if his life is in danger. It’s an irreversible fact that he was injured because of me. It’s all my fault,” Bedivere said regretfully.

“Not all, it’s all because Tristan is too arrogant.” Arthur said without emotion, “Go to rest It’s up to you to make up for Cui in the next battle. Stan’s vacancy, give me a good job.”

“Um…” The werewolf boy muttered. Arthur didn’t understand the werewolf boy’s mind.

He thought so, if Tristan hadn’t been seriously injured at the time, he might have escaped from the gunnery room in time, and he wouldn’t have been seriously injured again. His self-blame deepened.

Bedivere sighed and walked out.

Arthur looked at Bedivere’s back. Arthur still vividly remembers the huge silver wolf that rushed out of the fire, carrying the dying murloc prince before.

Arthur can’t believe that idiot Bedivere is able to control the two powers of [Beastization] and [Crazy Transformation] so skillfully.

Miracles often happen to Werewolf teenagers. Is this some kind of [Fate]?

“That,” Arthur suddenly stopped Brady, “Come with me to the deck and show me [Beastification] again.”

“But, I will…” The werewolf boy was afraid that he would go mad and hurt his friends again.

“Can you hurt me, boy?” Arthur said disapprovingly, “–that–that Palamidis, who could use the mad beast, was also defeated by my sword, do you think I Can’t stop you from going mad?”

Bedivere looked at Arthur and smiled wryly: “…Okay.”

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