Light Spirit Epic Chapter 254: Fighting against Rongyan (Part 1)


Chapter 254: Duel against Rongyan (Part 1)

At the same time, earthly, at one o’clock in the afternoon on the fourth day. Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace.

As soon as Kai stood firm, ten lava trolls jumped from the cave.

They are decisively different from the lava trolls that Kai has dealt with before. This difference is not due to the exquisite red crystal armor they wear, nor the red crystal stone sticks in their hands.

The biggest difference between them and ordinary miscellaneous soldiers lies in their movements: they are all skilled in their movements, and there is no flaw in their movements! These guys are probably the elite soldiers in the lava trolls, specially organized to fight against powerful invaders!

Kay raised his spear, whether it was an elite soldier or not, let’s go after it!

Ten elite lava troll soldiers swarmed up, and the one who took the lead, waving a crystal stone stick, hit Kai!

Kay sideways dodges! But he didn’t expect that another troll beside him was already waiting for him! The stone stick fell, and he had no choice but to swing a gun. While using the spear to collide with the opponent’s weapon to release part of the impact force, he used this reaction force to roll himself backwards!

Pounds! The stone stick hit the ground, and the impact blew Kai another yard away! Just when Kai thought he had pulled a distance away and could breathe a sigh of relief, another troll stepped on the back of the previous troll and jumped up, fell from the sky, and smashed his club down!

Kai couldn’t help exclaiming, the cooperation of these troll elite soldiers is really good! These ten elite soldiers may be able to organize waves of attacks, one after another, without even giving the opponent time to breathe!

Pound-pound-pound-pound-pound! In front of Kai, the rhythmic attacks exploded one after another! Kai had to dodge left and right, dodging around, struggling to avoid the opponent’s attack!

If it goes on like this, either the physical strength will be exhausted, or there will be mistakes, and the seeds will be photographed into meat sauce! Kai knows that this situation is not good, he needs some kind of way to reverse the disadvantage, some kind of… Interrupt the opponent’s attack rhythm!

The red-haired knight had an idea. There is indeed a method! But, it will be more painful!

Kai sees the troll in front of him. The troll smashed his bat and was about to smash Kai’s forehead! Kai sideways dodge! He bet all his luck on his red and black dragon armor!

——The troll’s club hits Kai’s left shoulder! Keng! ! The red and black dragon armor blocked the blow for Kai! Kai’s left shoulder was numb, but he was still alive! Without hesitation, he stabbed a shot at the weak point of the opponent’s armor and went through the troll’s throat!

“Cough!” Kai coughed a mouthful of blood, but he didn’t have time to hesitate. The next troll, still unaware that Kai had killed their first companion, still jumped on the first troll’s corpse and smashed it down. But the first troll was dead, and its body collapsed, and it did not provide enough load-bearing capacity for the second troll! By the time the second troll found out he wasn’t jumping high enough, it was too late! Kai rushes up and frees the heart of the still-flying troll! It doesn’t have to jump off the hard way anymore!

The third troll rushed up, he was seeing the first troll dead and fell to the ground, the second troll was shot by Kai in the heart, it raised a stone stick from the right wing angrily and smashed it at Kai. !

Kai used all his strength and picked the gun in his hand to the right along with the troll he was stuck in! The second troll (dead) collided with the third troll and flew out! They fell straight into the lava pool on the edge of the Death Arena! !

The fourth and fifth trolls rushed over at the same time, flanking on both sides, one up and down, one left and one right, and simultaneously swung two sticks at Kai’s head and stomach! ! Kai rushed forward, dashed in the middle of the two trolls, and swung his spear! The necks of the two trolls were cut in half, blood spurted, and they both fell!

Seeing this, the sixth troll immediately attacked from four directions at the same time as the seventh, eighth, and ninth trolls! Sweeping the sticks together, forced Kai to the middle and surrounded it! The tenth troll flew down from the sky, and the double sticks fell suddenly!

Seeing that there was no way to escape, Kai turned into a giant in an instant, swept his arms with one blow, and swept away all the four trolls surrounding him! He grabbed the tenth troll in the air with one hand and threw it hard! Throw it in the lava pool!

Before the remaining four trolls could get up, Kai had transformed back into his original form and charged up, stabbing one to death with one shot, ordering one’s head with a single stroke, and the other troll standing up and waving it The stone stick was deftly avoided by Kai, and he saw the flaw and pierced his throat!

The last troll saw that the situation was wrong, grabbed the stone stick and threw it at Kai, and fled! Kai jumped to avoid the oncoming stone sticks and threw his spear at the same time!

——Whoosh! The spear pierced precisely through the back of the last troll, pierced through his left chest, and pinned the troll to the ground!

“Ha, ha, ha!” Kai gasped and walked over to retrieve his weapon. Before he could get enough breath, there was a loud noise behind him, and his next opponent had already jumped into the arena of death. in!

Elysian Pure Land, the morning of the sixth day. Battleship [Sword of Damocles] (Yang)

Tristan wakes up to a melodious song. When he opened his eyes, he not only heard the elf girl Elison use the song of healing on her, but also saw Lian Yin, who was beside him, using healing magic on him. When he saw their two-pronged treatment, he knew that he might be seriously injured, almost dying.

“Uuuu…” He wanted to say something, but a sharp pain in his lungs, let alone talking, even taking a breath was unbearable.

“…Bedie,” he murmured with a slight business, “what’s wrong with Beddy?”

“Alive,” Arthur said, “what are you two idiots doing?! You almost lost your life, you know?!”

“…Sorry,” Tristan closed his eyes, trying to suppress the excruciating pain in his body, “I… just wanted… to help Bedi… to improve his [crazy] [Chemistry]…”

“I thought I could stop him from going mad…” the murloc boy muttered.

He thinks arrogantly that he can stop the mad Bedivere. But Brady was unimaginably strong after going mad. Arthur instantly understood something.

“From today on, I forbid you to practice his madness with Bedivere. If you want to practice, you must also practice with me, understand?” Arthur scolded.

“Understood, sorry…” Tristan said.

“I should also apologize to you, [World Changer].” The Elf Prince Thor knelt down and saluted, “I didn’t know that the mad beast was your companion, and I attacked him hastily. .”

Arthur is noncommittal, neither saying he forgives Thor nor swearing. In fact, he didn’t listen at all, but looked at Bedivere absently beside him.

Bedivere only takes human form for a short time, after which he [beasts]. Now lying on the hospital bed is a silver wolf.

“What the **** is going on…” He muttered He hurt his friend, probably because of guilt in his heart, causing a psychological shadow, and he didn’t want to change back. “The hoarfrost dragon Xianweidao on the side.

“You know very well?” Arthur asked, frowning.

“Hey!” Xianvia said angrily, and he jumped on the table a few times, “Look at me now, boy? This is the size I became after being defeated by you*! Although I have eaten it recently A lot of good things, the body should have grown to a dozen feet long, but there is always no way to maintain that size for a long time. This is the psychological shadow!”

(*Note: Frost Dragon and Red Fire Dragon now maintain a body length of one foot, and only grow huge during combat.)

Arthur can barely understand. Dragons are arrogant creatures. They were defeated so terribly in the hands of Arthur and turned into such a humiliating form. I am afraid that they will leave a lot of psychological shadows on them. The size of the dragon’s body is the image projected by their [heart]. Even if the actual body length is more than ten feet, they themselves feel that they are not so great, and they cannot maintain such a sturdy body for a long time.

Really troublesome (convenient) creature.

But… does it work to apply the dragon’s theory to Bedivere?

Tristan struggled to turn his head to look at Bedivere on the next hospital bed.

“Beddie…” The murloc boy couldn’t help shedding tears of remorse.

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