Light Spirit Epic Chapter 252: Preparation for battle in the dark (Part 2)


Chapter 252: Prepare for the Darkness (Part 2)

Earthly, at noon on the fourth day. Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace.

Kai followed Frey to a huge underground plaza.

This was supposed to be a fire pool covered with lava, but because of the powerful diversion technology of the giants, the lava was exhausted, leaving such a large space. The oval-shaped platform, at least five thousand square feet, was made entirely of diamond-hard volcanic rock, enough to withstand a powerful impact. It still has pools of lava on its edges, and falling from there is no joke.

Seeing such a square, Kai couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He can already guess the flow of the plot.

“Go in.” Frey said, and she motioned Kay to jump from this high platform to that square.

This ten-foot-high platform…there is a large circle of lava pools under the platform. It’s easy to jump from here, hard to get back.

“Beauty, what do you mean?” Kai wondered. If he is thrown into that huge square, and there is another trapped beast fight, Kai will have nowhere to escape until he is killed.

“You want to get the Fiery Demon Sword, this is the only way.” Frey crossed her arms over her chest, and said quietly, “According to the tradition of giants, you must accept the challenge of four death battles, if If you can pass all of them, you can get the flaming magic sword; otherwise? What awaits you is death.”

Kay swallowed: “Surrender… is also unacceptable, right?”

“Of course, the unpromising **** who surrender, we ask them to kiss the lava.” Frey said with a sneer.

Kay knew the giantess was serious. There was incomparable cruelty in her sneer.

“Why are you imprisoning me for so many days if you can challenge me in the first place?” Kai asked inexplicably.

“Of course,” Frey showed a sympathetic look, “I planned to let you retreat. After all, it is absolutely impossible for a weak human like you to survive such a challenge. It will kill you.”

Only then did Kai know Frey’s tenderness. Her idea of ​​not letting the knight use the flaming magic sword was purely out of pity for the knight. She could have killed the knight at will, saving her heart and effort, but she didn’t do it; she could also directly let the knight challenge this death arena and save lives, but she didn’t do it either.

She is trying her best to persuade Kai, hoping that this stupid human being can come back!

Although her mouth is vicious and her actions are cruel, the giantess in front of Kai is extremely kind!

Kai’s heart throbbed. He has played (played with) countless girls, but they are all just a show, even if he has played. He’s always been such a playboy, and so are the girls. Except for Arthur’s buddies, this giantess is the first person who really cares about Kai’s life and death.

It made him a little embarrassed.

“How?” Seeing that Kay was still thinking, Frey thought Kay was hesitating, “Do you want to jump? If you jump, you won’t be able to turn back. Even if you cry and beg for mercy, I have to kill you. Push into the lava.——This is your last chance: do it or give it up?”

“Hum hum hum…” Kai smiled for a while, “I gave up only for this reason, where is a man?——of course I have to challenge!”

“Think about it before you say this! You’re going to die——” Before Frey could finish speaking, Kai had already jumped into the arena of death. “The…”

Seeing that it was too late to stop the man, Frey couldn’t help showing a complex expression of regret and anxiety. She sighed and whispered, “Well, good luck to you then.”

Elysian Pure Land, early morning of the sixth day (noon(?) of the fourth earthly day). Battleship [Sword of Damocles] (Yang), on deck.

Bediver quietly looked at the distant sky, raised his magic bow [Lena’s Fire], and gently pulled out an arrow.

Whoosh! The arrow erupted with a powerful shock wave, which dissipated in the distance and merged into the night.

After this shot, after the satisfaction, Bedivere felt as disengaged and empty as ever. His left hand was sore.

Sure enough, the bow sucked too much of his stamina. In the last battle, he actually only fired two arrows. Although both were extremely powerful, killing dozens of dragons and nearly a hundred infantry, he was so tired that he could barely move. Moreover, those two arrows were fired under the premise of [guaranteing that they will definitely hit] with the assistance of the hoarfrost dragon Xianvia. The real fight, who would stand still and let you fight? At the cost of physical strength, such a powerful bow and arrow, every missed shot is a huge loss.

Bedivere is still wondering how to better control the bow and how to increase the number of shots.

Tristan just came out to change the guard with Bedivere. Seeing the werewolf boy holding the magic bow, he was wondering. He walked over and asked, “What’s the matter, Beddie? Isn’t the magic bow easy to use?”

“Well.” Bedivere told the murloc boy what he thought.

“I see.” Tristan thought for a while. “Actually, I wanted to say it a long time ago. Since you can use madness, can’t you draw a bow in madness? Inhale a lot of photons into your body first, and then Let the bow **** it away, and your own stamina won’t be drained so much.”

“That’s possible, but——” Bedivere thought that his [Crazy Transformation] was actually an unfinished operation. Once he became crazy, his consciousness would soon be destroyed by the beast. Manipulated by his consciousness, he eventually turned into a giant beast that would only madly destroy, causing trouble for his companions. If possible, he would like to avoid using madness as much as possible.

He didn’t want to hurt his companions.

As if he had seen through Bedivere’s mind, Tristan smiled and said, “You haven’t practiced Madness, right? You should practice more. Always running away, leaving it unused is not a solution. right?”


“Practice while you still have some free time. Don’t worry, when you are swallowed by the beast’s consciousness and lose control, I will knock you out.” Tristan intends to watch with gentle eyes. bedi. That’s all he can do for his friends now.

“…Is it really okay?” Bedi was uneasy, “I’m afraid you might get hurt by accident——“

The murloc prince put on a akimbo and said proudly: “In that case, it’s just my own lack of cultivation, you don’t have to blame yourself. If I really can’t stop you from going mad, I can still wake up Aya. Se, let him stop you.”

“…If you wake Arthur, the consequences will be serious.” Bedivere said with a wry smile.

“Hehehe,” Tristan That kind of thing, I’ll talk about it later. “

The werewolf boy shook his head and got rid of those disturbing thoughts. He handed the magic bow to Tristan, and then walked away a little distance: “Okay, I’m going to start, be careful.”

He concentrates, imagining himself transformed into a beast.

The free photons in the environment began to be inhaled by the werewolf boy and accumulated in his muscles. A portion of the photons were converted into the expansion of mass and space, and the werewolf boy began to gigantic, turning into a ten-foot-tall beast.

Tristan swallowed and looked at the silver wolf under the moonlight.

The murloc boy yearns for the rough physical beauty of a werewolf, although this goes against his own aesthetic.

“Bedyville…?” Tristan whispered, “Are you all right? Talk to me.”

“I’m… well…” Bedivere stammered in reply, struggling to keep his consciousness from letting the beast’s consciousness overwhelm his mind.

However, after a whole day of hard work, he was exhausted to the extreme. No matter how hard he tried to keep it, he couldn’t last long. His consciousness as [human] fell asleep.

The Beast’s consciousness has complete control over him.

To use [Crazy Transformation] in a state of extreme fatigue is an extremely stupid act! Bedivere will soon pay for it!

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