Light Spirit Epic Chapter 250: Preparation for battle in the dark (Part 1)


Chapter 250: Prepare for the Darkness (Part 1)

Earthly, morning of the fourth day (two days left before the duel between Arthur and Palinlor), Kilimanjaro underground palace.

Kay was licked by the salamander a few times, and the itch on his face woke him up.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the fire giant Frey with Erlang’s legs crossed, sitting on the red crystal seat beside the stone room.

He thought that Frey was going to help him get the Fiery Demon Sword, and he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

“Hi, Beauty.” He got up and said, “Have you decided to help me?”

However, the giantess kept silent, she threw a dragon fruit (the kind that Kai had eaten before) to Kai, “eat it.”

Kai took the fruit and split the two halves fairly, eating half for himself and letting the salamander eat the other half.

Then, Frey brought a bag and threw it in front of Kai. The mouth of the bag opened before it touched the ground, revealing its contents: Kai’s red and black dragon armor, the flame magic gun, and a change of clothes.

“Oh, thank you, beauty.” Kay said, picking up clothes to change. He has been lying on the bed for the past few days, and his trousers have been able to ooze the smell of sweat.

Frey turned her face away, deliberately not looking at the body of the strong knight in front of her, although she had the urge to take a sneak peek more than once.

After Kay changed his clothes and put on his armor, he thought that the plan was a success, and said happily: “So, beauty, do you want to take me to get the flame sword now?”

“Ow?” The salamander on the side also tilted its head to look at Frey, as if expecting something.

“…Indeed, the Flaming Demon Sword can be borrowed from you. But one condition must be met.” Frey akimbo, disapprovingly.

Kai’s gaze couldn’t help falling on her fiery waist: “Um…what conditions?”

“Follow, you’ll know right away.” Frey said, walking out.

Kay followed behind the giantess in confusion. He never thought that borrowing a sword would require so many conditions…

At the same time, Elaison’s Pure Land, the night of the fifth day. Elf battleship [Sword of Damocles] (Yang).

The battleship is still in stealth mode, slowly approaching the first destination.

Arthur takes a dip in the tub. Although the elves’ battleships are powerful, the rest facilities here are unambiguous. Just this gorgeous and huge bathhouse and the group of thoughtful golems are enough for the soldiers to relax and take a good rest between wars. a bit.

Arthur wasn’t very tired, but he forced himself to rest and build up his energy for the next battle. The hot water with the scent of jasmine flowers swept away his physical and mental fatigue, and made him temporarily forget the unease in his heart.

“Anyone?” a voice said. Arthur looked over. Dragon Emperor Titans has transformed into a human appearance, walked into the bathhouse, and jumped into the hot water without saying a word.

“Ah, resurrected.” Titans said, his tone was like an old man enjoying a hot spring.

“Rude guy, why are you staring at me there?” Dragon Emperor Titans reprimanded when he saw Arthur there.

“No—I’m sorry, Your Majesty.” Arthur turned his face away, helpless. (This guy has not washed his body before soaking in it, and even the wicked complained first…)

“Hmph, [World Changer], you and the little guy Shaxing are quite familiar with each other.” Long Di said, “What kind of grievance did you have to make such a contract? Can you tell me? I listen?”

“Is the story about me and the idiot Shaxing? It’s not a particularly interesting story, I’m afraid it will be boring for Your Majesty to say it out.”

“It’s okay, just say it to relieve my boredom.” Dragon Emperor interrupted.

Arthur wonders. Dragon Emperor Titans actually cares so much about Shaxing… Doesn’t it mean that Shaxing [wild species] has no blood relationship with him?

Arthur told the Dragon Emperor about the process of first encountering the evil star, fighting with the red fire dragon, and forming a contract. This is also the beginning of Arthur’s own adventure story. Since then, there have been continuous battles and many incidents. Happy, sad, thrilling, interesting events.

He then recounts how he met Xianvia in Greenland, defeated and subdued the Rime Dragon with the help of the evil star. Since then, these two little dragons that have lost their power have always been Arthur’s contracted creatures. With their help, they have overcome many hardships and survived countless fierce battles.

The story continues to this day.

The Dragon Emperor listened without changing his face, without commenting on whether what his sons had done was good or bad. After Arthur finished the story and looked back at the Howling Star Dragon Titans, the Dragon Emperor said slowly: “I have always believed that dragons and humans cannot coexist peacefully. Human beings are cruel and insatiable, just to get our Dragon scale and keel, you can take our lives as if nothing happened. Five thousand years ago, a story like yours was just a nonsense, and anyone would make fun of you.”

“…Your Majesty?” Arthur didn’t understand. He is a modern man, and of course he does not know the cruel world of five thousand years ago.

Dragon Emperor didn’t intend to explain to this young man either. He would not tell the young man that it was humans who angered the dragons by hunting dragons first; nor would he say how humans used various despicable means to sneak into dragon lair, steal treasure, and destroy dragon eggs The —— the past has passed, it is meaningless to tangle again, now all he sees in his eyes is the [future].

“Although it’s absurd, let me believe your words for the time being. [World changer], I am afraid that you have the power to change the world just like the prophecies of the elves. According to your description, the outside world is certainly not a pure land. Various races still hate each other and fight each other. But I believe that there is some kind of [possibility] in you that can truly change the world and bring the real pure land to the world.”

“[Pure Land]? I don’t know——” Arthur never imagined himself to be that great, and never intended to be so great. He is actually very selfish, he just wants to find his own happiness and his smile. What the world has become, he doesn’t intend to care at all.

He said an empty shell without a soul, he didn’t even know what [love] was.

As if to see through Arthur’s mind, Dragon Emperor Titans grinned, his white teeth exposed under his silver lips: “My descendants, don’t refuse to [love] people. You don’t love this world, this world I won’t love you either. If you selfishly shrink into a corner of your heart and ignore the life and death of the world, the world will treat you with disdain. Karma’s reincarnation is such a system originally.”

Arthur’s mind was read, first in shock, then in shame, and finally in anger. He made an excuse to refute the Dragon Emperor: “Your Majesty said it very easily. Didn’t you also abandon the dragons in the world and hide in this pure land?”

“Well, you are right, I am indeed an irresponsible king.” The Dragon Emperor sneered, but his smile did not seem to be repenting, “But, I know that even if the dragons are left behind, they will not There will still be problems. They are a group of tenacious bastards. At that time, whether it was humans or dragons, both sides were exhausted from fighting, and even if I was not there, they would not continue such stupid wars. I want to teach humans a lesson, And my purpose has already been achieved. The dragons no longer need me.

Therefore, I can let go of that responsibility and complete my own private affairs. “

“Your Majesty, is your private business…”

“That’s right,” Dragon Emperor Titans gave Arthur a knowing smile, “My last wish is: to find Ayaris. I want to apologize to her for neglecting her all this time. .”

“…However, in order to avoid Her Majesty, the Queen entered the Pure Land of Elaison…” Arthur replied.

“I followed my queen and came to this pure land.” The Dragon Emperor continued.

“However, the queen has long been infected with [darkness] because of certain things——” Arthur took a breath, and things began to become clear in front of him.

“That’s right, the queen was infected with [the boundless darkness] and was being treated by the elves at the time.” The Dragon Emperor said with a blank expression, but a vague sadness appeared on his face, “When I appeared in her At that moment in front of her, the [darkness] in her body erupted.”

Arthur took another breath.

“More than a hundred elves present at the time were instantly infected by the [darkness], and I used the protective shield in time to survive. The queen escaped with her [darkness], but I could not stop it. I was so surprised at the time I don’t know what happened.”

Arthur frowned.

“The infection spread rapidly in this pure land. At the beginning, we didn’t even know how to fight against the darkness. In one day, tens of thousands of elves were infected, and dozens of accompanying dragons were infected.

Until we figured out a way to deal with [darkness], more than 95% of the population in the Pure Land had been infected by darkness, and the situation had become irreversible. “

Arthur couldn’t help but think of the scene when the dark child creature attacked the Southern Sky Knights. Now he knew he was afraid. If Merlin hadn’t been there to tell Arthur their method to decipher the dark creatures, there would have been a large number of infected people in the Southern Sky Knights, the Knights, and even the entire Pantoracken would have perished!

“At first, it was only the first stage of infection. Just like the queen, there were only some unknown black lumps on the body,” the Dragon Emperor continued. “However, the spirits are fragile, and a large number of elves who feed on photons are infected. The second stage was very fast. All the elves lost their [hearts] and turned into puppets of darkness. It was a heavy casualty at that time.”

“…I don’t understand, since the [darkness] is so terrifying, why don’t His Majesty and the elves flee the Pure Land as soon as possible?” Arthur asked.

“Because we didn’t know much about [darkness] at the time, there was no way to guarantee that everyone who escaped was [clean]. We knew the horror of [darkness], and we must not let [darkness] Go out from the pure land and be contaminated with the world.”

Arthur understands. For five thousand years, the elves and dragons in the Pure Land have guarded the earth in their own way. They would rather sacrifice themselves for the safety of this world.

The elves are so noble, Arthur, a human, can’t help but feel ashamed.

“The only one who has left is the dragon that I carefully selected and never had contact with [Darkness]. She has done a good job of the mission I entrusted to her, and finally brought the [Maintainer of Order] and [The World Changer] ] brought it.” The Dragon Emperor looked at Arthur and smiled with satisfaction, “Unfortunately, her movements are slow enough. Five thousand years have passed in the outside world, right? In these five thousand years, elves and The dragons have been killed and injured countless times, and now the only ones left are me and the [Dawn Star Singer]. If you keep me waiting for thousands of years, I’m afraid I won’t have the patience to wait any longer.”

Arthur sighed. He and Evan were born within a few decades. Compared with the 5,000 years that Dragon Emperor waited for, it was really insignificant. However, the Dragon Emperor still had to wait for these two human beings to be born and grow, until fate led them to the Pure Land of Elysian. As powerful as the Dragon Emperor Titans, does he have to surrender to the cycle of Karma (fate)?

“Anyway,” Titans stood up and walked out of the bath, “[World Changer], I hope you can really change the world. My two incompetent children, please also.”

“…I follow your instructions, Your Majesty.” Arthur said respectfully.

Looking at the distant back of the Dragon Emperor, Arthur’s heart throbbed. He seemed to see the shadow of his father, Uther Pantolaken.

Even if the evil star is a wild species, the Dragon Emperor still loves him. Even if Queen Ayaris once stole the orangutan, the Dragon Emperor still loves her. Dragon Emperor Titans is such a person who attaches great importance to friendship, and is worthy of being the king of dragons.

In contrast, if Arthur’s father had half the love of Dragon Emperor Titans, Arthur’s mother might not have died.

“Your father doesn’t love you. He won’t be the kind of hero who fights for others.” The words that the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said before resounded in Arthur’s heart.

This is the darkness in Arthur’s heart.

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