Light Spirit Epic Chapter 247: The First Battle in the Pure Land (Part 1)


Chapter 247: The First Battle in the Pure Land (Part 1)

Earthly, late at night on the third day, Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace. (Three days until the duel between Arthur and Palinlor.)

Kai had already returned to the stone room quietly, lying on the bed calmly. He hadn’t figured out what to do to get the Flame Sword, so he had to continue to pretend to be injured and wait for the opportunity.

The salamander came to play with Kai again. He saw that Kai was still lying on the bed and didn’t move. He thought that Kai was still uncomfortable, so he turned around to cheer Kai.

“Hey, you optimistic little guy.” Kai reached out and patted the salamander on the back. He thought about the plan of asking the salamander to help him get the Flaming Devil Sword, but it didn’t seem feasible. After all, this guy couldn’t understand human language, and whether the Salamander knew the location of the Flaming Devil Sword was still unknown. number.

Is it still necessary to work on Frey in the end?

“Luke, are you looking for this cockroach man again?” The fire giant Frey walked slowly into the stone room, and saw the salamander rolling on the ground happily teased by Kai, she couldn’t help but have the urge to laugh . But she didn’t want to smile in front of Kai, so she held back.

“Hey, beauty.” Kay saw Frey, and immediately said glibly, “Why are you coming to see me so late?”

Frey looked at Kai’s upper body. The red-haired knight’s plump chest muscles were exposed in front of her, and she couldn’t help throbbing in her heart, and quickly turned her face away: “You, you cockroach man, you are really tenacious. Can’t you die if you starve you for two days?”

“Um… Thanks to this little guy.” Kai continued to tease the salamander’s head with his hands, and the touch of the warm and hard scales remained on the knight’s palm. He still felt a little guilty about eating Luke’s tail.

“Eat it, don’t let people think I’m abusing the captives.” Frey threw a fruit to Kai, the same kind of fruit that Kai had eaten in prison before.

“Thank you, beauty.” Kay took the fruit and took a bite. The gravy was really delicious, perfect for satisfying hunger. Not only did he eat it himself, but he also subconsciously split the fruit in half and gave it to the salamander, who took it with his claws and ate it without thinking.

Frey was silent for a while.

“Don’t be arrogant, you bastard, tell the truth quickly.” Frey couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you want to get the Flaming Sword? Who ordered you to get the Flaming Sword?” ?”

“…Even if you know, what are you going to do with me? Kill me?” Kai asked.

“It depends on your answer,” said the giantess, “Salamanders are holy beasts that have lived here tens of thousands of years ago, guarding the flaming magic sword. Before our clansmen settled here, he He has already fought off millions of adventurers who came to **** the magic sword. I can’t imagine how he would be so affectionate to a human like you. If you were not right, he would have killed you long ago. Even if you were a A gentleman, he still can’t explain the fact that he would get close to you….There must be some reason for all this.

——Tell me, what do you want to do with the Flame Sword? “

Kai sneered and continued to play stupid: “I didn’t want to take any flaming magic sword, beauty. I’m here to marry you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Tell me clearly!!” Frey roared, the salamander beside him jumped to hide behind Kai.

“…” Kai saw that the time was finally ripe, and he began to act.

He had been coaxing Frey with rhetoric until then, bombarding her with tons of obvious lies. These blatant lies are not useless.

Frey, who has been drowned out by countless lies, has begun to be numb to the lies she told. The only thing Kai has to do now is——

Use [Truth] as a weapon to defeat this girl in one go.

“…To help my unrelated brother.” The red-haired knight said suddenly.

Among the lies that have been repeated countless times, the only truth will be extraordinarily dazzling and extraordinarily believable, making the other party have to face it up!


When Kay saw the moving expression on Frey’s face, he knew she was hooked. Kai, the great lover, once used this trick to conquer countless girls and made them obey him. He knew how important it was to take the step back and lead the opponent into the logical trap that he had set up step by step.

He looked into Frey’s eyes, and he threw out the truth with honest eyes, making the other party more convincing: “… my brother is being hunted by a particularly powerful succubus, I need the flame demon The power of the sword to deal with that succubus!”

He continued to throw out more favorable conditions for the other party to make the other party compromise: “Please, I just borrowed it. After using the flame sword, I will return it here. If you are still worried, , you just follow along. You can watch me kill the succubus with your own eyes, and then watch me hand over the magic sword. If I do something small, just kill me. A human is not your opponent at all, right?”

“You, you…” Frey, tired of being bombarded with lies, is now bombarded with Kai’s truth. She looked at Kai’s sincere eyes, trying to find a flaw in it, but she couldn’t find it! —–Of course, because everything Kay says now is the truth!

“Please, save my brother!” Kai said.

The most powerful weapon of this love liar is the [truth].

“Ow?” The salamander also turned to look at Frey, as if to say, “Trust this knight.”

——He is trustworthy.

Is he really worth believing? !

Frey is a little confused. Normally, she wants to go into battle to kill the enemy, and cut off the enemy’s head without any hesitation; but now facing this boy, this weak human being who can be shattered by a single squeeze, she I was so upset, I didn’t know how to deal with it.

“…So,…. what I said before is all false, you liar…” She said shyly, “What did you say for my beauty? Come on, when you say you want to marry me, it turns out to be coaxing me… I know I’m ugly, how can a guy like me be liked…”

This answer was completely unexpected to Kai, but Kai didn’t panic, he had seen such an accident and knew how to smooth things out: “That’s the truth, from the very beginning, when I saw your beauty, I almost forgot the first time. But what I said was sincere, and when all this is over, I will definitely come to marry you——“

“Uh, that’s annoying, you slick guy!” Frey ran out in a hurry, she was so flustered that when she ran in the underground palace, the stone walls everywhere swayed.

“Ow?” The salamander looked at Frey who was far away in confusion.

“Hey,” Kai stroked the salamander’s head, “Look, this is a woman.”

In another day, she will take the initiative to help him fetch the Fiery Demon Sword, Kai smiled confidently.

However, he underestimated the power (custom) of the fire giants. He will soon regret this stupid act.

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