Light Spirit Epic Chapter 245: Preparation for the Battle of the Darkness (Part 2)


Chapter 245: Preparations for the Darkness (Part 2)

Earthly, the morning of the third day, Kilimanjaro volcano.

Kai lay on the crystal stone bed and felt much better.

The salamander was sleeping soundly in the knight’s arms. The lizard’s tail had grown out. It may be because the tail had to be repaired and some photons were consumed. The salamander was a whole circle smaller, and now it is only about two feet long .

Kay can’t help but feel a pang of guilt. But he did have to eat the lizard’s tail, starve to death if he didn’t eat, and wouldn’t have the strength to recover if he didn’t. He had wasted enough time, if he didn’t hurry up to get the Flaming Demon Sword and kill Gunther, it would be too late. For Arthur, Kai had to be cruel.

“I’m sorry, Luke.” Kai picked up the salamander, moved his body and climbed out of the bed, and gently put the lizard back on the bed. Luke was still sound asleep, unaware that Kai had left.

The knight groped slowly in the dungeon. He carefully avoided the patrolling lava trolls. Fortunately, he is now very deep in the dungeon, and the lava trolls are very loosely guarded – they probably don’t think anyone can go so deep into the dungeon, right?

It is very close to the lava layer of the volcano, but it is not as hot as Kay imagined. The fire giants must have used a very good diversion system to divert the lava to various underground areas and dissipate the heat it should have. well dispersed.

Able to harness the forces of nature so skillfully, these fire giants might be smarter than humans?

Kai cautiously continued to **** deeper into the underground palace.

He sticks his head out from a protruding platform. No way.

He looked at the lava lake in front of him in surprise.

He was even more surprised to see Frey, the giantess, swimming freely in the lake.

The giantess floated in the lava, swiping the lava a few times from time to time, and her wonderful figure became more three-dimensional under the light of the fire. Her fiery figure swayed in the slightly sticky lava, oscillating up and down, left and right, and ripples in the lava lake.

The lava slid over the giantess like oil, never clinging to Frey’s skin or hair, which Kai believed was due to some sort of magic enchantment covering her body.

Because of this preconceived idea, Kay thought the giantess’s rosy, smooth skin felt slippery when she saw it.

She can swim so freely in lava, and she can do so much more.

“[That thing] is out of your reach.” Kai instantly understood the meaning of Frey’s previous words.

——The flaming magic sword sank at the bottom of a lava lake in this volcanic underground palace.

There is absolutely no way for humans to touch it, not even those lava trolls. Only fire giants incarnated by pure natural forces can move freely in such lava!

Then again, her figure is really hot! Kai’s mind couldn’t help but drift away. Strictly speaking, isn’t this the process of bathing beauties enjoying a hot bath? ! Just swapping the water for lava and the bikini for (barely) armor…

——This is even more popular!

Kay couldn’t help but watch for a while. Although the other party is not human. Although the other party is the giant clan he has always hated the most.


“Stop playing, I don’t have time now.” Kai whispered.

Lick again.

“Well, they said don’t play—-” Only then did Kai realize that the salamander Luke was licking him!

“You, why did you follow?!” Kai was startled, and the scream almost made him reveal his whereabouts.

“Ow!” The lizard circled merrily, as if asking Kai to play with him.

“That—-” Kay looked at the big lizard in confusion. If he goes on like this, he will expose Kai’s whereabouts… Now is not the time to talk about this. There are two options: playing with pets and watching swimsuit beauties. Kai chose to watch swimsuit beauties. ——After all, it is rare to see such a chest-thumping scene, and pets, even if you leave them alone, they will take the initiative to stick to you…

“Ow?” The salamander saw Kai staring at Frey fascinatedly there, and he misinterpreted that as something else.

The salamanders are going to play too. He jumped happily and flew out from the hole!

“Idiot, you will—” Kai hurriedly reached out to grab it, but he shot too late, the lizard had already jumped out a long way. Seeing that the salamander was about to fall into the lava, Kai Xin was a lot colder!

Smack! The salamander jumped into the lava lake and splashed a lava flower! Kai was surprised to see the salamander jumping alive in the lava, not afraid of lava at all, he was shocked.

“Oh, Luke!” Frey saw the salamander jump down, but didn’t notice Kai above the cave. She smiled at the lizard, “So early! Are you coming to play with lava?”

“Ow!” The lizard happily took a mouthful of lava and sprayed it at the giantess.

“Whoa!——You naughty little one!” Frey raised a lava flower back and forth at the salamander.

Kai watched silently at the giantess and salamanders playing with lava, he didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Okay, okay, looks like I’m the only one in the world who can’t swim in lava. Great.” Kai muttered sarcastically.

The Pure Land of Elaison (the evening of the fourth day), the capital of the elf king.

Ivan was awakened by a beautiful song, and when his consciousness gradually recovered, he found himself lying on the grass in the sky garden of the Elf Palace.

The elf girl Elison was singing a beautiful and moving song. Evan closed his eyes and wanted to listen to a few more verses.

“Ah—— the watcher of the night sky,

Why are you mindful, mindful?

It is to witness the brimming vitality of this world.

You stand on the ground, staring at the vast land,

If there is wisdom, there is a moment to see through the darkness.

Ah—— the leader of Chenhui,

Why do you soar on the wind, soar on the wind?

It is to awaken the endless hope in this world.

The light shines on the earth, the light of God whispers,

If there is loving kindness, there will be a moment of seeing the brilliance——

What a beautiful song. Evan swallowed. This action of his was discovered by Elaison.

“Are you awake, [Maintainer of Order]?” the elf girl asked.

“Um, um…” Evan blushed and got up embarrassedly. Elison sat on the grass beside him, flicking her harp, which made an elegant and soft sound.

“One, I’ve been asking you to help me heal, I’m so sorry…” The young man stammered.

“No thanks, that’s all I can do, order maintainer.” The girl said with a smile.

“Yes, yes?” Ivan said embarrassedly, and in order to avoid embarrassment, he deliberately changed the subject, “But since Miss Elaison is an elf, she must have good eyesight, such as eagle eye surgery or something. …..”

“It won’t work.” The girl smiled and said, “My eyes can only see from a distance of ten yards, and my eyesight is worse than that of ordinary people.”

“Why, how could it be?!” Ivan said incredulously, “Aren’t you an elf?”

“I gave up other talents for the bard talent. I can’t even use magic. This is my choice.” The elf girl smiled and said calmly.

Elves can use a variety of unfathomable space-time magic, and can also use the powerful eagle eye technique. But the elf girl in front of Ivan gave up these two powerful talents just to gain the ability of a bard.

I am afraid she is, she has long made up her mind to use this ability to defeat [the boundless darkness]. This seemingly soft girl has an unimaginable strength in her heart.

“…was it worth it?” Evan asked in a low voice. He who can use the eagle eye technique sees a vast world, and he knows that the elves have also seen such a world in their eyes. I can only see the world at a distance of ten yards, which Ivan cannot imagine at all!

“[Maintainer of Order],” the elf girl asked wisely, “you have the blood of a dragon in your body, you could have been flying in the sky, but you gave up this talent and chose to see with your eyes, in order to see More, higher, farther. Is your choice worth it?”

“…I can’t fly——“

“You could have flown if you wanted to,” the girl said.

That was something that was decided before Evan was born. I’m afraid, before he hatched from the dragon egg, he himself decided what form he should live in.

He gave up the right to fly in the sky in exchange for a pair of eagle eyes (Dragon Eyes). This is his choice.

His essence is [watch]. Rather than flying freely in the sky and ignoring countless scenery in the high-speed world, Evan prefers to quietly watch this beautiful world.

Quietly, staring at the girl in front of her.

——She is all the beauty in the center of this world.

Tears fell from the boy’s face.

The young man once watched the battle of this giant dragon from a distance from the lighthouse, and once more than once envied the giant dragons who could fly, and complained about his own destiny.

But he was wrong.

It was a destiny from birth: his eyes were for her Because he could see Elaison’s beauty, he could not have anything else. This was his initial and final choice.

“Ow…” Javier the Jade Wind Dragon slowly got up and cried out in pain, but his injury had already been healed by Elaison’s singing.

“What are you two doing?” Javier said disdainfully, “Are you looking at each other affectionately? It’s numb, I’ll go first.” He flapped his wings and flew away.

“Um…” Evan got up and said with a blushing face, “I, I’m leaving too. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Titans is about to announce the battle plan. Let’s get together in the battle meeting room. .”

“Yeah.” The elf girl smiled lightly. She seemed to understand something.

“…That,” Ivan whispered after walking a few steps, “it doesn’t matter if your eyes can’t see clearly, I…I will always be your eyes. How beautiful this world is, I will see it clearly and tell you all about it. No matter where you go to see anything, I…I will accompany you.”

“…Thank you, [Maintainer of Order].” The elf girl smiled.

“Yi, Evan—” Evan stammered, “—call, just call me Evan.”

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