Light Spirit Epic Chapter 238: Due to Xingying (Part 2)


Chapter 238: Duel with Xingying (Part 2)

Arthur and the red fire dragon face off in the dark. The surging night wind in the elf king’s capital reflects this impending war.

“Roar!!” As soon as the red fire dragon started to fight, it would be the first to strike and spit out a huge fireball. The fireball explodes in front of Arthur!


The knight has long since disappeared. His mobility is much higher than the dragon’s fireball. At the same time as the dragon spit out the fireball, he has already run and dodged.

The knight raised the king’s sword and slashed towards the evil star’s belly!

The dragon knows the terrifying nature of this weapon’s iron-cutting properties, and he blocks it with his claws!

Keng! Covered with inherent photons, the extremely hard dragon claws collided with the King’s Sword, knocking both away!

“Ha!” Arthur didn’t seem to have received a particularly large reaction force. He immediately stabilized his body and slashed with his sword again!

“Ugh!” The clumsy Fiend had to roll backwards in confusion, hitting the building behind him. Although the building has anti-destruction magic protection, it is still unable to resist the impact of the dragon and collapsed in half!

Put puff! Facing Arthur who was chasing after him, Shaxing spit out three fireballs in a row.

Arthur swayed a few times to completely avoid the fireball, which exploded behind him, setting the building next to him on fire.

The night is lit by fire.

Plan! The golden sword light pointed directly at the throat of the dragon.

Keng! Block with red light dragon claws for a fatal blow! Arthur staggered back a few steps, watching Sha Xing waving his giant claws and pressing him, he hurriedly stabbed his sword on the ground, and took advantage of the situation to do a somersault!

Whistle! The golden sword draws a beautiful crescent arc in the air! This arc of light overlaps the dragon’s right claw, cutting the dragon’s claw into two sides!

“Ugh!” The dragon resisted the severe pain, waved his left paw to chase, and slapped Arthur, who was still in the air, before he could turn around in time!

Boom! Arthur crashed into a private house fifty feet away and cut a hole in the wall!

The evil star flew up against the pain, and without hesitation, he spit a fireball into the gap in the private house. The fireball exploded in the house, and the house was immediately enveloped by firelight and thick smoke!

“Come out if you don’t want to be roasted!” Shaxing was on alert in the sky, ready to burn the knights with raging fire as soon as Arthur rushed out!

However, there was no response.

Seeing that the house was about to be destroyed by flames and collapsed into a pile of rubbish, Sha Xing felt vaguely uneasy. He knows Arthur’s resourcefulness (many tricks), Arthur may have moved to another place, and there is a evil star in ambush in another dark corner!

Thinking of this, Shaxing made a (he thinks) very smart move. He crouched in the remnants of the fire, backed by flames and high temperature, quietly observing the surrounding movement.

He was deceived.

When he came back to his senses, a golden light had chopped off his left wing. When he felt pain and wanted to dodge because he knew something was wrong, another golden light slashed his left leg flying!

“Ugh!” The dragon, which couldn’t fly, lost his balance and slammed out, hitting another house with its head.

Arthur didn’t show mercy to the red fire dragon. He drew two more swords from behind, one of which slashed the dragon’s right leg smoothly, and the other was already slashed at the dragon’s tail at the same time!

“Pop!” Shaxing’s tail twisted at a high speed, and at the moment when Arthur cut it off, it swept Arthur horizontally!

Touch! The knight slammed into another private house again, and he vomited blood. The walls of the private house were not smashed, and the tail sweep of the evil star was not as strong as imagined. But that’s exactly what the dragon expects. He climbed out of the ruins with the only remaining right arm, and spit out the most powerful flame dragon breath towards Arthur who was still stuck in the depression of the wall!

“Hoohoo!!!” The huge flames shot out into the sky. Arthur saw that there was no way to dodge, so he had to raise the king’s sword in his hand: “Ha!!!!!!!”

The third miracle is activated. Countless photons were generated out of thin air, gathered on the golden sword, and then gathered into a golden light, and shot out with the sword energy!

Golden light and firelight collide together!

—— pounds! !

The atmosphere was shaking violently, and the entire Elf King was illuminated by the giant light of the fierce battle between the dragon and the boy, and the night sky became as bright as day!

“Wow, what are they doing?!” Bedivere, who was practicing swordsmanship with Tristan, couldn’t help but turn his head and look out the window.

“Stupid boys.” Dragon Emperor Titans whispered.

After the giant light, Arthur rose from the ruins. His whole body was throbbing in waves, and the black dragon armor on his body was completely damaged.

The red fire dragon evil star used up all his strength and had to return to its original shape, lying on the ground motionless like a slumped little lizard.

“I won, Shixing.” Arthur slowly walked towards the red fire dragon with his sword, ready to deliver his final blow.

“That’s not possible!” The dragon slowly got up with his only remaining arms.

“Do you still want to struggle? I advise you to forget it!” Arthur said contemptuously. The dragon has broken three limbs and one wing, and lost a lot of blood. Now it is very difficult to even get up. If you fight again, the dragon will really die.

However, the evil star is not as weak as Arthur imagined. Although he has been unlucky and ridiculously clumsy ever since he knew Arthur, dragons are still dragons.

Dragons are giant beasts destined to fly in the sky, even if the shadow of death covers the sky, it cannot stop their soaring dreams!

The evil star exhausted his last strength, put his palms on the ground, and flew towards Arthur!

“What?!” Arthur, who was startled, raised his sword subconsciously and slashed! By the time he felt that something was wrong, it was too late! This sword stance will definitely split the evil star in half! !

Just as the King’s Sword was about to split the evil star in two, the dragon’s only remaining right wing flapped! His little broken wing only changed his trajectory a little, but it also allowed him to avoid the fatal blow!

The golden sword light cut off the dragon’s right arm and right wing, and blood spurted out, but it couldn’t stop the dragon’s coming! The dying dragon took a bite at Arthur’s unarmored throat!

——The loser’s last counterattack can bite the king’s throat!

“!” Arthur thought he would be killed. However, Sha Xing just slammed into Arthur and knocked Arthur to the ground!

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Arthur felt dizzy for a while. When he felt a little better, he only felt that there was a heavy object on his The red fire dragon evil star has long been lost Consciousness, before biting Arthur’s throat, had lost too much blood and fainted.

Or, just the opposite? Did he choose not to bite, rammed into Arthur clumsily, and then lost consciousness?

Arthur sneered as he looked at the scarred red fire dragon with his broken hands and feet.

From the first day the boy met this dragon, he knew that he and this dragon had an inseparable relationship (Kama). They are so different, yet so similar. As long as they hold the determination to die, they can reach the moment of counterattacking their fate.

The giant dragon at that time, the young man in his eyes, was the giant dragon himself.

The young man at that time, the giant dragon reflected in his eyes, was also the young man himself.

——Examine my heart, you should tremble.

——The true appearance of your heart is reflected in the mirror!

“It’s a tie again this time, Fiend.” The knight slowly got up and hugged the dying dragon, “As a [wild], you’ve done a great job.”

(You don’t need bloodlines to prove your greatness, stupid dragon.)

(You’ve done, well done.)

The warmth of the dragon spreads in the knight’s arms, and the dragon seems to be dreaming with satisfaction:

He soared into the sky and looked down upon the whole world, [Beautiful Dream].

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