Light Spirit Epic Chapter 235: The plan is in the quiet night (middle)


Chapter 235: Planning for Jing Ye (Part 2)

At the same time(?), earthly, Kilimanjaro volcano.

Kay knelt on the ground, panting. His whole body was burned by the magic fireball, and he looked bruised. However, he knew in his heart that the fire giant Frey’s attack didn’t really hurt him. The fire giant, who is good at using fire magic, controls the lethality of magic in the most subtle range. This fireball technique can not only inflict pain on the target to the greatest extent, but also avoid harming the body of the target.

Frey is a skilled torturer who knows how to inflict pain on her target.

But she underestimated Kai’s endurance. Kai was scorched by these fireballs, but he didn’t react at all.

“This guy!” Frey continued to fire the fireball technique, and the fireball hit Kai, but Kai accepted all of them without moving, making the giantess panic, “Aren’t you going to say something?! You Don’t you scream? You really don’t feel pain?!”

“Hehe——” Kai, who was covered in black smoke, opened his arms instead, as if he was welcoming Frey’s fireball, wanting to hug the other’s fireball into his arms, “Come on, baby! More Here are a few! This is your passion for me, beauty, how can I not accept them all?”

“Go on like this…you’re really going to die!” Frey hesitated, firing her fireballs a little less often.

“If you really plan to kill me, beauty, that’s my fate.” Kai said with a smile, urging his strong chest muscles.

Kai, who just turned eighteen a few weeks ago, has grown into a sturdy big boy. His upper body is full of strong and full muscles. Under this pressure, he is even more energetic. swell up. His dark skin, wet with sweat and shiny, showed the beauty of his muscles to the fullest.

Kay thinks that his beautiful body is enough to make girls all over the world go crazy for him.

He was wrong.

“Wow! Pervert!!” Frey screamed.

Do giants seem to have different aesthetics than humans? Frey was frightened by Kai’s “perverted” behavior, and immediately used the most powerful fire magic she could do.

A powerful flame clustered in the form of a long spear, held by the giantess. While using this powerful magic, she did not forget to curse: “You pervert! Since you really want to die, give I’m going to die!!”

The giantess threw out the flame magic spear, which directly ripped through the fence of the cage and aimed directly at Kai’s chest!

Kai looked at the ferocity of this thing and knew that it would be extremely bad if he didn’t dodge, so he immediately fell to the ground! The flaming magic spear swept over his back and exploded on the wall behind him! !

Pounds! ! ! ! ! ! !

The explosion was so violent that the air wave blew Kay forward. He flew out of the cell and threw himself at the giantess!

“Wow!” Frey screamed again.

Rumble Rumble! ——The cave begins to collapse!

“Damn——” Before Kai could finish his words, he and the female giant under him were buried alive by the collapsed cave!

Play games with fire, and all you get is ashes—an old proverb of the fire giants.

The Pure Land of Elaison, the capital of the elf king.

Arthur thought he wasn’t sleepy and lay in bed just to pass the time. In fact, his manager’s battle was more tiring than he imagined, especially in this unfamiliar environment.

When he woke up, it was already dusk outside the window.

In front of the bed it seems…who is there?

This face shape has appeared countless times in Arthur’s memory—

“Father?!” Arthur woke up.

What he saw was the Dragon Emperor Titans in human form.

The Dragon Emperor looked at Arthur, but was not surprised by Arthur’s nonsense: “Sure enough, do I really look like your ancestor?”

“What?” Arthur was ashamed of his gaffe, but at the same time he was frightened by the Dragon Emperor’s words. The biggest problem is…Dragon Emperor Titans is in Arthur’s room, scaring Arthur!

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, what are you doing here?!” Arthur asked hurriedly.

“Pop!” Dragon Emperor held Arthur’s face in his arms, “Don’t move, let me see your face clearly.”

“…Your Majesty, Your Majesty?” Arthur was still confused and didn’t know what the other party wanted to do.

“I suspected before, [World Changer], you have the blood of the royal family of Pantoracken, right?” Titans asked, “Your eyes are too similar to Ophelia.”

“What, what?!” Arthur was surprised again, “How did His Majesty know that——“

“Ophelia was once the queen of Pantoracken. She… is also my lover.” Titans said, “Originally, it is impossible for humans and dragons to have descendants. I don’t know who she is. How to do it, but she did it, she gave birth to a human child for me… that is the next king of Pantoracken.”

Wait. Dragon Emperor suddenly revealed such an amazing secret to Arthur? ! Arthur was dazed by the shocking nature of the incident and didn’t know what to say for a while.

“[World Changer], what’s your name?” Dragon Emperor asked in a low tone.

“…Arthur Pantoracken.” Arthur replied. He did not dare to tell lies in front of Dragon Emperor’s aura.

“You are indeed a descendant of the royal family. You are indeed a descendant of me.” Titans said with a hilarious smile, “Obviously, we fought you to the death before, just to fight for territory. Now, after thousands of years, your country But it is equivalent to my territory, what a ridiculous fact!”

“…Pantolaken doesn’t belong to the royal family anymore,” Arthur retorted. “The royal family declined in the [Lost Millennium] and lost its real power, and the Pantoracken has long been ruled by the council. “

Emperor Long said disapprovingly: “Then destroy the council and take back the throne. My descendants, you have to cheer up, and don’t let me be ashamed!”

Easier said than done, Arthur thought. The Dragon Emperor did not know the drastic changes in the outside world for thousands of years, so he said it so easily!

In the outside world, there are already many strong people, and the four Heavenly Rank Knights alone are strong like monsters, with all kinds of abilities almost like cheating, killing the Quartet! I am afraid there are more powerhouses who do not show their faces in the world!

“Why do you show a sad and bitter face?” Dragon Emperor let go of Arthur and asked.

“…In other words, is it true that His Majesty went out to have an affair behind your back?” Arthur deliberately changed the subject.

“…Yes. But I didn’t do anything wrong.” The Dragon Emperor sat on the side with a displeased face. He looked around carefully to make sure that no one was eavesdropping before he boldly said: “If it weren’t for that **** having an affair with another dragon first, I wouldn’t go out and get revenge on her. It’s Ayaris who should be ashamed of her behavior, not me.”

Arthur seemed to sense the dissonance in the Dragon Emperor’s words. He tried to dig out more information: “Your Majesty seems to have evidence to prove Queen Ayaris’ cheating?”

“Hmph, of course I have evidence.” Titans smiled contemptuously, “My eldest son is the ‘evidence’.”

Arthur was stunned again, he didn’t understand.

Seeing that Arthur didn’t understand, the Dragon Emperor continued to explain: “Ayaris is a hoarfrost dragon. I am a roaring star dragon. The child born by me and her must be a roaring star dragon or a hoarfrost dragon. But I am a hoarfrost dragon. The eldest son, he… is a red fire dragon. That is absolutely impossible. The only possibility is that the **** has an affair with another red fire dragon and gives birth to that evil breed——“

Dragon Emperor suspects that the red fire dragon evil star is not his own. He took his anger at the queen and transformed into a human form to have an affair with the queen of Pantoracken to get revenge on Queen Ayaris.

This is some kind of family farce. Arthur cursed in his heart.

“Your Majesty confirms that the Queen and His Majesty’s children must not be red fire dragons?” Arthur questioned, “I don’t know the genetics, but maybe there are exceptions?”

“There will be no exceptions. Even if there is such an exception, the smell of the evil son will not be right.” Long Di said.

“The smell…isn’t it?” Arthur said, “Actually, I wanted to ask a long time ago, the smell that your dragons often say is——“

“Photons carry four additional information of sight, hearing, smell, and taste.” The Dragon Emperor said, “You humans may not be able to feel anything, but we dragons can know that a target is by the smell of photons. What, just like a genie can capture visual information with eagle eyes.”

“The evil star must not be my child. His breath is wrong.” Titans emphasized again, “Even your breath smells better than his.”

“Really? Is that really the case, Father?” The evil star’s voice came from outside the window, “No wonder Father keeps estranged from wouldn’t even give me a name. That’s how it is. I’m not my father’s son at all!?”

“The evil star?! When did you——“

“Father, you have a way to hide your aura, don’t I know how to hide my aura?” Sha Xing said, “No, I probably shouldn’t call you your father again, I’m just a wild breed. Goodbye then, Your Majesty——“

The evil star flew away without looking back.

“Beast!” Arthur tried to stop him, but Dragon Emperor Titans stopped him: “Let him go. He needs some time to calm down.”

“Your Majesty.” Arthur glared at the Dragon Emperor: “Since you hate your queen and eldest prince so much, why didn’t you tell it at the beginning? The reason for dismissing a stealthy queen is no more legitimate. ?”

“…Even if she steals, she is still my queen.” The Dragon Emperor hesitated before answering.

“You still love her, don’t you?” Arthur demanded.

Dragon Emperor Titans did not answer.

Arthur could only think of two possibilities. First, the Dragon Emperor is indeed the queen who loves him, and he doesn’t want to shake it out and damage the queen’s reputation; or, the Dragon Emperor just wants to protect his reputation, lest other dragons know about the queen’s cheating, laugh at this emperor?

The Dragon Emperor didn’t answer, and Arthur didn’t answer the Dragon Emperor anymore, and ran out to chase the evil star.

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