Light Spirit Epic Chapter 233: Assault on Dark Cloud (Part 2)


Chapter 233: Raid on Dark Cloud (Part 2)

The harsh sound only rang once, and then, rustling, rustling, rustling! ——The voice gradually became smaller and could no longer be heard. Sha Xing thought that he had seen an illusion before he died, and he looked at the girl in white in front of him in disbelief.

Is that a ghost? Is there such a beautiful ghost? !

——The girl is singing loudly. No one could hear her voice, but she was really singing.

She sent out an ultrasound. Her ultrasound decomposed the black dragon flame that was going to devour Ivan! !

——That is high frequency vibration. It instantly decomposes the dark son!

“Fa, what happened?” Ivan asked Shaxing. His eyes were still out of sight, and he could only sense something amazing the crowd saw.

The evil star does not answer. He was surprised to see the dark dragon, struggling with pain in the ultrasonic waves, temporarily losing his mobility.

A huge figure descended from the sky, pressing down on the dragon at once!

Touch! ! ! The huge vibration shook everyone to the ground, and a huge deep pit was sunken in the ground!

Another silver-white dragon suppressed the Anzi Demon Dragon to the ground! !

“Father, Father…?!” Shaxing and Xianvia exclaimed at the same time.

“What?” Arthur said in surprise, “couldn’t it be ——!”

This dragon, who has lived for tens of thousands of years, looks a little old, but his demeanor remains the same.

His majesty is like an emperor, and his domineering is like a monarch.

This silver-white dragon is the King of Ten Thousand Dragons, the Dragon Emperor, and the Howling Star Dragon Titans! !

“Roar Roar Roar Roar Roar Roar Roar Roar ————– !!!!!” Dragon Emperor Titans, loudly shocked!

So, the whole world is shaking violently! The Dark Son Demon Dragon slowly disintegrated in the roar of Titans! This is the super-vibration magic that is centered on the Dragon Emperor, which is the superposition of countless high-frequency vibrations. ……In short, it happened in an instant, countless violent shock waves!

“Wow!” The crowd was dizzy and dizzy in waves, like car sickness and seasickness, like rolling in a storm!

After a while, when Arthur’s head was no longer affected by the stun, Titans yelled at Arthur, “What are you waiting for?! End this poor creature!”

“…Yes!” Arthur rushed over, enduring the severe pain in his leg, and plunged the sword of the king into the head of the dark child dragon. One hit kill! The golden light gradually spread on the dark dragon, purifying the dark dragon.

“You actually sent such a kid.” Dragon Emperor Titans looked at Arthur in disappointment, “I’m afraid Elaison is really helpless.”

“…Xinxing? Xianvia?” The Dragon Emperor noticed the two little dragons on the ground again, “Why are you even here? Are you chasing the Queen’s breath? There is no one here. Go back to your business!”

The red fire dragon evil star angrily said: “Father, you have no right to order me! We brothers can go wherever we want, and do whatever we want!”

“I am your father!!” Dragon Emperor also roared, the roar from his huge body was as shocking as a typhoon and tsunami!

“You have never done your duty as a father!!” Xianvia scolded angrily.

Dragon Emperor Titans was stunned for a moment, speechless.

“Anyway, I want you to leave, so leave! This is not a place for you kids to play!”

“We are no longer children!!” Shaxing roared. He and Xianvia have lived for tens of thousands of years, and they have grown into young and strong dragons. —— Of course, that was before encountering Arthur, the **** of plague. Now they have been drained of most of their strength and become very weak, which is also true.

“How many years have passed in the outside world, I don’t know.” The Dragon Emperor sneered, “However, your appearance is not much different from the time you just hatched from the egg!? Didn’t you eat well?”

“What?! Damn old man——“

Seeing that they were arguing, Arthur said quickly. “Stop arguing! It’s better to leave here now, lest there will be another dark monster to attack——“

“Don’t interrupt, human!” Dragon Emperor and the two little dragons shouted together.

“Ah——the stars in the sky——” an elegant and clear singing voice sounded in the crowd.

Why are you squinting, squinting?

In order to find the shimmering hope, the bright light.

The light shines on the earth, the light of God whispers,

If there is hope, there is a moment to see through the darkness.

Ah—the wandering traveler,

Why are you looking around, looking around?

It’s to remember the feeling that passed by in your life.

You stand on the ground and travel all over the world,

If you have the courage, you will find the moment of light.


Ivan felt that his body and mind were soaked by this beautiful sound, the pain on his body was no longer, and his eyes were gradually able to see things.

The boy opened his eyes, and in front of him was a girl as pure as spring water and as dazzling as morning light. Her beautiful blond hair fluttered in the night sky, without any restraint or modification.

Aside from her refined temperament and her egg-smooth, rosy skin, the only difference between this girl and humans is her pointed ears, which mirror her standard melon-seeded face. In pairs, elegant and harmonious.

Her blue and clear eyes are like water droplets, and her pink and tender lips are like petals. The fragrance of jasmine flowers emanating from her body is naturally elegant and otherworldly. Every part of her body is integrated with nature, which can be described by the beauty of nature; she is far beyond the beauty of any part of nature, and the beauty that is used to describe her pales in comparison.

Evan looked at the girl and swallowed.

“Are you all right, [Balance Keeper]?” the elf girl asked. Her voice was like a silver bell, clear and distant, elegant and noble.

“You…you treated me?” Evan said with a blushing face, “Thank you——“

Arthur watches. This elf girl is a troubadour who infuses her singing with magical powers that can kill enemies and heal teammates. She can even use magic to control the range of her singing so that specific people can hear specific vocals.

The ultrasonic attack that resisted the dark flame of the dragon just now was made by this elf girl in white. High-frequency vibration can restrain Anko, and this girl knows this very well.

She and Dragon Emperor Titans are all the way. In this pure land, they have probably fought countless dark This elf girl knows the changes in the pure land. Arthur knew who to turn to for answers.

The girl’s singing not only healed Ivan, but also stopped the quarrel between the three Titans fathers and sons. It seems that the singing also has a calming effect.

“[World Innovator] is right,” the girl said, “We are too dangerous here, let’s go back to the enchantment first.”

“If [Astro Intoner] said so.” The Dragon Emperor Titans obviously had respect for this elf girl, and the arrogant dragon rarely listened to others.

“You, what’s your name, what’s your name?” Evan stammered and asked, before he could say the words, he felt a burst of shame for his clumsiness.

“Elison.” The girl smiled and said, “I am the first and last elf born in this pure land. The elves gave me this sacred name.”

This girl is like this beautiful Elysian Pure Land. Incredibly beautiful, yet extremely poignant.

Dawn fell on the Pure Land of Elaison. Evan looked at the girl who was illuminated by the dawn. Her gentle face, which was originally illuminated by the night, added a kind of perseverance to the beauty.

Evan vaguely senses his [destiny] —— to protect Elaison. Protect this pure land, protect this girl.

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