Light Spirit Epic Chapter 228: The Second Coming to the Storm (Part 2)


Chapter 228: The Second Coming to the Storm (Part 2)

Ivan’s jump is ten feet high, which is a jumping limit that humans can’t reach!

Then, with delicate movements, he tossed in the air, caught up with the high-speed impact of Spark, and landed just right on the back of the Purple Lightning Dragon Spark!

Of course, the current hit him anyway. He still felt a tingling sensation all over his body, and he almost lost consciousness! But Evan endured it with his tenacious will. With the same firm will, he used both hands and feet to hug the dragon’s back tightly, so that Spark couldn’t throw him off!

“What?! You boy!——Give me—down!!——Come down!!!!” Spark’s flight path in the air immediately became a mess , he kept twisting his whole body in an attempt to get this hateful parasite off his back!

How could it be dropped! Evan clamped the dragon’s back tightly with his hands and feet, and was secretly grateful that the dragon’s back had rough scales that could be tightly grasped, which was really nice.

Then, he drew out a hand.

Pick up the pistol.

Aiming at the cervical vertebra of the Purple Lightning Dragon Spark, a bang! ! !

—— pat pat pat pat ! ! !

Dozens, hundreds, thousands of bullets hit Zidian Dragon’s cervical spine at zero distance! Although the attack power of each shot is not very good, the accumulated damage is very terrifying!

The thick scales on Zidian Dragon’s body were shattered, then cracked, and finally peeled off!


“Ugh!” Evan’s pistol was overheated and damaged due to overuse, and his hands were scalded and stinged, so he had to discard the pistol. His hand gripped tightly on the tender piece of flesh protruding from Spark’s cervical spine. Without the protection of dragon scales, even Evan can easily destroy this piece of tender meat!

“Submit to me!” Evan shouted, facing the dizziness of the sky and the earth: “Otherwise I will destroy your cervical spine!”

Dragon will affect the autonomic nervous system due to the fragmentation of the cervical vertebra. His heart would stop beating as a result.

——Dragon felt the horror of death for a moment!

——Long felt a great shame for a moment!

A little human child, sitting on the back of the Purple Electric Dragon, can destroy the dragon with one blow at any time! The only thing the dragon can do is to beg this little brat for mercy!

“——Never!!” Zidian Long roared, he let himself circling and falling, “Just die with me!!!”

Purple Dragon Spark is serious.

Be free or die!

Dragon will never surrender to human beings and be human’s lackeys! Even if it is defeated, it must be defeated vigorously, die, and become a legend! This is how dragons have always lived!

“…Then, goodbye.” Evan stretched out his fist, he saw the dragon’s muscle and nerve structure, and hit it hard!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The young dragon lost consciousness and crashed to the ground!

In the nick of time, Ivan jumped off the Purple Lightning Dragon Spark’s back, hugged his body in a ball, and rolled, rolled, and rolled on the ground! After rolling out for a long distance, he finally stopped, dragged the scars all over his body, and slowly got up!

“Ugh…” He snorted. If it weren’t for the excellent protective ability of the black dragon armor, Ivan would probably have died long ago. The impact of landing on the ground, with the human body, it is impossible to survive it alive.

“…S, Spark is dead?!” Javier, the green wind dragon, looked at the purple electric dragon Spark, who was paralyzed on the ground, he screamed, “You, you kid, you kill My brother?!!!!”

Purple Dragon Spark’s heart did stop beating.

Just, stop for a minute.

“Ha!” Zidian Long opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He didn’t understand what was going on, but he knew he was alive. He was seriously injured when he crashed, but he is still alive!

Ivan’s heavy blow only temporarily interfered with the central nervous system of the Purple Lightning Dragon Spark, causing his heart to stop beating, his brain to go into shock, and he instantly lost consciousness.

It’s only for a moment!

Zidian Long looked at Evan beside him.

Two tears of blood fell from the boy’s eyes. The boy’s eyes became petrified because he used the eagle eye technique too much. He could no longer see.

Blood from the small wounds on the boy’s body. The boy has broken bones in many places, and he can no longer fight.

Spark approached Evan with incomparable anger, as if ready to tear Evan to pieces at any time!

“Boy, what happened to you just now?!” Zidian Long roared, he spit out a lot of blood while roaring, “Don’t look down on people!! Why don’t you kill me?!”

“…I once said that there is no need to kill you.” Evan dragged his injured body and whispered, “We came here today, not to trouble you.”

“Then, why?!” Spark roared angrily, “Why do you work so hard! Why can’t you just admit defeat! Why are you fighting against me?!”

“I didn’t fight against you. I didn’t want to win you either.” The boy said calmly, as if he could no longer feel the pain in his body, “I just…don’t want to lose to myself. “

The opponent he intended to surpass from the beginning was not someone else, but himself.

He has used all his talents and talents to get the answer to one question: how far can he go.

——How far the heart can go.

“Humans are indeed creatures full of infinite possibilities.” Evan smiled, “Don’t you think?”

He falls to the ground in satisfaction, then loses consciousness.

The Purple Lightning Dragon Spark stared at the boy and remained silent. He can’t read, can’t guess, human [possibility]. ——In his eyes, this guy is obviously just a weak creature. It’s easier than taking the life of an ant with just one foot!

However, this human’s [possibility] far exceeded the dragon’s expectations. The power he burst out at the moment of desperation beat the purple electric dragon Spark to the ground. !

“…Enough is enough.” Javier, the Jade Wind Dragon, was guarding the fallen Yiwen, ready to fight at any time, “If you dare to touch this kid, your next opponent will be me!”

Zidian Long sneered and reduced to its original shape: “Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to fight anymore.”

He probably understood why his brother Javier would be interested in this human. Dragons are arrogant creatures, they will only obey those who are stronger than themselves. The strength of that young man is truly powerful.

He fell to the ground and made a gesture of submission, “Just like the original agreement, let me serve this kid. I won’t really submit to human beings. But as long as you pay me enough, work It will still work well.”

Arthur picked up the little Zilong with one hand, and said contemptuously, “The tone of speech is really loud. You don’t have any power left, so are you still pretending to be cool?”

“Whatever you say.” Zidian Long was so tired that he didn’t want to struggle, so he let Arthur play with it.

“Now, take us to the birthplace of that beam of light. I guess you know the way, right?” Arthur asked.

“This way…” Spark leaned on Arthur’s shoulders, weakly speaking.

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