Light Spirit Epic Chapter 225: Looking for the first time in the fairyland


Chapter 225: Finding a Trace in Wonderland (Part 2)

An hour later. The three fathers and sons of Yones were so tired that they gasped for breath.

Arthur shook his head and sighed as he looked at the three idiots.

He took Ivan’s Black Moon Pendant and placed it next to Duke Yones’ ring.

Sure enough, there is a groove next to the golden sun, which matches the shape of the black moon. When Arthur drew the black moon pendant closer, the golden sun seemed to have a magnetic force, attracting the black moon to it.

Click. The golden sun ring jumped out of Yones’ finger.

The way to access this ring is not to pull it out, but to close it.

“Oh, that’s great!” The Duke of Yones calmly said, “Finally it’s all gone! Haha, Arthur, you’re too smart!”

(Are you too stupid?!)

“Alice really likes to trick people to cast such magic on the ring!” Euns said, “This woman is really infatuated with me!”

The others looked at Ewans with subtle expressions, silent.

Just then, the combination of the ring and pendant began to glow.

“The golden sun is the guide,” the red fire dragon evil star said, “the black moon is the seeker.”

“One shines in the day,” said the hoarfrost dragon Tentvia, “and the other shines in the night.”

“When the day and night overlap——“

The light of magic is getting stronger and stronger, gradually fading, and radiating from the pendant.

“The road to the pure land is finally here.” The two dragons sang together.

The condensed magic radiance shoots out the window. It points in a certain direction.

Somewhere five nautical miles away, there is also a radiance.

Arthur looked at the light from a distance. All the clues have been connected. The things he guessed before were basically correct.

The entrance to [Elysian’s Pure Land] is hidden there.

Stormwind Island.

At twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, in the temporary guest room arranged by the Western Heaven Knights for Arthur and his party.

“Arthur…sleep?” Bedivere whispered.

Arthur, who was on the other bed, pulled the quilt and shrank a little, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow…”

“…You knew it early on, didn’t you?” Bedivere asked. “You knew it was going to turn out like this.”

“Evan’s mother, Alice, had a certain purpose from the very beginning of her contact with Grand Duke Ewens.” Arthur murmured half asleep, “she knew Ewens’s strength, she even She probably knew that Yones would become the Heavenly Knight of the Western Heavenly Knights. In order to use this man’s power to achieve a certain goal, she tried every means to get close to Yones.”

“She’s not a prostitute, is she?” Bedi asked.

“This… God knows, or both.” Arthur said, “All I know is that she wanted to tie this man’s heart and let him do something for her. .But Yones chose the position of Heavenly Knight instead of her. This is a huge miscalculation of hers.

However, she did not admit defeat. She pinned her hopes on the next generation. “

“Evan.” Bedivere sighed. The birth of a boy bears such an amazing secret.

“Don’t tell Evan about this, understand?” Arthur admonished, “he had better not know about such a thing.——In short, she left the golden sun to Ewans. , and ensured that Yones could not abandon the ring. She then sent her raised son to Yones, and left the black moon to her son as a relic. She knew that his son would eventually take the sun and the moon at the same time. Get it, and open the way to the Pure Land.”

“…Is everything calculated by this woman?” Bediveville couldn’t help but feel sad, “Indeed, if Evan knew that he was just a [prop] used by his mother to complete a certain plan, He will definitely be hit. He was not born out of parental love.”

Bedivere thought of himself. His father reluctantly married his mother just to let the clan pass on, and his father never loved Bediveville when he was born. —— At least, he always thought so.

If a person is not born into this world because of love, then the existence of this person is too sad.

“Whether they are in love,” Arthur analyzed, “I don’t really know about Alice. But I know that Euns does love that woman.

—— Obviously it’s just a [worthless ring], but Yones has never tried to take it off for more than ten years, until today. His love for her was unforgettable, and he took it for granted. “

“Is that so?” Bedivere smiled reassuringly, although no one saw it in the dark, “That’s it…that’s fine.”

“Go to sleep, stop muttering.” Arthur said, “There is a big battle waiting for us tomorrow morning.”

(The Great War?)

At the same time, Africa, Kilimanjaro volcano.

This active volcano is full of ancient passages, caves carved by ancient giants. They use their own wisdom to divert lava, dig channels, create shelter, and build a great underground palace in the volcano. This intricate giant labyrinth is excavated with a miracle. Although it is a simple cave, the giants polished the cave walls to be smooth and smooth. In addition to the unique dryness and high temperature of volcanoes, the underground palace has been kept clean and clean for thousands of years.

A red-haired knight, groping gently, entered this volcanic underground palace.

In the past three weeks, he has traveled almost all over Africa to find something.

He is wearing red and black dragon armor decorated with red dragon scales and black dragon scales. Part of it is the black dragon armor he once owned, and part of it is from hunting fire dragons in order to increase his resistance to fire magic. of.

Exquisite craftsmen tanned the red dragon scales and the black dragon scales seamlessly, so that the red dragon’s high temperature resistance and the black dragon’s anti-strike ability were perfectly integrated, and finally this set of powerful and beautiful red and black dragon armor was created.

If it was in the past, the arrogant red-haired knight would definitely show off this armor everywhere. But now he has almost no time to rest. This is his last week, and if he doesn’t find the treasure he was looking for soon, his loved ones will be in danger.

He went deep into the hinterland of Africa, looking for a lost ancient weapon, the flaming magic sword in Norse mythology – Revadin.

Only this magic weapon can generate a powerful and unparalleled high fever, and burn the person the red-haired knight wants to kill without leaving a single ash!

This is the only way Ser Kay Aktor has thought of, and belongs to him, to assassinate Gunther Pantoracken!

A succubus might burn for ten days and nights without dying. But the regenerative ability of the succubus is definitely not comparable to the destructive power of the flame sword, at least Kai thinks so.

And soon, he will find this magic weapon.

While he was thinking so, a lava troll appeared behind him, swinging down a huge stone rod in his hand!

Kai felt the movement behind him and immediately turned sideways to dodge.

“Crack!” The stone stick hit the ground heavily, and even this shock wave had lethal power!

Kay was only in a block position, being blown back a few feet as the shock wave arrived.

He immediately disarmed, raised his flaming spear, and stabbed the lava troll!

Lava trolls are inherently extremely heat-resistant monsters, and Kai’s flame guns can’t cause particularly great damage to opponents. However, taking advantage of his agility and agility, he kept stabbing his spear at every vital part of his opponent’s body!

A blow pierced the lava troll’s abdomen, and the monster endured the pain and flew towards Kai. Kai turned around to dodge the pounce, and at the same time, seeing the opportunity, he shot deeply into the head of the lava troll!

“Ow!” The monster struggled for a while before moving.

“Humph!” Kai retracted his gun and was about to leave.

“Ow!” Who knows that the lava troll is just swindling the corpse, its head is not completely smashed, but it also drives the movement of the body, and then flies towards Kai!

“Naive!” Kay, who had been on guard for a long time, raised his spear and pierced the troll’s heart with one blow!

The lava troll, completely dead, slumped to the ground in front of Kai. Kai patted the dust on his armor and moved on.

However, he was unfortunate. The sound of the fight just now attracted more lava trolls.

Five lava trolls have emerged from various caves, one by one with stone sticks on guard.

“Come if you want!” Kai said.

The trolls swarmed.

However, these clumsy creatures are not cooperative at all, they just attack randomly with the stone sticks in their hands.

Although there are many enemies, such a melee is full of advantages for Kai. All he had to do was dodge between the trolls and watch the stupid creatures attack each other.

One troll smashed his stone rod into the face of another troll, who roared in dissatisfaction, and raised his stone rod in return. This retaliatory strike botched another troll in the abdomen, and the troll who was hit in the abdomen kicked angrily. The kick hit another troll’s shin, and the kicked troll jumped with pain on his injured leg, dropping a stone stick that hit the other troll’s toe!

The trolls are already in a They seem to have forgotten their original purpose and instead kill each other, fighting each other to death!

Kai rushed over and shot one to death. Four trolls fell, and the remaining troll thought he had won and started dancing.

“What are you happy about?!” Kai gave a sullen smile and rushed to pierce the troll’s heart with a shot, resulting in this sad and ridiculous monster.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Kai finally regained his composure. He has been on the road these days and has almost no time to rest. He is already exhausted.

Just a little bit. In a little while, you can find the flaming magic sword Raivadine. After that, he can go back and have a good rest before preparing for the plan to assassinate Gunther.

His eyelids begin to droop.

It’s a little…just?

He felt dizzy. By the time he understood what was going on, he fell forward involuntarily.

He was hit **** the back of the head. The heavy stone stick slammed into his helmet, though not fatal, it left him dazed.

His helmet rolled out immediately, Kay lay on the ground, looked at the dented helmet, and then struggled to look back at the enemy who was attacking from behind.

The twenty-foot-tall lava troll lord, holding a stone stick, stomped on Kai’s back.

Kai vomited a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

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