Light Spirit Epic Chapter 223: Looking for the first time in the fairyland


Chapter 223: Finding Traces in Wonderland (Part 1)

Arthur winked and motioned Bedivere to rescue Tristan on the roof, while he walked slowly among the fields to the flower field not far away.

He had already noticed that the red fire dragon evil star was prostrate in the field. The dragon, who was seriously injured in yesterday’s battle, did not teleport back to his nest, but was waiting in this field.

In the flower field full of [Breath of the Sky], there are noctilucent insects flying from time to time, and the evil star grabs a few and eats them. That little worm was originally a supreme delicacy for dragons, but Shaxing looked unhappy.

“Want to eat?” The evil star asked when he saw Arthur approaching.

“I don’t eat bugs like you guys do. It’s disgusting,” Arthur said.

“This thing is basically a photon, and the nature of the bug is not very obvious.” Shaxing grabbed another luminous bug and handed it to Arthur, “Since you also have dragon blood, you should be able to eat it. Something to replenish the body. Eat one, the injury will heal quickly.”

Arthur couldn’t help but feel angry, this was his flower field, why was the evil star “inviting” him to eat insects.

However, he still reached out and grabbed a noctilucent insect to eat. It shattered immediately in his mouth, and the taste was slightly crispy.

(And, it has six times the protein of beef.)

“How’s it going?” Shaoxing asked.

“It’s okay…” Arthur swallowed the thing, “It might be better to cook it.”

“If you cook, the inherent photons will be decomposed into free photons due to heat.” Sha Xing said, “Humans are not capable of cooking luminous insects. The elves in the past were able to do it. They used special methods to cook luminous insects, and then used The flour made from this thing is eaten with the nectar of Breath of the Sky, and the nectar bread made from it is the supreme delicacy for any creature.”

Arthur’s mouth was watering. Although he hates sweets.

“You know very well about the elves?” Arthur sneered, “It’s obviously just a dragon.”

“My queen mother enjoys a high reputation in the world of elves, you ignorant human being!” Shaxing scolded, “The elves not only revere my queen mother, but also often send us all kinds of delicious food for us Enjoy. Dragons and elves are friendly allies, but you humans don’t know it.”

“Oh?” Arthur said disdainfully, “During the [Dragon Slaying War] 5,000 years ago, I never heard the intervention of the elves?”

However, he immediately regretted his stupid words. Sure enough, Sha Xing immediately spit out a sentence: “It’s strange that the elves who follow pacifism will intervene.”

It was precisely because of the disturbances between humans and dragons that there was no peace in the world at that time, and the elves couldn’t stand such annoying days, so they fled into the [Elysian’s Pure Land] created by them.

It is a different space that distorts the laws of causality. There is no aging and death, no hunger and disease, an ideal world.

The elves hid in a different world created by themselves.

Until now.

The evil star looked at Arthur in deep thought, and he asked, “Do you remember what I asked you to promise to do for me yesterday?”

“Remember,” said Arthur, sitting at the dragon’s feet. “When your injury heals, we’ll go.”

“Don’t wait.” The evil star said, “I can’t wait any longer, let’s go now.”


The evil star got up, instantly became huge, and planned to fly. But the injury on his body, especially the internal injury, caused a sharp pain all over his body, and he slammed his head on the ground.

“Look, don’t force it, the dragon’s life is so long, and it won’t die if you wait a day or two more.” Arthur said.

“I can’t wait.” The evil star said, “I’ve been wondering for thousands of years, and I can’t wait to find out what’s going on right away. I must find Elaison’s Pure Land.”

“And that kid’s necklace is the only clue!” the dragon roared excitedly.

“The possibility that that is a clue remains to be studied.” Arthur said, “Now, calm down and sit down.”

“How do you tell me to calm down?! Do you know what’s in the Pure Land?!” Sha Xing roared.

“I don’t know.” Arthur took out the white scales of the contract left by Xianvia from his pocket, “You two brothers will discuss it slowly.”

“Arthur!” As soon as the frost dragon Xianvia was summoned, he immediately scolded, “Do you know that I am eating?! You better have a suitable reason for calling me, otherwise——”

“I found the clue to Elisen’s Pure Land.” The Red Fire Dragon Shaxing interrupted his brother’s words.

“What? Really?!” Baishuang Long Xianvia lost his anger for a moment, he sat down, and pretended to say calmly, “Are you sure that’s the real clue? I don’t want to waste time again– —-“

“No one can be 100% sure. However, no matter how small the possibility is, it is worth trying.” Red Fire Dragon said.

“…Then, let’s talk slowly, I’ll go back to rest first.” Arthur was about to leave.

“Don’t run! Where do you want to go?!” Sha Xing hurriedly called out, “Take us now to find that half-elf boy.”

“But, it’s so late, and you can’t fly yet——“

“I’ll make an exception for you humans to ride.” The Hoarfrost Dragon on the side shouted, “Come up quickly.”

The base of the Knights of the Western Heavens, Ettenberg.

“Ha!” Gaia knight Owen swung a sword.

Evan, who was blindfolded with a cloth, gently turned sideways, dodging Owen’s sword strike.

Swipe! Owen attacked again, and he drew three swords in an instant!

Evan turned sideways, prostrate, and then leaned back, avoiding all three swords.

Owen raised his sword and stabbed forward, pointing straight at Ivan’s throat!

Seeing that his body was still leaning back, Evan didn’t have time to dodge. He simply flipped back, kicked Owen’s sword-holding hand, and kicked this deadly sword stab away!

Owen grabbed Ivan’s feet with his hand that wasn’t that sword, intending to throw him out into the air!

Evan kicked with the other foot, forcing Owen to let go.

At the same time, Owen drew another sword, chasing after Evan who flew out of the sky!

Not good!

Ivan couldn’t dodge in mid-air, was slashed by a knife and cut off in the middle!


The surrounding lights dimmed.

“The mock battle is over. The winner, Owen Ewings.”

“Damn.” Evan got up repeatedly, “I’ve been practicing for so long, is it still not good?”

Owen helped his younger brother, “Mind and Eye is almost done, but the most basic fighting skills cannot be acquired overnight. Like the situation just now, even if you can sense your opponent with Mind and Eye. No matter how you shoot the next blow, your body can’t react. The volley time is the most dangerous in battle. Basically, you can’t dodge effectively in the volley, you can only let the opponent attack.”

“Well, I see, brother is so wordy.” Evan said dissatisfied. He clearly knew that it would take a long time to practice close combat well, and that was years, or even decades, of combat experience accumulated. He’s only been practicing for a few weeks, and he can’t catch up at all.

This is why he admires Arthur more and more. Ivan always shoots cold shots in the distance, he has never experienced that kind of close-quarters combat. To be able to engage in close combat with such a huge risk of casualties, Arthur and each of them are brave warriors.

“Owen,” Evan asked, “you say, is it possible for me to win that Gunser like this?”

“If that succubus is really as strong as you describe…you definitely won’t have a chance of winning.” Owen analyzed Even if you use the mind-eye technique proficiently ? ‘ asked Evan.

“Mind and Eyes are not invincible. You know how the enemy will attack, but your body can’t escape. There are too many situations like this.” Ao Yun said.

“Your only chance to win,” Ao Yun thought for a while, “is to always focus on dodging and defense. Then, when you have the right time to counterattack, one hit will kill you.”

This is actually exactly the same as Arthur’s usual tactics. This is the only way for the weak to win when faced with an opponent much stronger than themselves.

Of course, the risk is still very high to successfully evade all the opponent’s attacks. If you are not careful, you will fall into a desperate situation and become irreversible.

Arthur has always fought like this. He has been playing for his life.

Ivan couldn’t help but imagine the arduous task of his task: he had to avoid Gunther’s attacks one by one, but also concentrate on using [Holy] to stab the opponent’s weakness. I am afraid there is only one chance, if it fails, there is no possibility of escape!

With such a daunting task, it would be nice to have Kai on the side. Damn Kai, where did you go to practice? !

Just when Ivan wondered, the alarm in the base had sounded.

“Attack! There is an attack by a dragon!” shouted the knight running outside the corridor.

“Dragon?” Evan seemed to think of something.

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