Light Spirit Epic Chapter 220: East Heaven


Chapter 220: The Chapter of the East Heaven (Beginning) Preparation for War in Daily Life (Part 1)

The next day.

Arthur opens his eyes and finds himself lying on a hospital bed, bandaged like a mummy.

This scent…is that Greenville next to me?

But his eyes couldn’t see very well, and the morning sun made him see things hazy for a while.

“Arthur seems to be awake,” Greenville said.

Who is this being reported to? While Arthur was wondering, the figures of three men walked in. Although Arthur couldn’t see clearly, he guessed from these figures that the three were three heavenly knights.

“Arthur, can you hear me?” asked the Duke of Yones, “nod your head if you hear me.”

Arthur wanted to open his mouth to respond, but his throat was so dry that it was like fire, so he had to nod his head in agreement.

“You finally defeated the three Heavenly Knights,” said the Grand Duke Hall. From his figure, it can be seen that his severed hands have been successfully connected and bandaged, “the last Heavenly Knight said. A knight…that’s Palinlor.”

Palinlor, the Palinlor with the power of ten thousand people. Arthur thought to himself that he could finally fight this Palinlor to avenge the revenge that was completely ignored at the beginning.

“I really hope you can win. But, in one-on-one terms, Palinlor is invincible.” Celestial Knight Leon Digens said, “That guy is a monster favored by photons. Anything No one can go head-to-head with him and win.”

“Besides, with his bullish temper, once he kills his eyes, he doesn’t know what it means to be merciful. You may be killed by his wrong hands.” Euns said, “So, if you don’t have confidence , it is better to give up as soon as possible.”

“However, we still pray that you can win Palinlore.” Leon Dickens said, “If you lose, it will be our turn to continue the duel with Palinlore until someone decides the final It’s up to the winner. This kind of show-off duel is too troublesome, it’s better to finish it quickly.”

“Blessings to you, may you succeed in defeating Palinlor.” The heavenly knights said, and then left together.

Arthur sighed softly. Greenville on the side couldn’t help but say, “I have never seen a father who has such high expectations for a person. Arthur, you are really——“

I will never be king of Pantoracken. Arthur retorted in his heart.

Arthur closed his eyes again and fell asleep for a while, and when he woke up again, it was already evening.

“Arthur,” Bedivere was sitting in front of Arthur’s bed, “Are you hungry? There is some oatmeal here. Miss Greenway said you can only eat liquid food these days, so make do with it. Would you like something to eat?”

Arthur tried to get up, but his hands and feet were covered in casts and he was not very obedient.

“Don’t move, I’ll feed you.” Bedivere said.

“No, idiot.” Arthur felt awkward.

“Shy, no one else sees it,” Bedivere laughed, “and, I owe Arthur a lot.”

Arthur thinks of the people of Bedivere.

“What’s wrong with them?” Arthur asked as he ate his oatmeal.

“The Mage took Pakoff and the others away, and said they could help take care of them. Pakoff and the others could also understand some simple commands, and they just happened to help the Mage’s research room with some chores.” Bedivere road.

“…Merlin, the old fox, just earned fifteen free slaves.” Arthur sighed, “You idiot sold your clan to the mage?”

“Even so—-” Bedivere showed a sad expression for a moment, “At least, their lives are still settled. The mage is not a bad person, and I can rest assured to hand over the people to him.”

“You should take care of them yourself,” Arthur said, “that’s how-“

“If I’m going to deal with them, I’ll have to leave you, Arthur.” Bedivere said, “No, I can’t.”

“They are your relatives.”

“Arthur, so do you.” Bedivere looked at Arthur with concentration.

“Don’t project your feelings for your brother onto me.” Arthur said, “Enough, you don’t need to feed it, I’ll eat it myself.”

“But, Arthur, you still——“

The plaster of his arm shattered under Arthur’s force, and he casually reached out and took the oatmeal, “Don’t come and tell me to rest, let’s go out and play.”

Bedivere looked at Arthur like this and couldn’t help but sigh.

He curls up like a hedgehog, keeping others out of reach with spikes and hedges.

Perhaps Arthur has sensed that something he’s about to carry will drag everyone around him into disaster.

Even so, Bedivere will follow blindly. He had already made up his mind to do so.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Arthur staggered out of the house for a breath of fresh air. Only then did he realize that the farm he rented seemed to have been remodeled.

“What are you doing, Palamidis?” Arthur asked, looking at the Leopard Man with a hammer and a plank.

“I’m… getting a temporary cabin.” Palamedis said embarrassedly, “Your farmhouse is too small, and if we don’t get this done tonight, we’ll have to sleep in the stables. .”

“You still have serious internal injuries, forget?” Arthur asked.

“I’m fine, this internal injury will not stop me from building a log cabin, right?”

“Idiot.” Arthur threw a bag of money to the Leopard Man. “Today, you should go to a hotel in the city first. You and your two children can’t be slept together in a makeshift log cabin. “


“You should hurry up and settle your children.” Arthur said, “The farmhouse is in danger of being attacked by Assassins, and it would be inappropriate for them to live here. For the sake of Saifel and Segley For the happiness of Germany, you must put them in a safe place.”

The leopard warrior wanted to say something, but after he stopped and thought about it for a while, he agreed with Arthur’s words. “I do have a few friends who can help take care of the two boys. Maybe it’s safer to leave them there.”

“Then go,” Arthur said.

“It’s a long way to go. I’ll come back to you as soon as I settle them down.”

Arthur sighed, the dull leopard didn’t understand Arthur at all.

“You also don’t come here for a There will be a **** storm in this place. You have such a serious injury, you are not suitable to be involved in this kind of thing.” Arthur said.


“That oath?” Arthur looked at the magic engraving on the Leopard Man’s head, “It’s okay. You’re free. The only order you have left is — don’t listen to me anymore. “

Palamides finally understands Arthur’s intentions. He then said to Arthur with a face of humiliation, anger, and embarrassment: “Arthur…you are such a despicable person. Let me owe you a debt without giving me a chance to pay it back. Why do you always look down on people like this?! Damn it.”

“You’ve helped me a lot, don’t you think it’s not enough?” Arthur said.

The Leopard Man shook his head. He used to be a selfish person, but now, the matter of two children has completely changed him.

Arthur is helpless. It seems that Palamidis will not easily accept a task that is difficult enough to him.

“Okay, since you say so.” Arthur endured the pain in his arm and wrote a small note, “After settling your child, I want you to go to this place and wait for someone. He will need you. help, I think.”

The Leopard Man took the note and looked at it. He didn’t know the mystery contained in it, he just wanted to complete this task quickly, and then… come back to help the king.

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