Light Spirit Epic Chapter 215: Losing to Betrayal (Part 1)


Chapter 215 Lost in Betrayal (Part 1)

Ten minutes later.

“It’s like this again!?” Merlin muttered while helping the leopard man.

“… Archmage Lau is here for you.” Palamedis regained a little energy.

“Okay, I’ll take the people of Palamidis and Bedivere back. I can teleport all of you away in three times.” Merlin said.

Arthur looked at Ryder the Rabbit beside him. The guy seemed to be making some bad ideas, which made Arthur very uneasy. But there was no other way. Now that the time was running out, Merlin had to let it go.

“The first batch!” Merlin teleported away with six werewolves.

It didn’t take long for him to come back, “Okay, the second batch!”

“Okay.” Merlin came back again. The long-distance teleportation back and forth made him a little tired.

“Are you okay, Merlin?” Arthur asked worriedly.

“No… there is a problem, I can still use it a dozen times to teleport.” Merlin touched the sweat on his forehead.

Arthur knew that Merlin’s teleportation magic was vastly different from ordinary teleportation techniques. I’m afraid it was a very sophisticated magic, which increased the number of times it could be used in disguise.

However, if humans use so much magic at one time, won’t there be petrification punishment? Merlin’s body is really okay? !

I just hope he’s not trying to be brave…

There are three werewolves left, plus the mage, plus Palamidis, and there are two places left.

“Tristan, Evan, how are you?!” Arthur said.

“Not yet, I haven’t made the perfect maze yet!” Tristan replied from the communicator.

“Idiot, just delay the guards properly, don’t make it so complicated!” Arthur shouted, “come back right away!”

“Tsk. Well, retreat now——“

Arthur looked at Lian Yin and Bedivere on the side, “You two go back with the mage first.”

“Shouldn’t Ryder be sent off first?!” Bedivere protested, “He’s not a fighter!”

“Noisy! Who wants to send that guy first!” Arthur looked at Rabbit Ryder with a terrifying look, “I don’t fully trust him yet!”

Sending Ryder to a pack of werewolves without someone who can effectively watch over him is as dangerous as putting a wolf in a sheepfold.

The mage took the group away, and at the same time Ryder looked at Arthur, “Why do you always doubt me. With my tattered body, I can’t even run. Do you have to doubt me?” ?”

“Rabbit, your mind is not stupid. Even if your body is not good, you may not be able to think of a conspiracy to harm us, right?” Arthur said coldly.

Rabbit Ryder didn’t speak, only he knew what he was thinking.

Archmage Merlin arrived when Tristan and Evan rushed back.

Merlin’s lower body was petrified.

“Merlin!?” Arthur shouted in surprise.

“It doesn’t matter,” Merlin said, “this body is good enough for one teleportation, and then it will be completely petrified, but I will recover after a twelve-hour rest.”

Arthur finally understood. It turned out that Merlin was able to use magic so recklessly because he had a physique similar to Patimo.

Once the lotus sound is petrified, it needs to sleep for 48 hours. Merlin says he only needs to sleep for twelve hours? Isn’t this… on top of the Patima created by the ancients? !

“Okay, everyone is ready!” Arthur pressed the detonator of the bomb, “Go!”


The scene around the group changed, and immediately they were in a flat field on the outskirts of the Nantian Knights base.

Arthur looked back at Merlin. The Archmage was completely petrified.

“Have a good dream, Merlin.” Arthur said.

“Humph.” A sneer appeared on Rabbit’s face at this time. The Archmage was petrified and the Leopard was badly wounded, and this was the perfect time for him to execute his plan.

He sneaks a controller out of his stomach pocket and presses it.

Click. The handcuffs on the hands of the fifteen werewolves fell to the ground.

The people of Bedivere begin to transform into giant monsters!

“No!!!” Bedivere exclaimed.

“You bastard!!” Arthur saw the handcuffs on the ground and knew it was Ryder’s doing.

“You can kill me.” Ryder looked at Arthur indifferently, “but you can’t stop these runaway guys unless you kill them all.”

When Arthur slaughtered all of Bedivere’s people, Ryder’s revenge was complete. All the pain and humiliation that Ryder had suffered will be returned to Bedivere at that moment.

“Do you hate me so much, Ryder?!” Bedivere drew his weapon.

“Yes.” Rabbit Man looked at his former friend with two lines of tears in his eyes.

“Throat ah ah ah ah!” The monsters started to run away, it would be bad if they ran into the city! ……It would be even worse if the knights of the Southern Sky Knights caught up to kill these monsters first!

What should I do? !

In the early morning sun, a silver shadow passed by. Bols, the dragon man golem who came to receive Archmage Merlin, saw the chaos here.

He charged at a high speed and chopped off the leg of one of the monsters with one sword!

“Wow!” The monster was still trying to struggle, but the dragon golem had already landed on the ground, and a blade popped out of his arm.

“Don’t kill them!!” Bedivere hurriedly shouted.

Boles took a knife and fell, a…arm that chopped off a monster!

“What are you waiting for! I’m here to help and hold them down!” Boles shouted.

“Got it!” Arthur kicked Ryder to the ground with a heavy kick, “I won’t let you succeed, I won’t let you hurt Bedivere!”

“You bunny scum, just watch from the side!”

Arthur, Tristan, Evan and Renine rush out to hunt down the fleeing werewolves.

In less than a minute, Arthur slashed down four werewolves with his sword, Tristan froze three with ice magic, Lian Yin also stabbed two with an ice arrow, and Evan froze the other two werewolves The monster’s leg was shot through, and Boles, who caught up, cut down one with his sword, and knocked out two others with a punch!

The fifteen werewolves were instantly defeated by the crowd, and they all suffered serious injuries, but were still alive.

“Those who are not under control, just act by instinct. Although there are many, they are not too difficult to deal with.” Arthur retracted his sword and saw the knights of the Southern Sky Knights coming.

“Don’t kill them!” Arthur shouted to the knights, “Just send them to the infirmary!”

Then he walked back and looked at Ryder: “What should I do with you next?”

Rabbit Ryder looked at Arthur with a look of fear.

“Oh my God!” Greenville looked at the fifteen werewolf boys and girls lying in the medical room.

“You… want me to sew them up?” Constantine asked, swallowing

“Not just the physical injury, but here.” Arthur pointed to his head, “Craniotomy, please.”

“All fifteen people underwent craniotomy?!” Greenville was shocked, “couldn’t that kind of mechanical spider run out again——“

“I don’t deny the possibility.” Arthur said, “I will also be on guard.”

“It’s my share too,” said Boles, the dragon man golem.

Greenville looked at the weird golem, and sighed, “Okay, whatever. Craniotomy at two o’clock in the afternoon, so you know it. Now let’s get these kids out of the way. The hands and feet are connected.”

Arthur and Boles walk out of the infirmary. As soon as Bedivere came up, he said, “Thank you, Mr. Bolles, if it wasn’t for your help, a lot of my people would have died.”

The dragon man golem did not speak, he looked at the archmage Merlin who turned into a stone statue: “Master Mage is vulnerable during his dormancy. Can you please protect him?”

“Wrap it on us!” Tristan said, pulling Bedivere.

“Okay.” The golem looked at Bedivere dispassionately. Bedivere looked at Boles with a subtle expression. Arthur looked at Bedivere and Boles, and vaguely understood something in his heart.

Merlin is a genius.

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