Light Spirit Epic Chapter 213: Rapid attack in the morning light


Chapter 213: Assault on Morning Light (Part 2)

“Are you all ready?” Arthur asked as they assembled.

“Then, continue to sweep the upper floors and kill all the people in this institute.” Arthur said without emotion, “Palamidis, are you sure you can do it? “

“No problem.” The Leopard Man picked up the photon dagger* given by Arthur and said confidently.

(*Note: I chose this because the photon friction effect of the dagger is minimal, and the swinging speed is very fast, to supplement the current lack of speed of Palamides.)

“Is it really possible? The guards here look very strict.” Evan said, he was using the eagle eye technique to observe the movements of all creatures within five kilometers.

“Look at me.”

Ten minutes later, the research institute is on the second basement floor.

The tiger guard saw a ball of paper rolling next to him. He noticed the abnormality and walked over to check.

A blue figure passed behind him, and then the tiger man twitched and fell to the ground.

A hole had been opened on his cervical vertebra by the photon dagger, and the wound burned by the high heat of the photon dagger did not shed a drop of blood, only a slight burst of green smoke and a burning smell.

“So it is.” Arthur walked over and said, “destroyed the central nervous system, and his heart stopped, unable to regenerate and had to wait for death. But, does this matter? The burnt smell looks very good. It is easy to detect.”

“No.” Palamidis moved the corpse and stuffed it into the ventilation pipe. “There are many wires in the ventilation pipe, and there are often problems with short-circuiting and scorching of various wires. This smell guards have long ago. As long as the taste is not too strong, there will be no doubts.”

“Really. You know it well,” Arthur said.

“I was also the guard of the research institute, and I climbed up step by step to my current status – but I don’t have any status now, hehe.” The leopard warrior smiled wryly.

“Since you have been in the research institute, you should be very aware of your eldest son——“

“The research on the basement of the institute is top secret. Not to mention a mere guard, even many big figures in the institute may not know all about it.” Palamidis explained, “Fox people are very cunning. , they take the confidentiality of information very seriously.”

“Yet you tried to find your child.” Arthur hit the nail on the head.

Palamides was stunned for a moment, wondering how Arthur knew, “How could you—”

“Last time you went on a killing spree in that research institute, and the places where the bodies were hidden were all places with weak security guards. It shows that you have really carefully studied their security configuration.” Arthur said, “And You are also familiar with the areas where classified research is conducted, have you tried to infiltrate once?”

Palamidis scratched his head embarrassedly, “Well…only once. Then I gave up….I heard children cry in the ventilation ducts. The sound was so shrill, it’s horrifying to think about it now.

I’m terrified to actually see Zephyr (To’vir) being tortured by the researcher. I was terrified of encountering… a dilemma when I had the chance to save him, but didn’t dare to. “

“Have you now repented of your hesitation and weakness?” Arthur asked.

“…Last night I spoke to Syfer (Tol’ville) and Seglade (Lavis) once and told them all I ever did. … Phil said he forgave me.”

“That’s good.” Arthur said, “Be nice to your children and make up for your past mistakes. When you can truly forgive yourself, this matter will be over.”

“I know, Arthur.” The leopard warrior gave Arthur a bitter smile, “Thank you, Arthur.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Arthur pretended to be stupid.

Arthur really did nothing but perform the Fourth Miracle. Also, no one remembers what happened, except Arthur and Merlin.

Even Bedivere casually calls out the new names of the three Panthers, which shows that the Fourth Miracle’s influence on reality (Kama) is world-wide.

Not only changed three people, but actually directly changed people all over the world. Everyone who calls “Covis” “Palamidis” has been influenced by the Fourth Miracle.

A communication came from Tristan’s side, “Arthur, have you finished the sweep? The bombs have been loaded here, just waiting for you to sweep the negative floor as well.”

“The sweeping of the negative second floor is completed, and now we will go to the negative first floor.” Arthur said, “Merlin, Bedi, how is the situation on your side?”

“Well, Arthur, you’d better come and see this for yourself,” Bedivere said.

Arthur and Palamides exchange a wink.

“Go, I’ll be in charge of sweeping on the first floor. It’s more convenient to move alone. I’ll join Tristan’s team in a while.”

Arthur nodded to the Leopard Man and went to meet Bedivere.

He just arrived in a small cell. Bedivere saw Arthur and pointed to the man in the cell.

Those were dozens of werewolf boys and girls. The people of Bedivere.

“This is Pakov, my cousin.” Bedivere pointed to a gray-black werewolf boy, and said, “He is also the current … patriarch of the Eskimo.”

“What, what?” Arthur was startled, the werewolf clan’s patriarch was actually such a kid, then——

“That’s right,” Bedivere said with a wry smile, “the adults have all been killed. The remaining fifteen people here are all of our Eskimos.”

The sign hanging in front of the werewolf boy that read “Patriarch: Pakoff, Subject No. 12553” seemed ironic and ridiculous at this time.

No one could laugh.

Basically, it is equivalent to being exterminated. The remaining dozen or so boys and girls are trapped like livestock in this research institute.

Bedivere reached into the cage and patted his cousin Pakov’s head. The werewolf boy didn’t respond, as if he didn’t feel Bedivere’s existence at all.

What do the foxes do? !

“Hypnotized? Brainwashed? Or——” Arthur thought of the mechanical spider implanted in Ryder’s brain, and he couldn’t help horrified.

“Evan, can you use eagle eyes to examine the internal structure of the creature?” Arthur asked through the communicator.

“It may be possible, but I have to touch the other person’s body.” Evan replied.

“Come here, there are some experimental subjects that you need to check.” Arthur said.

Ten minutes later.

“Yeah.” Evan released his hand on top of the werewolf boy’s head, “Yes, there is a mechanical implant installed in their brain. I can’t see it clearly, I don’t know if it’s the one you said” The controller of Super Soldier’s. But it’s not too far away.”

Arthur remembered yesterday’s craniotomy. He had to take out the controller and deal with that living mechanical spider.

However, these children are the last of Bedivere’s clan. You can’t save them.

“…They’re already dead.” Ryder, who was carried by Bedivere, whispered.


“They are different from me. They can’t bear the implant modification, so they become such idiots without thinking ability.” Ryder said, “Even if they can take out the controller, they are still such idiots, and they will be such idiots all their lives. It won’t change.”

“…Well, I’ll take care of them all.” Bedivere said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re an idiot, or you can’t take care of yourself, I’ll take care of them all. I—”

“You haven’t been able to take care of yourself yet,” Ryder said.

Stabbed so hard by Ryder’s words, Bedivere is speechless.

“Anyway, let’s get them out of the cage first.” Arthur looked at the ragged werewolf boys and girls, “…are you sure they won’t attack us as soon as they are released?”

“…This, there is no definite evidence.” Even Bedivere was afraid. The fact that Ryder turned into a monster and almost succeeded in capturing Bedivere still left a huge shadow in Bedie’s heart.

No one dares to open this cage until there is no definitive proof that these werewolves will not be contained.

“Arthur, what if I wiped out the entire institute?” Palamidis asked.

“The source of the signal that controls them is not necessarily in this institute.” Arthur said.

“Then… what should I do?”

Everyone was suddenly caught in a dilemma. The Institute cannot be destroyed without saving them. But he didn’t dare to rescue these young girls who “don’t know if they are monsters”.

What should I do?

“I knew you were unreliable,” Ryder said, pulling out several handcuffs from his pocket.

“This is?”

“There is a small enchantment generator inside,” Ryder said. “Cuffing this to their hands will prevent them from gathering photons. If you can’t gather photons, you can’t go crazy.”

Even if they can turn into monsters, as long as they are handcuffed, they will be safe.

Arthur was still doubting what the rabbit said. He didn’t like the rabbit from the beginning to the end, so he handed the handcuff to Merlin: “Check it to see if it is true.”

“He makes a lot of sense. Orcs do need to absorb photons to transform into madness.” Merlin fiddled with the handcuffs, “There’s no problem with this item, it can indeed create an enchantment and prevent the wearer from collecting photons- —–This thing was originally used by the Mage Association to detain some rebellious Mage and prevent them from using magic indiscriminately.”

“…Okay, I’ll trust you again, Rabbit.” Arthur suppressed the doubts in his heart, “Give me fifteen handcuffs to put on these werewolves.”

“Okay, one 3,000 gold coins, fifteen pieces totaling 45,000—–“

“What?! You **** who takes advantage of the fire!” Arthur angrily said In business, you should know that the current situation requires you to use this tool. “The rabbit said coldly.

“Dead Rabbit—” Arthur gritted his teeth in anger, “Okay, here it is. I should have killed you and cut that **** pocket from your belly, no need to haggle with you at all. !”

“What does that have to do with robbers, Arthur?” Bedivere scolded.

“Humph! This **** rabbit should have been killed long ago.” Arthur counted the money and threw a bag of gold coins to Ryder.

Ryder didn’t answer, just took the money and took out all the handcuffs.

“Merlin, check all of these handcuffs. I don’t want to see someone take these out to be shoddy.”

Merlin checked again and again, winked and told Arthur, “No problem.”

After releasing the werewolf boys and girls from their cells, handcuffed them one by one, and then Arthur tied the handcuffs on their hands together with a rope and asked Bedivere to hold them.

“It feels like a slave trader is pulling a group of slaves.” Bedivere said with a wry smile.

“Just be patient.” Arthur said.

Ryder watched the werewolves, secretly planning a way to hurt Bedivere badly.

His revenge is far from over.

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