Light Spirit Epic Chapter 208: The plan is in the dark cloud (middle)


Chapter 208: The Dark Cloud (Part 2)

While walking down the corridor, Justinian said, “My God. You have three kings here.”

“Uh, what?” Arthur was at a loss.

“I’m talking about light veins.” Justinian said, “Master Arthur himself is one. I saw a child with one when I passed by just now. Before visiting the chess room of the Grand Duke Hall, he was also one. .

A huge vein of light flows around the three of you. That child is no less than Your Excellency, and the Grand Duke Hall is even more bizarre. His light pulse actually flows in the opposite direction. “

“I…don’t quite understand what you mean?”

“Lord Arthur,” Justinian said, “for example, you, the light pulses in your body, are the photons in the world gathered around you. To put it simply—–

——You are the master of fate.

However, the Grand Duke Hall is the opposite. The light pulse on his body is radiated with him as the center.

——Fate is his master. “Justinian is mysterious and authentic.

After a couple of small chats, Justinian got to the point.

“Master Arthur, I came to see you this time not for anything else, but just to confirm whether you Pantoracken have any intention of participating in the war.”

“Of course there is, otherwise why would you propose an alliance?” Arthur asked inexplicably.

“Since there is, why are you engaged in civil war at one time, and [Battle of the Five Kings] at the same time?” Justinian’s tone was vaguely angry, “and at the beginning of the day, he went to London as an envoy, and was subject to parliamentary support. Reception… What I saw was just a smoky, dazzling parliament. How could you Pantoracken survive under the rule of such a parliament? I really feel sorry for you few heavenly knights.”

Arthur sighed. Even a foreign envoy commented on the parliament like this, it seems that the parliament is really hopeless.

“That’s the reason for the civil war. The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens of the Knights of the Northern Sky and the Grand Duke of Yones of the Knights of the Western Sky both oppose the rule of the Parliament, believing that the current Parliament is corrupt and incompetent.” Se explained, “[The Battle of the Five Kings] was about electing [king] from among the knights of heaven, and replacing the council with the power of the king.”

“Is this reasonable? Do you think that a king can be elected by a duel alone? Can a king with a vain reputation overthrow such a huge organization as the Parliament and restore the order of Pantoracken?” Denny questioned mercilessly.

“I don’t think so.” Arthur sighed and drew the sword of kings, “but I vaguely feel that there seems to be some secret in this holy sword.”

“Well, the sword of kings.” Justinian squinted and looked at the holy sword carefully, “Can I touch it?”

“Do it yourself.” Arthur handed the sword to Justinian.

The young envoy holds the sword carefully. Just as Arthur’s hand left the King’s Sword, Justinian felt a strange change in the holy sword. It instantly lost its golden luster.

Anyone other than Arthur held it in his hand, and it was bleak.

As soon as the holy sword touches anyone’s hand, it immediately releases photons drawn from countless parallel universes. The number of photons in these other worlds is so large that no one can swing the sword. The holy sword will remain stuck in the space it is currently in.

Realizing this, Justinian immediately put on thick leather gloves, and then he took the holy sword, finally being able to handle this strange ancient weapon.

“Well… it is indeed the highest masterpiece left by the ancients,” he said.

“How do you feel?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“The reason why Arthur can wield this sword should have something to do with your own physique.” Justinian analyzed, “Once the holy sword is held in the hand, it will automatically release A lot of photons, so much that humans can’t swing it anymore. However, when Lord Arthur is holding it—” He handed the sword back to Arthur and motioned Arthur to get it. Once Arthur took the sword in his hand, the sword of the king radiated a dazzling golden brilliance.

“This is a special excess light response, that’s right.” Justinian said, “Master Arthur, when you held the holy sword, your body and the holy sword had a certain resonance reaction, and the holy sword originally emitted a certain resonance reaction. On the layer of otherworldly photons, a layer of photon vacuum is ‘wrapped’.”

“Really, vacuum?”

“Yes, that barrier-like force field repels the photons in the surrounding space, avoiding the contact between the photons emitted from the holy sword and the surrounding photons. So, Your Excellency can swing the holy sword. The sword is gone.”

Justinian laughed, “The so-called battle of the five kings is a joke, even if the holy sword falls in the hands of other heavenly knights, they will not be able to use the holy sword without your physique. The knights may be disrespectful, but…

—– They are only there to help you practice swords. “

Arthur’s whole body shudders!

“Since Your Excellency is the only one who can use the King’s Sword, in fact, Your destiny is already doomed, and you will definitely become the future King of Pantoracken.”

Arthur shuddered again!

“Anyway,” Justinian sneered, “there are two more, right? Although, even if you become a king, you may not be able to guarantee that you can suppress the parliament, but – we believe so. Well. Rome fully supports Lord Arthur. If fate should have been so, there will always be a way to solve things after that.”

——Justinian believed in fate. His talent allowed him to see the pulse of light and let him clearly know the mainstream of history.

Boom! ! ! ! ! !

The explosion came from the east side of the castle!

“What’s the matter?!” Arthur said, “Your Excellency Justinian, please hide in a safe place, and come back when you go down and have a look.”

“The swordsmanship of the next can also come in handy.” Justinian said.

“No, it’s not good for your Excellency to go to war!” Arthur said hurriedly, “God knows if it was an assassin sent by the Hungarians, or was it sent by the Council? If your Excellency goes to war, Rome’s position will be very embarrassing! If you don’t Be careful if you get hurt, Pantolaken’s position will also be embarrassing!”

“…Understood. Then, please allow me to watch the battle from the sidelines, just protect yourself. I hope your military luck will prosper.” Justinian said.

Hundreds of knights in black armor attacked the eastern wing of the Southern Sky Knights. These guys are all well-trained killers, and the low-level knights of the Southern Sky Knights can’t stop them! At present, only dozens of Gaia knights can barely suppress each other.

“Wow, did the council make such a big move all of a sudden?” When Arthur and others also arrived.

The castle of the Southern Sky Knights was bombed with a huge gap. Apparently that was the work of powerful magic.

Those knights in black armor are dead men, they use magic without any hesitation, and they are not afraid of petrification punishment at all. On the contrary, the knights of the Southern Heaven Knights, who cherished their lives and dared not use magic, were suppressed and retreated.

“Where is the Grand Duke of Hall?!” Arthur asked the Gaia knight Cador, who had just arrived.

“Da, the Grand Duke is still playing chess with Wallace. He is so focused that I can’t even shake him!” Cador said helplessly.

Thinking of the Persian cat that won Arthur down, Arthur felt angry: “Enough! Let me go, none of you guys can be trusted!”

Arthur jumped from a gap in the wall and rushed into the battle.

“We are also——” Bedivi was about to go, but was held by Justinian: “This level is not something that your Excellency can intervene, just watch it here.— —X!”

“Understood!” Knight X rushed out.

“Wait a minute, Lancelot is empty-handed?!” cried Bedivere. He knew and clearly saw that Knight X had no weapons in his hands!

“That’s right, Knight X never took a weapon.” Justinian said, “But that doesn’t mean he’s not strong.”

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