Light Spirit Epic Chapter 206: Broken to the fantasy (true)


Chapter 206: Broken Dreams (True)

9 p.m.

“Are you ready?” Arthur asked Greenville and Constantine.

“Arthur, you really don’t need to be with us like this in the operating room.” Greenville said.

“I have to be there.” Arthur took up arms and stood guard. “I have a bad feeling. The Hungarian people may know about this operation, and they will find a way to make it happen.”

“Haha, breaking through the heavy guards of the Southern Sky Knights and coming to this operating room to make a scene? Arthur, you are too imaginative!” Greenville said.

Arthur wiped the Sword of Kings in his hand with disinfectant, “Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case. You can let me accompany you tonight, Greenville.”

The girl suddenly seemed to understand something, and her face flushed, “Stupid, stupid, what are you talking about?! You rascal—don’t talk anymore, start the operation right away.”

“?” Arthur looked puzzled.

Konstantin stuck out his tongue, made a helpless face, and put on a mask. “Surgery begins.”

The sound of the chainsaw rang out. The first step of the craniotomy was done by Greenville, who skillfully used a medical chainsaw to open the skull of Ryder the Rabbit.

A mechanical controller covering the rabbit’s head is presented in front of everyone.

“…The fox people have unearthed the techniques of so many ancient people, and they are all used in such evil places.” Greenville said.

“Is this their super soldier plan?” Arthur thought.

The use of machinery to stimulate the brains of creatures can actually make the originally weak bunny people become so strong. The Hungarians would have needed decades of practice to use maddening *, but after this kind of thing was implanted in the brain, everyone could be a super soldier proficient in maddening!

(*Note: Only purebred orcs, such as Bedivere, are born with the ability to use madness.)

Human beings will be at an absolute disadvantage in fighting against such monsters!

How strong a fighter would it take to fight such a monster one-on-one? However, the other side has thousands and hundreds of teams of such monsters!

When this technology matures, the era of mankind will come to an end!

“Okay, follow my instructions and take your time—-” Greenwell carefully handed the scalpel to Constantine.

“No! It’s impossible! I’ve taken needles and threads, but I’ve never taken a scalpel!” Constantine said in fear, “If you scratch with such a sharp object, you will be killed! “

“Don’t be afraid,” Greenville advised. “As long as you follow my instructions and use the knife carefully, you won’t hurt the rabbit’s brain.”

“Just like this,” she picked up another scalpel and cut from a bracket of the mechanical controller, intending to lift the bracket.

At that instant, the mechanical controller jumped! ! !

That’s not a mechanical controller at all! That’s a robot, a mechanical spider! !

“Spider!!!” Greenville was startled, dropped the scalpel in her hand, and fell to the ground!

“Okay, I knew the Hungarians would do small tricks!” Arthur drew his sword and aimed at the mechanical spider and slashed it!

However, it was dodged!

A palm-sized mechanical spider, jumping around in the operating room, using the walls and surfaces of various instruments, bouncing everywhere! The thing accelerated at a terrifying rate, bouncing around like a marble!

“Not good!!” Constantine’s first thought was to protect Ryder’s head. If Ryder’s skullless head was hit by such a guy, the consequences would be disastrous!

“You all don’t move! I’ll deal with it!” Arthur said, raising his sword to estimate the trajectory of the mechanical spider.

No way! That’s not a creature, that thing’s movement is so random! The surrounding environment is also very complex, and there are infinitely many faces for it to bounce!

It’s impossible to predict what that thing will do!

“Ah!” Greenville screamed, a wound had been drawn on her right arm.

“Arthur, are you okay?!” Greenville said.

“…Don’t rush!” Arthur thought at a high speed in his heart. There is no way, but the power of the sword of the king is too great, and it will definitely destroy the operating room. In the craniotomy performed in this sterile environment, there are no germs coming in!

He put away the Sword of Kings and pulled out two photon daggers instead.

He closed his eyes.

“Greenville, use your hearing to predict the spider’s movements,” Arthur said.


“Just do it!” Arthur ordered in a strong tone, “If you drag it on, everyone will be cut into pieces by the mechanical spider.”

Greenwell also closed her eyes. She listened carefully to every crash in the room.

Brush! Constantine was slashed in the back.

Pop! Arthur was hit hard in the chest.

Hiss! Greenville’s clothes were shot through the corner!

“Six degrees of elevation in your three o’clock direction!” cried Greenville.

Arthur didn’t even open his eyes. He could only fully trust Greenville’s instructions.

Missed. Arthur received the blow on his arm, and his arm was bruised and swollen. Without the protection of the armor, his arm would be useless.

Greenville endured her anxiety and shouted again: “At five o’clock, the elevation angle is minus four degrees!”

Arthur slashed, but missed again! The mechanical spider swiped around his neck, leaving a bloodstain on his neck!

“Greenville!” cried Arthur.

“I know, don’t be noisy!” Greenville listened intently, “It’s just…”

Reproducing all the sound sources and all the bouncing tracks in her head, Greenville drew a stereogram in her head.

Women are not good at stereo thinking. However, Greenville, who has done countless surgeries and knows the three-dimensional structure of the human body like the back of her hand, has a better grasp of space than anyone else!

This operating room is like the interior of a huge creature, and Greenville quickly grasped its structure by hearing.

Although the mechanical spider is ridiculously fast, it has a fixed trajectory. It just keeps bouncing on this complicated but fixed track in this small room!

Listening to the bouncing sound to identify its trajectory for the next instant is clearly too slow. What Greenville thought was that she needed to guess the trajectory of the next bounce from the first bounce!

It takes more than just aurally predicting the track. What is needed is to predict several variations from an orbit that it will derive, and select the most probable one.

This is the same as chess.

Greenville is not good at playing chess, but her superior memory ability and data analysis ability allow her to calculate these countless orbital changes with amazing efficiency in a very short period of time.

…then she exported the final calculations!

“Twelve o’clock, three degrees!” cried Greenville.

Arthur slashed with a sword! There is a feeling of hitting! But it is very shallow, just a sword brushed it.

Failed? Do not!

This little scratch is not meaningless! The thing was hit by Arthur, and while the speed was slightly reduced, Greenville had already picked up the scalpel in her hand and threw it at the mechanical spider!

Squeak! ! A sharp scalpel easily pierces the mechanical spider and nails it firmly to the wall!

The mechanical spider is finally being honest, especially after Arthur rushes up to repair it and chops it in half!

“Huh!” Greenville finally breathed a sigh of relief, “This, this is the most bizarre surgery I have ever seen in my life!”

Compared to this, the operation that Constantine used his [Hand of God] to sew the bear man’s head and the grizzly body together is nothing at all!

If Constantine has the [Hand of God], then what Greenville has is [The Reckoning of God]. What the extremely smart girl reached at that moment was the computing power of [quantum-level synchronous calculation]. After she concentrated her consciousness, she was able to turn her brain into a biological computer, complete tens of millions of logical calculations in an instant, and extract the only correct result from billions of possibilities!

“Big sister.” Constantine swallowed and asked tremblingly, “So, this…” He pointed to Ryder’s head: “How do you sew it up?”

When Arthur walked out of the operating room, Bedivere couldn’t wait to get up: “How is Ryder?”

“Very well, can’t die,” Arthur reported dispassionately.

“I want to see——“

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow, idiot!” Arthur said, “Go back to your sleep now.”

Greenville came out of the operating room only after Bedivere was driven away, “You are such a ruthless person.”

“Humph.” Arthur grunted.

In the operating room, Ryder, who had just woken up, cried and whispered: “Please say to Babe…I’m sorry…”

Arthur knew that seeing Ryder like this, the soft-hearted Bedivere would definitely forgive Ryder. Because of this, Arthur didn’t want Brady to see the rabbit.

But that was in vain.

Bedivere never held any grudge against Ryder, let alone forgiveness.

Bedivere is absolutely loyal to his He also naively thought that his friends would also be absolutely loyal to him. Even the Rabbit Ryder who betrayed him, he thought that everything was just the result of Ryder being blackmailed and controlled.

He’s such a hopeless fool.

“Rabbit,” Arthur asked, “Tell me everything you know, or I’ll let you live and die.”

“…as you like.” Ryder said weakly, “everything is… meaningless. They already know the failure of my actions… they have killed my parents, as well as the businessman. The people of the team…”

“Oh, you care about your parents? Didn’t they sell you for three thousand gold coins?” Arthur asked.

“Even so—” Rabbit cried sadly, “They are still my parents!”

Arthur kept silent, waiting for Ryder to cry enough.

Then he asked: “Is that place that controls you from the Underdark, some kind of research institute?”

Rabbit wiped his tears and nodded.

“I said—” Arthur thought, “Can your memory send us there?”

If there is another research institute doing research on super soldiers, it must be destroyed as soon as possible to eliminate all research materials. Arthur thought so.

Otherwise, there will be endless troubles.

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