Light Spirit Epic Chapter 200: Explore to Suspicion (Part 1)


Chapter 200: Exploring the Mysterious Clouds (Part 1)

Ten minutes later.

“This is it.” The knight took Arthur and the others into the enchantment generator’s computer room.

Arthur’s first time seeing a castle’s enchantment generator so closely.

That thing is composed of countless centrifuges, relying on the electromagnetic field created by the rotation of the centrifuges to form the photon enchantment. As long as the output power is adjusted, from the simplest enchantment of [preventing teleportation magic invasion] to the most complex [protective shield] enchantment, it can be created.

“Is it fixed yet?” Arthur asked curiously, seeing that the centrifuge was not spinning.

“Now use the backup unit to generate the enchantment. This machine is a precision instrument, and repairs require meticulous testing and troubleshooting.” The knight who managed the enchantment generator explained.

“Beddy, did you find anything?” Arthur asked.

Bedivere climbed into the centrifuge and took a good sniff.

Bediver’s discovery made him extremely chagrined.

A tiny butterfly, dead on a coil of a centrifuge. It’s this little thing that short-circuits the coil and causes the machine to malfunction.

There is only one person in the Southern Sky Knights who can do this.

He knew it, but he pretended to be nonchalant, “No, everything is fine. I think…it’s probably just a malfunction of the old machine.”

He lied to Arthur, he was so ashamed of his actions that he didn’t even dare to confront Arthur.

Arthur sensed something from Bedivere’s hesitant tone, but he remained unmoved.

Some friends are not worthy of your trust. Arthur intends to make Bedivere realize this deeply. To achieve this goal, this innocent werewolf boy must be taught a lesson.

After a hard day’s work, Greenville dipped into her laurel scented bath.

Suddenly, she glanced at her phone uneasily.

The phone doesn’t ring.

She sighed, combing her chestnut-colored hair, while feeling the relaxation and comfort brought by the hot water and aromatherapy.

When she finally got out of the shower and put on her bathrobe, her phone finally rang.

“Great job, Arthur.”

“Uh, what?” Arthur was at a loss.

“You also know that I didn’t call to harass me until I was out of the shower, I’ve finally made some progress.” Greenville said.

In fact, it was only because Bedivere had hidden Arthur’s cell phone so well when he was packing his luggage that it took Arthur an hour to find it.

“…Greenville, can you really tell if someone is lying by listening to their heartbeat?” Arthur asked.

“Yes, the premise is that this person does not know my abilities.” The girl said, “If he is known, he may think of various ways to suppress his emotions, and the result of the polygraph may not be accurate. .”

“Understood… can you come over?” Arthur asked.

“It’s night now? I just finished taking a shower?” Greenville was reluctant to say, “You better have a good reason.”

“Here is a suspect suspected of attacking the Southern Sky Knights,” Arthur said. “You need to test such a guy. Is this a valid reason?”

An hour later, Greenville drove the iron cavalry to the Southern Sky Knights. She did not expect that the Grand Duke of Hall would also come to greet her in person.

“Good evening, Grand Duke.——Where is the suspect you said?” Greenville asked.

“Let’s talk as we walk,” said Grand Duke Hall.

Ryder the Rabbit is held on the other side of the interrogation room. The magic glass in the middle of the interrogation room was transparent when viewed from Greenville and the others, but it was a mirror when viewed from the other side.

Because he was worried about Ryder’s affairs, Constantine and the knight Cador were also waiting by Ryder’s side.

They seem to be waiting for someone.

“I don’t understand, who’s the suspect there? The knight? Constantine?…the rabbit?!”

“That rabbit.” Arthur said.

“Um huhuhuhu…” Greenville sneered, “He looks harmless to humans and animals, you are even scared of the little rabbit?”

“We’ll figure it out in a minute,” Arthur said.

“Okay.” Greenville said, “I need to focus on listening to his heart in a while, you don’t make a sound. If he is telling the truth, I will nod my head, otherwise I will shake my head.”

Arthur nodded and sat down quietly, trying not to make a sound to avoid disturbing Greenville.

Bedivere walks across the room.

“Ryder.” He looked at the rabbit man and said, “Do you know why you are here?”

“Bevier, are you going to interrogate me?” Rabbit asked.

“I don’t want to do this, but you have to prove that you didn’t betray us.” Bedivere said solemnly, “I just want to ask you a few questions, and I hope you can answer them truthfully.”

“…Okay.” Ryder had two dark circles under his eyes, and he hadn’t slept well in the past few days.

“First of all,” Bedi asked, “please tell me, when you were selling that [purifying medicine] antidote, did you know in advance that the medicine had no effect on us orcs?”

Ryder shook his head, “I don’t know. I thought that medicine should work the same on humans and orcs.”

At this time, to Arthur’s surprise, Greenville nodded to him.

(Is Ryder telling the truth? How is this possible?)

“Okay,” Bedivere continued, “Second question. We attacked the fox people’s research institute three days ago. Have you secretly tipped off?”

“No. Absolutely not myself,” Ryder said.

Greenville nodded again.

(How is that possible?!)

“Okay.” Bedivere breathed a sigh of relief and continued, “Last question: Did you participate in the attack on the Southern Sky Knights this morning?”

Ryder also shook his head for a while: “If I can plan an attack on the Knights under the watch of so many people, then I’m a god.”

Greenville continued to nod.

Arthur was overwhelmed by deep doubts. This was not the answer he was expecting at all.

“Thank you, Ryder. I’m done.” Bedi said, however, after thinking for a while, he added: “Ryder, are you hiding something from me?”

Ryder looked sullen.

“Ryder?” The werewolf boy urged again.

“I…no.” Ryder said.

Greenville shook her head.

“We’re friends, right?” Bedivere asked again.

“Of course.”

Greenville shook her head again. Arthur frowned.

“So, since we are friends, shouldn’t we be frank with each other?” Bedivere asked.

“…just because you are a friend, there are some things I can’t tell you.” Ryder said.

“Like… did your parents sell you off?” Bedivere asked coldly.

Greenville could clearly hear the heartbeat of Rabbit Ryder, which suddenly changed from a gentle to a violent beating, especially when Brady said that Ryder was sold by his parents. His heart stopped beating for a full three seconds.

“You…why would you know?!” Ryder asked in surprise.

“…Sorry, you were talking in your sleep before, and I accidentally heard it.” Bedivere said.

Rabbit Ryder looked at Constantine and Knight Cador beside him, and then at Bedivere. Tears welled up in his eyes: “Babe, you idiot! Why are you talking about this kind of thing here! Why don’t you tell me what to do with me…” His face was filled with humiliation and pain. Twisted, crying a mess.

Bedivere just patted the rabbit lightly on the back, “It’s okay. It’s not Ryder’s fault, and no one here will look down on you.”

“What do you know! They—just for—three thousand dollars—sold—into—into my body—here—there— –It hurts——” Rabbit said as he cried, his words slurred almost unrecognizable.

“That’s all in the past. It doesn’t matter anymore.” Bedivere stroked the rabbit’s head.

“That’s not—the past! This shackle—continues to—the future!—forever—can’t escape!”


“Leave me alone!” Ryder cried.

Seeing that Bedivere could not persuade Ryder, he walked out of the room, walked around to the other side of the interrogation room, and asked Arthur to see the result.

“How is it?” he asked as he entered.

“Well, the result…weird.” Arthur showed Bedivere the transcript and Greenville’s judgment at the time.

Beddie’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Ryder lied about “we’re friends”.

(Why did he lie.)

(I’m afraid, hate me very much?)

(When he was most desperate, my friend couldn’t help at all.)

Beddie muttered something into Arthur’s ear. Arthur shook his head: “Do this, you will regret it.”

“Please, this is the request of my life!” Bedivere said.

(What can I do for my friends?)

(I can hardly do anything but watch.)

(Does this count as friendship?)

Arthur enters the room looking at Ryder, who is still crying.

“Boy, raise your head.” Arthur said.

“What else do you want from me!” Ryder said, “You might as well just kill me!”

“Shut up, just keep your head up!” Arthur ordered.

Ryder looked up at Arthur.

Arthur reaches over and removes Ryder’s collar.

“You’re free. Go wherever you want, and don’t harass Bedivere again.” Arthur threw a bag of money to Ryder. , and enough for your trip back to the Underdark. You can go wherever you want.”

Ryder looked at Arthur bitterly, but he also reached for the purse.

“Now, let’s go.” Arthur said.

Ryder stands up to go. Arthur suddenly said again, “I cut off one of your ears in a rage before, I’m sorry.”

Ryder walked out without speaking.

Constantine glared at Arthur and walked out: “Brother Ryder, it’s so late, it’s not easy for you to find a hotel in the city, just spend the night in my room first.”

The rabbit looked at the boy, “Are you keeping me? People like me——“

“—Okay, come with me.” Constantine said, pulling the rabbit’s hand.

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