Light Spirit Epic Chapter 197: Visit to the aliens


Chapter 197 Visiting the Alien Demons (Part 1)

“Arthur?” Leopard boy Toville looked at Arthur who returned to the room with a tired face, walked over and asked, “What’s wrong with you meow? So tired so early in the morning?”

“It’s no wonder I’m not tired. Yesterday’s action was at three o’clock in the middle of the night.” Arthur lay on the sofa and said, “But it’s still something to gain. The institute has completely turned into ashes. This hatred of me Report it for you.”

“Thank you, Arthur meow.” Tovel came over to massage Arthur’s back obediently, “I massaged Arthur to relieve fatigue meow.”

“No, I’m not an old man, so what kind of massage is there early in the morning. Children can go play.” Arthur closed his eyes and said.

“I just want to do something for Arthur meow…”

“You don’t have to do anything for me, just be good and don’t cause trouble.” Arthur patted the leopard boy on the head, “I just want to sleep for a while, you can play with Brady and the others, Leave me alone.”

“Okay meow…” Tol’vir walked out. The leopard boy felt inexplicably excited.

Although he didn’t experience it personally, the hellish research institute that had been suffering for many years was finally wiped out. He seemed to be able to vaguely imagine the scene of the institute being blown to pieces, and the sound of the institute collapsing could be vaguely heard in his ears.

It was probably the best day of his life.

But there was a haze in his heart. Arthur had a nasty smell on his body. The smell was the one he had in his memory, the smell of sad and resentful memories.

He just hoped that was his delusion. He shook his head, trying to put these nasty thoughts aside, and immediately ran to Bedivere and the others to play.

The past doesn’t matter anymore, it’s a new [me] from now on. At the time, Tovir naively thought so.

——Boom! ! ! !

Just when everyone was immersed in comfort, a strong explosion occurred in the battle meeting room of the Nantian Knights!

“What’s the matter?!” Arthur, who was still dozing, quickly jumped up from the sofa, put on his armor, picked up his weapon, and ran to the combat conference room.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” A large number of terrifying black monsters have poured out from the conference room.

“Damn it!” The monster rushed towards him, and Arthur rushed over and chopped it off with a sword. He swung the sword of kings and killed dozens of monsters in an instant. However, more monsters poured out of the conference room, as if they could appear endlessly.

“Damn, what’s going on?” Arthur said, he saw the other knights who came to support him also panicked. The lightsabers in the hands of the knights bounced off when they hit the monsters, but they couldn’t hurt them at all!

In order to avoid the casualties of the knights, Arthur had to stand guard and slaughter the rushing monsters one by one. This dilemma made him a little overwhelmed. After all, his physical strength is limited.

“Arthur!” Merlin rushed to the rescue. He cast a vacuum slash magic to roll the monster together and cut it into pieces.

“Only high-frequency vibration and high-heat weapons are effective against these things!” Archmage Merlin shouted to the knights, “Those who have these weapons should be suppressed in place, and those who don’t have them, hurry up and find usable ones. Weapons!”

The knights of the Southern Sky Knights immediately took out all kinds of enchanted weapons, mainly those with thermal enchantments, and struggled to contend with the army of black monsters.

“Arthur!” Merlin said, “The Hungarians must have used the magic booster array we left yesterday as a teleportation anchor to send the monsters here!”

“How is that possible! What about the barrier at the base of the Southern Sky Knights?!” Arthur said.

“The enchantment generator has been destroyed!” Grand Duke Hall hurriedly said at this time, “There is indeed a traitor in the knights.”

“Let’s not mention that, we have to destroy the Magic Augmentation Array as soon as possible to prevent more enemies from being teleported!” Merlin shouted, “Help me find a **** path, and I will dismantle the Augmentation Array!”

“Got it.” Arthur raised the Sword of Kings, “Try this new trick!”

He slashed out with a single sword, and the blade of the King’s Sword radiated a golden light. The blade that stretched dozens of feet easily slashed the monsters, and the black monsters met the golden light of the King’s Sword. Immediately die, as if the sword of the king exists specifically to kill these monsters. Arthur’s attack was carried out so efficiently that it took less than a minute to open a way into the conference room!

“Okay, that’s enough.” Merlin cast an acceleration magic and rushed over at high speed. As soon as he reached the center of the hall, he immediately cast a shock wave magic for repelling the enemy, sending the besieging monsters away. All fly! After clearing a space, Merlin looked at the magic boosting array that had not been erased on the ground, and immediately slapped the ground with his palm!

The boosting formation shattered instantly, and the formation engraved on the ground in the form of incantations shattered like glass!

“Huh… I finally succeeded in preventing the teleportation.” Merlin said, “Don’t let the remaining monsters go, kill them all! These are dangerous species that can infect other creatures. , be sure to clean it up as soon as possible!”

In the interval between his words, he has released a large number of flaming magic arrows to kill countless monsters. Merlin, who had clearly said that he could not kill, actually killed these monsters calmly when he spoke. It seemed that he did not regard these dark creatures as human beings.

Arthur rushed over and slashed, and with the efforts of the other knights, the monsters had been cleared away in less than a minute.

“Please hurry up and organize a search team to investigate the entire base.” Merlin said to the Grand Duke Hall, “None of those monsters can be missed, be sure to check them carefully! Missing one will cause endless trouble. !”

Hall saw the mage’s expression was serious, so he became serious, “Okay, I’ll go back and ask you about this matter. Now——Oro, Draven, you organize a search team- —–“

Archduke Hall was busy discussing the search with his knights, while Arthur looked at Merlin: “What are those?”

“See for yourself.” Merlin kicked the monster corpse on the ground. The monsters gradually changed back to their original shape. In fact, their original shape can be described as various, various small beasts, insects, birds…. and children of the orc race…

[The fate of those who cannot be warriors or keys. ] —— Tol’vir’s words echoed in Arthur’s mind.

“Pandora’s plan?” Arthur gritted his teeth.

“Probably. Injecting the dark son into the body of the creatures to make them turn into monsters.” Merlin tiptoed the corpses with his foot, “to cultivate such a large number of dark son creatures, what a vicious behavior.”

“What the heck is a shadow?” Arthur asked.

“A special kind of intrinsic photon.” Merlin Road, “It will automatically absorb the free photons in the environment, the intrinsic photons of infinite value. Very scary thing.”

“Terror? I don’t understand…”

“You can think of it as cancer cells in the photon world. They will infect the body of normal creatures to expand the growth rate. Creatures infected by dark sons will become dark son creatures that only know ‘eat’, constantly Devour more photons, and the dark photons will exponentially grow exponentially.

If the entire universe is swallowed by dark sons, no creatures can survive. “Merlin said,” Without the flow of photons, it means that there is no flow of life, “silence” will come in an instant, and the universe will be destroyed immediately. “

“Hey, don’t do this. What do you mean by telling me these science fiction-like settings?!” Arthur frowned and said, “How can a mere dark child lead to the destruction of the universe.”

“If we can stop it, of course the universe will not be destroyed.” Merlin said, “But, Arthur, your universe has been destroyed 1,120,964 times. No matter how the cycle is always an infinite cycle, if you don’t do something, this time the cycle is just an infinite cycle.”

“Uh, what?!” Arthur was at a loss, Merlin’s words became more and more sci-fi, and he couldn’t understand Merlin’s words at all.

Merlin sighed and repeated what he had said before: “You’ll figure it out sooner or later, Arthur.”

“You said that high-frequency vibration and high heat can deal with such monsters, but my King’s Sword is obviously not constructed in this way. Why can my sword also deal with them?” Arthur asked again.

“According to my guess, the King’s Sword is the law that guides the photons of the balanced world to come to this time and space, and uses the photons of other time and space to impact this world. The dark son of this world may not be able to adapt to the law from another world. When the two collide, they will decompose in an instant.” Merlin explained, “This is very similar to the process of high heat and high-frequency vibration forcing the dark photon to decompose itself, but the principle is completely different. I don’t know the details. Clearly, it will take some careful study to answer you.”

Arthur: “……………………..”

Merlin saw Arthur’s bewildered and explained in simpler words: “Okay. You can think of it as, [Borrowing power from other planes to correct this plane” error].”

Although he still didn’t understand, Arthur forced himself to remember Merlin’s words. He vaguely felt that these things Merlin said were very important, too important for him to laugh at them.

Merlin sighed. “Arthur, I have to go back to the Archmage’s Tower. You have to be careful. This teleportation circle doesn’t activate itself for no reason, someone here must have activated it. I guess the same thing broke the enchantment. Individuals. There may even be accomplices. Anyway, you have to be careful with the people around you, okay?”

“Okay.” Arthur said. He had the only suspect in his mind, and he was about to question the suspect.

“As I said, if you don’t do it, you don’t do it!” Rabbit Ryder cried to Arthur, as if he had suffered a great grievance.

“Don’t bully Brother Ryder!” Constantine also defended in front of Rabbit Man, “He had breakfast with me this morning. Uncle Cador and I took turns watching him all night. He wanted to It would be amazing if you could do something small like this.”

Arthur did not speak. There are countless possibilities in his mind, but it is not convenient to bring it up when there is no evidence.

If you want to catch the current offender, you have to catch him straight, leaving him speechless. Until then, don’t startle the snake.

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