Light Spirit Epic Chapter 192: Fighting in a foreign land (Part 1)


Chapter 192: Fierce Fighting in Foreign Lands (Part 1)

The next morning.

It’s coming.

The Grand Duke of Leon Digens, the Heavenly Knight, and the Grand Duke of Yones, the Heavenly Knight, came to the conference room of the Southern Heavenly Knights. Accompanying him were Earl Cameron, a staff officer of the Knights of the North, Zack, a Knight of Black Armor, Oyun, a Knight of Gaia of the Knights of the West, and another staff officer of the Knights of the West. There are also five other mages who have borrowed from the mages association to help.

“Arthur!” Evan walked over to Arthur’s team, “What’s the matter, this lineup, is it…”

“Yes, we are going to exchange hostages at noon today.” Arthur said, “Let’s rescue Brady together.”

“Hehe, I thought I missed the last action, did it turn into such an interesting situation?” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens smiled at Arthur.

“Yes, it’s very—interesting.” Although he was unhappy, Arthur still agreed.

“It’s really worth fighting this time,” Euns said, “Hall, don’t argue with me, Robul, the leader of the tiger race, is my prey. You can just deal with Hackett the leopard. “

“No, I should deal with Roble!” Leon Dickens protested, “Go and deal with Tut!”

“Father, your hand hasn’t fully healed yet!” Greenville said on the side, “You can’t force it, you’d better deal with the patriarch of the Elephant Man.”

“Hehe, did you hear that?” Ewans laughed, “Your precious daughter told you not to force it, so don’t force it!”

“It’s so boring, I’ve actually recovered a long time ago.” Leon Dickens removed the bandage and said.

Greenville gave her father a hard look.

“Okay! I’ll deal with the big stupid elephant! You’re satisfied, crazy girl!” Leon Dickens said helplessly.

“Actually, I’m still not satisfied. It’s better if the patriarch of the elephant is not present, so you don’t have to fight.” Greenville said.

Leon Dickens shook his head in frustration.

“Cough cough.” Grand Duke Hall coughed a few times and began to explain to the crowd, “This is how the battle is, I, Leon, and Yones are responsible for dealing with the three chiefs of the orcs, and the others are responsible for For positional defense, until the magic power boosting formation for the return trip is completed, stick to the mage’s team. Finally, we gather and teleport back again. It’s that simple.”

“Humph, to put it simply, twenty people are required to face an army of hundreds of people, and there are five people standing there who need to be guarded. How low is the chance of success in such a battle.” Tristan complained. road.

“It’s seven.” Arthur said, “Please count Merlin and Lian Yin.”

“I can use a magic shield to assist in defense while preparing the booster array. I think Miss Lotus can do the same.” Merlin said.

“Okay, let’s adapt accordingly.” Hall said, “Now, the twenty people participating in the battle are myself, Leon, Ewans, Arthur, Cameron and Zach of the Northern Sky Knights. , Oyun and Ron of the Knights of the West, Oro and Dreven of the Knights of the South, Avon, Byrne, Cadiz, Dexter and Irina of the Mages Society, Mage Merlin, Miss Rinne , Tristan, Evan… The last vacancy is reserved for the return journey of Knight Bedivere. Is this arrangement okay?”

“Wait a minute! You’re not going to take me?” Greenville exclaimed in surprise.

“Girl, why are you here to join in the fun? This is a real battlefield, we are going to fight.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said, “You stay in a safe place and wait for us to come back, understand?”

“I don’t want it!” Greenville said, “I can fight, and you also need field medical treatment, right?”

“You bring so many medical equipment, it will only increase the burden of the teleportation. Those equipment alone will account for an additional share of one person. It is better to stay here and wait for the wounded to be rescued when we return. ‘ said Arthur.

“But… uh, okay.” Greenville was speechless by Arthur’s words.

Leon Digens snickered: “Finally someone can cure this savage girl, well done, boy!”

Greenville glared at her father and stepped aside to sort out her medical equipment.

“One last time,” Hall said in a tone that mobilized everyone, “this battle can only be successful and not allowed to fail. If it fails, it means that all the key fragments will fall into the hands of the orcs, and we will directly This war is lost. For the survival of mankind, no matter how much sacrifice we make, we must ensure the success of the mission!”

“——May the glory of the Pantoracken always shine in the sky! Not even a **** storm can hide its light!” Hall shouted.

“——May the glory of Pantoracken always shine in the sky!” The crowd shouted in agreement, and the crowd was turbulent for a while.

Arthur just pretended to agree. He never felt much about the honor of knighthood. He only thought it was a hypocritical slogan.

Arthur, who was a servant, of course did not know the origin of this sentence. He did not know that this was the school motto of the Royal Knights Training School of Pantoracken, and he did not know that it was his father Uther. A sentence that was said in the final battle. ——If he knew, maybe he would face up to the meaning of this sentence for the first time.

In the afternoon. Time to exchange hostages. The group teleported to the small hill in the Underdark.

An orc army of nearly five hundred people is waiting for Arthur and the others. They are still mainly composed of tiger people, leopard people, cat people, and a small number of rabbit people riding on various underdark beasts waiting.

Coves, with his hands tied behind his back and his mouth gagged, waited not far away. Behind him are a group of fox researchers, and three orc chiefs.

What a menacing lineup, Arthur thought to himself, with the current twenty people, how could they be able to deal with so many enemies? Do you really want to play dozens of them?

“I’ve already started secretly creating a booster array,” Merlin’s voice came from the walkie-talkie, and he kept his voice very low, for fear of being heard by the sensitive orcs, “Arthur, talk to them more. Say something to delay time.”

Arthur didn’t answer, just took the portable freezer and took a step forward.

“Here we are, give me Bedivere back!” he said.

“Yes, but first check the authenticity of those key fragments in your hand!” Corvis shouted from the opposite side.

“If we want to test it, let us test it first!” Arthur winked at Lian Yin.

Lian Yin stepped forward and cast a resonance magic that had been used before. The debris in Arthur’s hand-held freezer began to glow, as did Bedivere’s chest on the opposite side.

“How?” Arthur asked.

“It should be true.” Lian Yin replied.

“Should?” Arthur asked suspiciously. But he knew that for Lian Yin, who had just been in contact with the key fragments, it was his best to be able to use this magic to judge the authenticity, and it was almost impossible to further find out the authenticity of the fragments.

“…Okay, we’re done checking.” Arthur said.

“Then it’s our turn to check.” Corvez colorized the fox people behind him, and the fox people researchers came over immediately, opened the box in Arthur’s hand, and began to check with various instruments.

“Don’t do anything small, if you want to pick up the pieces and run away, don’t blame me for slicing you with a sword.” Arthur put his hand on the hilt of the sword, ready to make moves at any time.

“Hehe, humans are really suspicious.” The fox people continued to check while they didn’t care about the tunnel. The instruments in their hands made a sure sound, as if mocking Arthur’s stupidity.

“Okay, it’s all true.” After the fox people checked, they gestured to the patriarchs.

“Okay, we can start exchanging hostages.” Coves pushed Bedivere next to him, “Boy, move forward slowly, slowly.”

Arthur also handed the box in his hand to a fox man, “You also go forward, slowly.”

Ivan, who was beside him, even set up a photon cannon and aimed it at the fox man, fearing that he would do something small.

The fox people slowly walked towards the opposite side holding the box, and Bedivere also slowly walked towards Arthur. Everything seemed to be calm.

But Arthur knew that the orcs would be up to something. They will definitely do anything to get all the key fragments.

“Beddie!” Arthur pulled Bevier over with one hand, and immediately loosened his ties and pulled the plug on his mouth.

“Arthur, hurry up!” Brady exclaimed as soon as he could speak. “The shard in my heart is fake, it’s still in their hands! You have to take it back!”

“Hahahaha, stupid humans!” The foxes on the opposite side had already run into the enemy line with the box, they thought it would be safe.

“If you were willing to exchange hostages like this honestly, you wouldn’t die.” Arthur sneered, and he took out a remote control, “This is your punishment for playing tricks.”

As he pressed the remote control, Coves the Panther sensed something was wrong, and he started running out. At the same time, Arthur also flew forward!

The signal reaches the box-level receiver in a thousandth of a second.

That receiver immediately activated the photon engine built into the box. The engine turned at high speed, and a large number of photons charged into a very small enchantment in a very short period of time.

As a result, the over-concentrated photons in the enchantment reached the critical value that the enchantment could maintain. The enchantment collapsed in an instant, and a huge photon explosion occurred!

Long! ! ! ! ! !

The shock wave of the explosion directly blew the frozen internal organs of the box to The three foxmen carrying the box were also blown to pieces, and a large group of orcs in the enemy formation were sent flying!

The broken key fragments immediately attached to the dying fox people!

When the fox people were screaming and struggling on the ground, Arthur had already rushed over, one sword at a time, cutting the hearts of the foxes to pieces!

The shards moved again, but Arthur was disappointed to see that only one shard had penetrated into his body, and the other shards flew away and ran onto the bodies of other orcs! This is different from Arthur’s estimate. It seems that the fragments are not looking for the nearest host to attach to.

——The program of automatic attachment is probably set to “prioritize the protection of the life of the owner of the shard”. Therefore, there is only one shard that a person can attach to at a time. After this quota is full, the shard will find Target the next closest creature!

Although it is very unwilling to get back only one shard, Arthur has no time to be frustrated. The three heavenly knights had already rushed out, rushing over to block the attacks of the patriarchs who cut at Arthur. Then the heavenly knights began to fight with the patriarchs, and while pulling the distance, they let out an earth-shattering sword screeching!

“Arthur, behind you!!” Bedivere yelled in the distance.

Arthur knew. It’s Coves.

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