Light Spirit Epic Chapter 189: Bewilderment is far away


Chapter 189: Dazed at a distance (true)

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the Underdark, Corvez’s house.

“Water…Give me water! …” Bedivere woke up with a burning pain in his throat.

“It’s so noisy, shut up.” Coves scolded and threw a water bag to Brady.

Although the water had an earthy smell, Bedivere didn’t think too much about it and took a few sips.

When he felt that his throat was no longer sticking together, he asked, “What have you all done to me? Did you dig my heart out?”

He peeled off his clothes and looked at the scar on his chest. The place where the probe was inserted has been roughly sutured, and it doesn’t look like a heart-digging operation has been done.

“Idiot, dig out your heart, aren’t you already dead?” Coves said coldly, “Don’t worry, we haven’t planned to kill you yet. You are trading for other key fragments, important. hostage.”

Bedivere looked hostilely at Corvez the Leopard. “Arthur won’t let you get away with it. Trading my life for the key shards was an impossibility from the start.”

Coves sneered, “I know the knight Arthur is not that kind of person. He still has feelings for you, and he takes care of you as a younger brother.”

“No way!” The werewolf boy blushed.

“Just deny it. You can deceive yourself, but you can’t deceive my eyes.” The leopard warrior Coves said, “The fox people have sent messengers to negotiate with the knight Arthur, and he will soon have Answered. What he thinks, we’ll find out soon.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Corvez sneered, “If he refuses to exchange terms, he will kill you immediately. We still have to step on the glorious area, kill every human being, rob To all the key fragments. It’s just a matter of time.”

Bedivere didn’t say anything. It should be said that he was absent-minded and did not hear what Coves said. He set his eyes on Lavis, who was unconscious beside him.

The child’s hand… seems to have moved?

At the same time, on Arthur’s side, Tovir, who was still in a fever, muttered in a daze: “Don’t hurt Bedivere meow—–“

At the same time, the Knights of the Southern Sky.

“What? To send a messenger? The foxes are so arrogant.” Arthur said coldly.

“Just meet him, probably to talk about the exchange of hostages,” said the Duke of Hall.

Arthur nodded. Not long after, a fox messenger came into the reception room of the Southern Sky Knights.

“Heavenly Knight Hall, Celestial Knight Arthur.” The Foxman messenger said arrogantly as soon as he came up, “I am here to negotiate with the two leaders at the order of the Romani and Glick tribesmen. Silver Wolf Bevelf’s life is in our hands. If we want to save his life, we will use the key fragment of the Wall of the World that you stole. We will negotiate at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon in the suburbs of the institute. The specific location is your last teleportation. On the hill from which we left.”

“Are you so sure that we will agree to exchange hostages?” Arthur questioned, “I haven’t confirmed the safety of the hostages yet.”

“I knew you would say,” the fox picked up a communicator, “say something.”

“Arthur!” Bedivere’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Arthur, watch out! They’re going to—–ssssssssssssssssssssssss at it—” Communication was interrupted.

“Don’t do any tricks.” The foxman messenger warned again, “Just as you have methods to identify the authenticity of key fragments, we also have equipment to identify them. If tomorrow we find that any of the six fragments is counterfeit. , the silver wolf Belveref must die.”

“Really?” Arthur said coldly. “Are you finished? Get out when you’re done, before I make up my mind whether to kill you.”

The fox messenger gave Arthur a contemptuous smile, turned around and left.

“It’s time to come.” Hall Road, the Celestial Knight, “Arthur, come with me, hurry up.”

Arthur hurriedly followed the Celestial Knight to the battle meeting room. Hall pressed a switch and locked the two of them in this secret room isolated from outside influences.

“Are you sure you want to exchange hostages?” Hall asked as soon as he came up. “This is definitely a trap. I’m afraid there will be several patriarchs at the negotiation scene tomorrow waiting for you to throw yourself into the trap.”

“But I’m still going.” Arthur said, “Bediver is my comrade, and I can’t abandon my comrade. If I want to fight with the orc chiefs, I can only bite the bullet.”

“Arthur,” said the Grand Duke of Hall suddenly, “I asked Ivory Tower’s opinion. If they send a magician to help, with the help of the Magic Power Amplification Array, it is possible for Lotus to bring more people with them. Teleport. Up to twenty people can be brought along.”

“Isn’t that a small army? This number is enough to make people feel at ease.” Arthur said with relief. Although he knew it wasn’t enough.

“But this is a one-way teleportation. Unless the opposite side also arranges a magic booster array, you will not be able to teleport back. However, the enemy will not be stupid enough to watch us deploy the array. In the end, force is still required. Suppress the opponent’s army first.” The Duke of Hall said.

“The miscellaneous soldiers are not difficult to deal with,” Arthur thought, “I am most worried about the patriarchs. If every patriarch has the strength to rival the heavenly knights, then——”

“They couldn’t mobilize the chiefs of all the clans in the Underdark in such a short period of time. The chiefs of the bearmen were too far away to come, and the chiefs of the foxmen and bunnymen had no fighting power. The werewolves were exterminated a few years ago, and now Even the newly elected patriarch is not yet mature, and the combat effectiveness cannot be expected.”

“So the only clan leaders the orcs can use to fight are the tiger people, the leopard people, and the elephant people…” Arthur said, “…No, the elephant people’s territory It is also quite far away, and as selfish as people are, it is extremely unlikely that they will come here for such a trivial matter as a hostage exchange.”

“Let’s include the Elephant Clan chiefs first. The worst case scenario is that the 20 people we bring will have to fight with an army of more than 100 people, and we will bring three Patriarchs, Tiger, Leopard, and Elephant. “Heavenly Knight Hall Road,” I don’t know what other masters they brought, but in order to guard against Rome, the masters they can mobilize are limited. In short, I still send an urgent letter to inform Leon Dickens and Ewings, for the time being The idea is that the three patriarchs will be restrained one-on-one by the three of us. The rest of the troops are up to you to find a solution.”

Arthur thought about it for a while, and he suddenly thought of something, and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath: “Wait a while. How do you say it’s like a final battle with the Hungarians?!”

Archduke Hall paused, then looked at Arthur and laughed: “Hahahaha. That’s right! This is indeed the final battle! Think about it, if all the key fragments were In the hands of the Hungarians, we will lose outright, and we don’t have to fight. On the contrary, if we can grab all the pieces from them, it will be a big blow to their morale. If we are lucky, we can probably do it. One of the patriarchs further weakened their combat effectiveness.”

“The premise is that you Heavenly Knights don’t lose in a one-on-one situation…” Arthur said.

“Leon Digens’ injury is basically healed. Thanks to you, Ewings is completely uninjured. This is the ideal state. If they lose or even die, they are just inferior to others, nothing. What a resentment.” Grand Duke Hall said in a tone that had nothing to do with him.

Hall’s tone was as if he was confident that he would not lose, and Arthur couldn’t help but feel a fire in his heart. But Arthur was not moved. He was worried about something else.

“If there is a fight, Bedivere will be very dangerous…” Arthur said, “I just hope that the dukes don’t do anything until I rescue Bedy.”

“Of course. Protecting your knights is the top priority of this hostage exchange. If the other’s patriarch doesn’t act rashly, we are on the sidelines. If they really intend to exchange hostages fairly and don’t make small moves, We didn’t need to fight them.” Grand Duke Hall said, “Don’t worry. In any case, your knight will return safely.”

I hope so. Arthur had never felt so uneasy before.

(The so-called final battle, we were at an absolute disadvantage from the beginning!)

(No. If you don’t add new variables, the battle will probably fail! Intuition tells me so.)

(We need something else.)

(The fate-changing… variable!)

Arthur picked up the phone subconsciously, “About asking the mage to I have a friend who is a very powerful mage, do you want to contact him?”

“Can you trust this person? Can you put the life and death of your companions in this person’s hands?” asked Hall of the Celestial Knight.

“That guy has a lot of secrets. But yeah, I can trust this guy,” Arthur replied.

“Okay, let’s go.” Hall opened the barrier of the combat conference room, “Don’t tell me the details on the phone, we will talk to you when he arrives.”

An hour later.

“Arthur, you know it’s a wise decision to come to me at this time.” Merlin said solemnly, “I can help prepare for the teleportation, and even help you prepare the magic booster array for the return trip. , but on one condition: I will not fight, and I will never kill.”

Arthur asked disapprovingly: “Is it necessary to make such a fuss?”

“If I can’t kill, I can’t kill. If I kill people casually…” Merlin looked at it, but recognized that no one was listening. “…It will create an irreversible variable. It will cause huge consequences to the world. Distorted.”

“What?” Arthur asked in confusion.

“…You will understand in the future, Arthur.” Merlin said, “In short, leave the work of preparing the booster array and defense to me. You can handle the rest by yourself.”

“Understood, this is enough.” Arthur said.

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