Light Spirit Epic Chapter 178: The final battle against the West Die


Chapter 178 The decisive battle against the Western Emperor (true)

“Very well, boy, you’ve done a great job.” Ewans looked at Arthur and sneered, “Now there are finally the two of us left. Let’s have a good fight!”

“Uh, Grand Duke, don’t forget your promise…”

“Forget it!” Yones shouted immediately, “Looks like, I’m more looking forward to the fun now than the fun of the next stop!?”

“How can this be done!”

“Don’t worry about it, just fight with me seriously!” Yones raised his axe, “Be careful not to die!”

“That guy is dead!” said the Grand Duke of Leon Digens, “Yowens has been like this since before, either as calm and boring, or as excited as a bull. He is so serious that he will die. The character is really annoying. It seems that they will not give up unless they fight you to the death!”

“What?! How can you do this!” Bedivere exclaimed, “Aren’t you going to stop such a chaotic battle?!”

“No one can stop it.” Ao Yun said, “After Dad picked up his big axe, he was…a stranger to strangers.”

Grand Duke Yones, spins his photon axe. The high-speed rotation stirred up a vortex-like photon storm.

Arthur looked at the whirlwind of green light in front of him, and couldn’t help but be surprised.

That’s more than just keeping strangers away. That’s the meat grinder. The big axe that rotates at high speed not only has huge lethality, but also the vacuum wave and photon storm it stirs up are lethal at the same time. Anyone who is touched by this storm will immediately be shattered.

It seems that Ewens is really fighting and doesn’t intend to show mercy.

Aware of this, Arthur raised his sword and prepared for the opponent’s fierce attack.

Suddenly, this cyclone is approaching at high speed!

Keng! ! ! ! ! ! !

The sword Arthur swung out was meaningless, but instead bounced him ten yards in an instant! Arthur felt that his hands were sore and numb, and his arm bones were about to shatter! This move should not be blocked, it can only be…

Run away! ——— Arthur ran away!

Chasing behind him is Yones’ photon whirlwind, unbelievable speed! This is comparable to the three-headed Cerberus after deceleration! Ewans probably created a thin area of ​​surrounding photons in the high-speed rotation, and then used the photon concentration difference to move at high speed in this area!

Even Arthur has to admire. It’s just a simple [Whirlwind Axe], which is a seemingly simple and ordinary technology, but how perfect it is! It not only achieves the integration of offense and defense, but also takes into account high-speed movement!

“Isn’t he dizzy when he turns so fast?” Tristan asked.

“Idiot, this kind of dizziness can be easily solved with training.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said, “The most terrifying thing is not that he can turn the attack at such a high speed, but the incomparable stability in that move.”

“He is so skilled that he can move at high speed and change direction at will. His attack is absolutely unavoidable!”

That’s right, not only fast, but also constantly chasing like a nightmare, always following Arthur’s back, and he can’t get rid of it no matter what! This is the most terrifying part of Yones’ [Pallidum-Expugnatus].

——No matter how you escape, you can’t escape! No matter how you dodge, you can’t dodge!

——This emerald green storm will keep chasing the opponent until it crushes it!

And this not-so-wide ice **** has become a venue for Arthur to cocoon himself.

“It’s annoying!” Arthur was still running, and he had begun to take off his armor to increase his speed.

But he knew it wouldn’t help. The storm behind him is getting closer and closer, and Arthur’s physical strength is almost bottomed out! It is estimated that in a few dozen seconds, he will be overtaken by the storm, crushed, chopped into countless small pieces from the inside to the outside, and tragically killed by the axe of the Duke of Yones!

At this moment when his life was on the line, his eyes were attracted by a huge ice block beside him.

It turns out that there is such a thing!

You can only bet once if you can succeed!

Arthur rushed over desperately and hid behind the ice!

Emerald Storm followed, quickly catching up with Arthur.

At the moment when Yones’ axe was about to hit Arthur——

—— The storm of Yones miraculously stopped!

Arthur hid in the ice, and the half-thawed ice revealed the body of the hellhound Kyle Bellos.

A body without a head. This is not a clone, it is the deity.

Yones knew that if he broke this, his dog would die, so he had to stop.

“Ha!” Taking advantage of Yones’s hesitation for a moment, Arthur rushed over and knocked out the axe in Yones’ hand.

“It’s over, Duke Yones!” Arthur pressed his sword against the opponent’s throat.

“You can still make a correct judgment in the high-speed running just now, and lead me here?” said the Grand Duke of Yones with admiration, “and also immediately judged that this is Xiao Kai’s deity, know I dare not attack here?”

“Well done, boy. With such good judgment, I’m convinced even if I lose!” Ewans said.

“That,” Arthur said embarrassedly, withdrawing his sword, “Actually, I guessed wrong from the beginning. This is not the deity of Kyle Bellos.”

He pointed to the dog’s head that he had just cut off, which was cleverly hidden by Arthur.

“I just cut off the head of this avatar in an emergency, so that you think this headless one is the deity whose head I had cut off before.”

“Is this that? That’s it!? Hahahahahahahahaha!! Dead boy, lied to me again!”

“Didn’t you say it’s time to stop? You wanted to kill me just now!? What if I lied to you!” Arthur retorted.

“Hahaha, no, I’m sorry, I can’t care about anything when I get excited. Okay, I owe you this.”

“I gave up anyway,” Ewans announced loudly, “Arthur won the game!”

The audience of more than 600,000 cheered loudly. If the last time with Leon Digens was a competition of strength, this time it was a victory of strategy.

Arthur’s strategy allowed him to reverse his absolute disadvantage and use his brain to outmaneuver a much stronger opponent.

“Arthur!” When they returned to the box, Bedivere and Tolville couldn’t help rushing up to hug the knight.

Arthur patted the two teenagers on the head, “How is it, am I still intact?”

“Indeed, a very exciting battle, Celestial Knight Arthur.” Aoyun said.

“Thank you.” Arthur said, “Oh, what wind brought the Duke of Leon Dickens and Miss Greenville into this box?”

“Lyon, you’re actually eating popcorn in my box!” Duke Younes said angrily.

“Oh, this one? It tastes good, do you want to eat it too?” Leon Dickens handed the large tube of popcorn to Ewans.

“Oh, thank you, I’ve been playing all day and I’m hungry.” The Grand Duke Yones grabbed the popcorn and ate it without even thinking about it.

“Father, Lord Father… You haven’t washed your hands yet!” said the knight Aoyun.

Ewans thought for a while, “Well, no. After fighting like this, my hands have never touched anything particularly dirty, so I don’t need to wash my hands.”

(Have you touched a dog’s head!?)

“Then,” Celestial Knight Youns looked at the crowd that began to slowly disperse outside, “Arthur, tell me what your combat operations are like.”

“Oh, combat operations?” Leon Dickens also expressed interest after hearing this, “What combat operations, Arthur?”

“Alas.” Arthur said helplessly, covering his face, “Can we not talk about this in such a crowded place——“

“And, I’m sorry, Grand Duke of Leon Dickens. You are injured, and you cannot be involved in this matter.” Arthur said coldly.

“Tsk, it’s just a little injury, I’ll be healed soon——“

“It’s not good! It still needs a whole week of rest! Come back with me!!” Greenville forcefully pulled Leon Dickens away.

Youns shrugged at Arthur: “I’m glad I don’t have a is dead.”

“…Lianne, how many people can your teleportation magic take at one time?” Arthur asked.

“Seven.” Lian Yin said.

“I, Rinne, *Tovel must go,” Arthur said, “and then Bedi’s nose is required so I must bring it, and Evan’s eyes are required so I must bring it. Tristan The magic and the ability to burrow are necessary, so must also bring.”

(*Note: Because Tol’vir’s memory is required for teleportation.)

“Is there a place left? That’s me.” The Duke of Yones said.

“Wait a minute, Father… You shouldn’t really go to participate in this kind of ‘combat’ of unknown origin, right!?” Ao Yun said quickly, “That’s what you want to go, stationed in Ai Teng. Who will be in charge of preventing the attack of sea monsters?!”

“Can’t you handle this trivial matter? You’ve grown so big that you’re afraid to deal with a few little sea monsters?” said the Duke of Yones.

Suddenly, a hand was placed on the shoulder of the Duke of Yones: “This time you will sell me a favor and let me go?”

The Duke of Yones turned his head and looked: “Hall?”

Exactly. That person is the head of the Southern Heaven Knights, the Grand Duke Hall of the Heavenly Knights.

Arthur’s next opponent.

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