Light Spirit Epic Chapter 171: Disclosure at Midnight


Chapter 171 Disclosure at Midnight (in)

The rogue leader looked at the pale boy.

“Hey, kid, your brother is dead. Offending me is not enough to count him! Next is your turn.” The rogue grabbed the pale boy’s arm, “You won’t Talk, right? We’ll see what we’re going to make you look like before you scream. Let uncle have a good time!”

The hooligans began to surround the pale teenager to beat.

Unlike the strong red-haired boy, this weak boy can’t stand beating at all. The thin arm would be broken if it was pulled at any time, and the legs like firewood branches would be **** blurred if it was twisted.

No. If it goes on like this——

“Uuuuu…” The red-haired boy moved his shabby body, crawled over and grabbed the hooligan leader’s feet.

“Stop, stop!” The red-haired boy who was so angry, warned in a low voice, “Don’t hurt Arthur. You, if you want to hit me, hit me. Until your anger subsides, all the The attack is all up to me. …Is it okay?”

“Oh, boy, you have a lot of guts? Then——” Before he could finish speaking, the rogue leader kicked the red-haired boy away.

What, flew out with the blood that was spit out. When the red-haired boy landed, he realized that it was one of his front teeth.

“Ugh…not yet!…” The red-haired boy slowly got up.

“Boy… don’t blame me if you die!” The hooligans rushed up, punching and kicking around the red-haired boy. This time they were more serious, their fists mercilessly smashed on the red-haired boy.

Will die. really die.

The bones will shatter, the internal organs will burst, and finally they will lose their life like tatters and can’t move anymore.

This is not a beating, this is the massacre of a weak and weak teenager by a group of scumbags.

Looking at this cruel scene of blood splattering, the pale boy felt a certain change in his heart.

(Everyone who cares about me has left me.)

(And didn’t keep it.)

(Nothing can be done, nothing can be retained, nothing can be changed.)

(Why should I be born into this world? Not needed by anyone, just alone… alive.)

(Why are you looking at me like that? Why do you hate me? Because I’m a monster?)

(Not that I wanted to be a monster. Not that I wanted to be in this world. If only this never happened.)

At the same time when the pale boy’s mind was haunted by thousands of thoughts, the red-haired boy who was kicked into the air, confronted his younger brother at the moment he fell.

In those burgundy and deep pupils, there is something else.

A pale boy, a landscape he has never seen before.

There was absolutely no fear, or contempt, or alienation, or indifference in those eyes. There was only one emotion in the eyes of the red-haired boy.


(No. Don’t.)

(Please, don’t have mercy on me. Don’t care about me like that.)

(I don’t deserve your attention.)

(I’m just a monster.)

“It’s over!” The rogue leader raised his arm, aimed at the head of the red-haired boy in the pool of blood, and smashed it down with a punch.

With the sound of the skull shattering, the red-haired boy twitched and never moved again.


(….Is that the case again? Are you going to take everything from me again?!)

(I don’t even have the right to have relatives and friends, is it taken away from me again and again like this?)


(Don’t be so…deceiving!)

Something began to erupt inside the pale boy.

No, he is no longer a pale boy.

At this moment, his body is very hot! The whole body is like boiling water, exuding white smoke, and the skin is red!

The young man who no longer cared about everything, is now filled with a thought:

——Don’t deceive people too much!

——It is because of weakness that you are bullied, so it is enough to become stronger!

——No matter what, what a huge price to pay!

“Wow, boy, what’s going on?” The gangster leader looked at the boy in surprise, “Suddenly changed to this? You want to fight too, don’t you?”

——— pop.

The boy punched the gangster leader in the stomach without saying a word.

“Oh hahahaha, what is this? A child’s play? Do you think a fist like this can hurt me? Hahaha… uh, uh?!”

Before the rogue was over, the plate armor on his abdomen began to sag inward. The steel plate armor was three inches thick, but it was dented by the child’s seemingly weak punch.

It’s not over yet. While the gangster leader was still in shock, he was slapped away by the powerful kinetic energy, and he continued to fly for dozens of meters in the slum’s rotten bricks.

“Boss!?” The rest of the hooligans were first surprised and then annoyed. They didn’t understand what was going on at all, they just surrounded them one by one as if they were courting death.

“Dare to hurt our boss? Boy, are you going to die?!”

Clap clap clap clap.

After a few muffled noises, the hooligans involuntarily took a few steps back.

Then they, broken hands, broken feet, broken feet, some had their entire arms torn apart, and some were smashed to death by a punch and hit a building. Those who fainted went silent, leaving those who had not fainted, lying in a pool of blood screaming.

“Help!! It’s a monster!!!—— a monster!!!!”

The red-haired boy’s skull was indeed broken, but his strong vitality saved him from death. He couldn’t move or get up, but he reluctantly opened his **** eyes, looking around worriedly, looking for his brother.

The pale boy crouched quietly in front of the red-haired boy, his hands were scrapped due to excessive force, shattered bones and torn muscles were barely attached to his arms superior.


“I’m sorry, and…” The pale teenager said to his brother for the first time since meeting: “Thank you.”

Tol’vir tugged at Arthur’s sleeve. Arthur came back to his senses, and found that he had already shaved off a small piece of flesh on the Leopard boy’s finger when he recalled it, and the other’s finger was still bleeding.

“Oh, God!” Arthur said. Fortunately, it didn’t cut too deep, just a little bandage after that.

“I’m sorry, I think things are crazy.” Arthur apologized, “but you can’t do this either. Just say it when it hurts, okay?”

Tovir looked at Arthur, and it took a while before his tears burst out.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! !———————————————————-“

“It hurts…it hurts meow!” he cried, “my heart…it hurts…can’t stop meow!”

“Got it, got it.” Arthur comforted the crying leopard boy and patted Tovir’s back lightly.

“You’re not the only monster in this world,” he said. “It’s no big deal to be a monster.”

And…even monsters need love.

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