Light Spirit Epic Chapter 162: The twists and turns are on the way back


Chapter 162 Twists and turns on the way home (Part 1)

At night, somewhere in the wild.

“What a jerk. Let’s hurry into the village!” Arthur said impatiently, sitting in front of the bonfire.

“Don’t! Don’t just don’t!!” Tristan cried and washed his clothes by the river, “Are you going to make this uncle run into the village with his bare bottom to make a fool of himself? Ahhhhhh, you think so beautifully!- —– Camping is done tonight!”

He took off his shirt to hide his lower body and looked like a little girl in a skirt, which was very funny. Evan was also doing laundry beside him in confusion, only Bedivere and Toville didn’t care and jumped into the river to play in the water.

“I’m not obliged to accompany you here to eat and sleep! After you wash your clothes and dry them, we’ll go into the village!” Arthur said angrily, playing with the grilled fish by the campfire. Stan also bakes together.

“No! What if there are still traces left?! Wouldn’t it be a shame to die!?” Tristan shouted, “You said you had a change of clothes, why didn’t you take them out quickly?!”

“Those were all hidden by the evil star with space magic, and we won’t be able to get it until the evil star wakes up.” Arthur said, “Look at him now—” He pointed out He pointed to the unconscious red fire dragon beside him.

“Enough, stop arguing!” Ivan couldn’t help but said, he was so annoying himself, “You guys still have a change of clothes, what about me? I don’t even dare to call Aoyun to pick me up now. What do you think I should do tonight!?”

“You idiot, you deserve it! If you knew you might pee your pants, you could just go into the cave with your bare **** in the first place.” Tristan quipped.

“How can that kind of thing be possible! Why don’t you try it? Give you back your stupid words as they are!” Evan also said angrily.

“What did you say?! Are you going to fight?!——“

“Okay, stop arguing!” Arthur gave the two quarrelling a heavy punch on the head, “Come on the fire as soon as it’s done, don’t catch a cold.”

“Damn!” Tristan sat unhappy on a rock by the campfire, roasting his pants by the fire.

“Stop those two idiots playing in the river, come over and warm up!” Arthur cried.

Bediver wagged his tail, as if he hadn’t had enough fun, but he had to obey Arthur’s instructions and add water to the fire to keep him warm.

“Haha!” The werewolf boy sneezed, rubbing his nose, and then inadvertently asked, “Has the Shaxing not woken up yet? Do you want me to try this necklace again?”

“Don’t mess with that thing again!” Arthur angrily said, “It’s all because the mage gave you this strange thing, and you screwed up the trial! I haven’t figured out whether the trial met my expectations. The effect of slaughter, the nightmare has been killed, and there is no chance to try again. Look at what you have done!”

“Uh, I didn’t know that in advance—” Brady stuck out his tongue in protest.

“Necklace?” Evan couldn’t help but pick up the necklace in his arms, “I also have a similar thing, which was left by my mother. In the trial just now, this thing is also shining———— “

As soon as Evan picked up the necklace, the thing suddenly glowed. The rays of light converged into a straight line and shot at the evil star who was still in a coma.

“Queen Mother—— Queen Mother?!” Shaxing hurriedly got up, as if he had suddenly woken up from a nightmare, he looked at the direction of the white light, and his eyes fell on Evan’s necklace .

“Boy, where did that necklace come from! Quickly answer me!!” Shaxing shouted.

“Huh? This, this is my mother’s relic, what’s wrong?” Evan was taken aback by this sudden question. At this time, the light of the necklace has completely subsided.

“Shaxing, what’s wrong?” Arthur asked.

“That breath… there’s nothing wrong with that! Although it’s very weak, there’s no doubt that it’s the Queen Mother’s breath (photon)!” Sha Xing said, “That breath came from your necklace. Sent!”

“What mother, are you sleepy?” Tristan said, “Why would a broken human necklace be related to the dragon race? It’s not logical at all!”

The evil star was silent for a while, and Evan was also silent for a while.

“Maybe I’m really sleepy, maybe. But——” the evil star still asked reluctantly, “Tell me! Where did this chain come from? How did it come from?! Has your mother ever mentioned anything to you before?!”

Evan shook his head, “My mother didn’t say anything about this necklace. The only meaning of this thing to me is [mother’s relic], I’ve never heard of it. A special effect.”

“It can’t have any special effect! If there is something unusual, this kid’s eyes don’t notice it, and Brady’s senses must be able to notice it!” Tristan continued to analyze it for granted.

When the evil star saw that he couldn’t think of anything, he gave up. But he still groaned in disapproval, and his little feet slapped and kicked on the stone.

Evan has actually noticed that there is an unusual magic on this necklace. However, he was afraid that the evil star would come to entangle him again, so he pretended to be nonchalant.

“Stop talking about so many useless things!” Tristan hurriedly said, “Pants, get those pants! I don’t want to be naked all night!”

“Humph!” Sha Xing was still arguing and seemed unwilling to help, “Boy, there is something wrong with your approach to asking for help! If you want me to help, can’t you correct your attitude first?”

“Shaxing, stop playing, just leave it when you see it.” Arthur said coldly, “It’s just a waste of time to be awkward with a idiot like him.”

“…Humph!” Shaxing muttered a few words in dissatisfaction (I don’t know if he was swearing or He performed a magic trick to compress the compression in Asia The burden of space is taken out.

“Hey, finally ——” The foolish murloc prince was busy rummaging through his bags to find his pants and put them on.

Bedivere and Tol’vir also put on their pants, but in the end, only Evan was left with no pants to replace.

“Oh, that’s great.” Evan said helplessly, “Fortunately, I’m not very demanding, and my pants are almost fast——“

“Boy.” Shaxing interrupted suddenly, “Can you lend me that necklace temporarily?”

“…This is the only thing my mother left for me. I’m sorry, I can’t——“

“Okay, when I didn’t ask.” Sha Xing said a little tiredly, “Let’s go first. I’ll come again.”

The red dragon jumped into the warp tunnel and left.

“Just ran away? I’m going to ask him to give us a ride—” said Tristan dissatisfied.

“He’s tired today, so let him go.” Arthur stood up and said, “Evan, hurry up, we’ll go to the nearby village to find a hotel before midnight, and we’re really going to sleep in the rough. .”

“Tsk—Okay.” Although the pants were not completely dry, Evan put them on reluctantly. It’s better than a situation where someone else has trousers on and their **** is bare.

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