Light Spirit Epic Chapter 158: Sinking to the Nightmare (Part 1)


Chapter 158: Falling into Nightmare (Part 1)

Here, Arthur put down the phone and continued to eat.

“Did Evan say something?” Bedivere asked.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that his father’s contracted creature is very powerful, and I should be careful to deal with it.”

“Oh, the tone is really big. When did that kid become so arrogant, he was obviously just a chorus kid before.” Tristan mocked in disapproval.

“Don’t say that. Evan is the fastest growing one of your little bastards, and now he’s doing well.” Arthur said.

“If I have the kind of strong eyesight that can see through everything, of course it’s easy to fight!” Tristan insisted.

“Oh, so, do you think his power is only due to his innate talent?” Arthur sneered.

“Even if you don’t hit it, it’s not far!” Tristan also sneered.

“Do you think that only talent can make a person strong?” Arthur sneered mysteriously, “What really makes a person strong, you still don’t know anything, the little boy of the mermaid kingdom. His Royal Highness.”

Tristan didn’t fully understand, but he could vaguely sense the irony in Arthur’s words, so he said angrily: “It’s not about talent, what else can you rely on?”

“You’ll understand soon,” Arthur said. He glanced around, looked at Bedivere, and even looked at Tovir who pretended not to hear anything and was busy eating, and then he said, “You three, dare to go to a place with me tomorrow?”

“Oh, is there any other place I dare not go?” Tristan said arrogantly.

“You’ll find out tomorrow,” Arthur said.

In the evening, Greenville was just soaking in the bathtub when the phone rang again.

“Is that Greenville?” Arthur said over the phone.

“You… did you deliberately pick me up to call when I was taking a shower?” Greenville asked angrily.

“Uh, sorry…”

“Forget it. Do you have anything to say?” Greenville said.

“That.” Arthur told Greenville about his plans for tomorrow.

Greenville’s face was solemn: “Are you kidding me? Do you have to use [that] in this extraordinary time?”

“It’s not me, it’s the three kiddies in my knight order. I’ve already got approval from the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens. I’m calling to tell you now that it’s safe to use [that] problem, I want to know you in advance so that you can be prepared.”

“In other words, you want me to be the babysitter for those little devils, so they don’t die, right?” Greenville said impatiently, “With me here, life can be saved. .But I can’t guarantee that they will be missing an arm or a leg by then——“

“It’s just their own unlucky things to become like that, don’t care.” Arthur said coldly.

“What an outrageous person! You don’t have to worry about the cat’s life?” Greenville sneered.

“What… a kitten?” Arthur froze for a moment.

“That leopard child.” Greenville laughed even more, “Puppy, kitten, and small fish. You really have a lot of cute animals on your farm.”

Arthur on the other end of the phone didn’t speak for a while.

“Are you making fun of me in your heart?!” Greenville was suddenly angry.

“No, that’s not the case,” Arthur said coldly.

“Stop pretending! Damn guy!!” Greenville was even more angry.

“That… Anyway, I’ll leave it to you tomorrow.” Arthur said.

“Hmph, the attitude of asking for help is really bad!” Greenville said, “You said it so lightly, have you ever entered [that] yourself?”

“A few times.” Arthur said, “Richard once tried to challenge that one, but he always ran away halfway and left me there. So it’s okay, I went in three or four times or so. …?”

“Three times? Thank you for not breaking down yet.” Greenville said disdainfully.

“Thanks to my physique. I have no feelings, and of course I don’t know what fear is. Of course, what’s inside can’t embarrass me.” Arthur said.

“This… I don’t quite believe it.” The girl said earnestly, “People are born with fear. When you really want to be afraid, you will be afraid anyway. Say something” If you don’t have feelings, you don’t know what you’re afraid of. That’s self-deception. Arthur, don’t force yourself to challenge what you’re really afraid of. Doing that will only ruin you.”

“…I see.” Arthur replied absentmindedly, hanging up the call without waiting for Greenville to chatter.

Greenville closed the phone and sighed.

The next day. There are still three days left before the duel with the Grand Duke of Yones.

“Then…what’s the matter with calling me here for no reason? If there’s nothing particularly important, I have to go back to training…” Evan said a little resentfully.

“Is this your little trick?” Arthur glared at Tristan.

“Hey, you said, he has become so powerful, I guess he can handle the ‘that’ place we’re going to today, right?” Tristan argued, “So I I called him together so that everyone could see how powerful he was.”

“Uh, what’s going on? Can someone explain it to me?” Evan was at a loss.

“Hmph, forget it, let’s go with the flow. Evan, take the place we’re going next as a [trial] Arthur said, “This trial has It can be life-threatening, it’s up to you to come along or not. What are you going to do? “

“What is the training all about?” Evan asked suspiciously.

“The trial of ‘making one truly strong’.” Tristan said sarcastically, “That’s what Arthur said.”

“Really?” Evan thought for a while, “Okay, I will participate.”

Tristan saw Evan say this, with a sneer of disdain on his face.

Arthur saw Tristan’s sneer, and a sneer of contempt appeared on his face.

Bediver frowned when he saw Arthur and Tristan taunting each other, and said, “I don’t mind you doing all this training, but is it necessary to involve Tol’vir? This kid hasn’t been injured yet. Well, and with no combat training, wouldn’t it be too dangerous to drag him into something like this?”

“Dangerous?” Arthur said nonchalantly, “No, you don’t even need combat training to pass [that trial].

To pass the trial, what you need is not a strong combat power, but something else. And this is a good opportunity. Maybe after this time is over, this kid will be able to speak. “


“If you are so worried about his safety,” Arthur sneered cruelly, “just protect him during the trial.”

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