Light Spirit Epic Chapter 153: Redemption in the Shackles (Part 1)


Chapter 153 Redemption in the Shackles (Part 1)

An hour later, the slave market.

“Then, Miss, you’re good to go.” The slave trader happily handed the chain to Greenville, motioning for her to lead the slave away.

Arthur looked at the leopard man, and when he was far away, he said, “Covis, can you understand us? Can you go by yourself?”

This leopard man is much shorter than the Coves he met before, and it is estimated that he is not old, but Arthur still called it for the time being. Judging from the special blue hair of the Leopards, this guy is likely to be a Clan of Corvis.

However, the other party did not respond.

No response? The brutal brainwashing of the fox people may have destroyed the brain of this leopard man, and he may have become an idiot without thinking ability. Arthur sighed softly: “No. Is he still brainwashed?”

“…That’s weird, that’s not what his heartbeat said.” Greenville frowned, no one can hide the girl’s sensitive hearing, her talent is not only able to distinguish The lesions in the human body can even distinguish between truth and falsehood. But she didn’t seem to intend to continue to struggle with this matter, she just chuckled: “Forget it, let’s not talk about this for now. This child stinks to death, Arthur, take him back first and help him well. Take a shower. I’ll talk about it later.”

“You didn’t say he——“

“Kidney dysfunction and multiple organ failure? Oh, yes, but it doesn’t matter,” Greenville waved disapprovingly, “The main thing is to feed him more nutritious food first, and then fatten it up. Things will always work out after that.”

“Since you said so,” Arthur said skeptically. (Is it fattened and then slaughtered?)

At night, Arthur’s farm.

“Uh, so you brought back such a ‘stinky’ guy?” Tristan sneered, covering his nose, “God, you took a beautiful girl out on a date in the morning and brought back a beast at night. What the **** is this? Date?!”

“Noisy! Brady, can you help this guy take a bath?” Arthur said, sitting on the sofa at the same time, “I’m starving to death, let’s go get something to eat first.”

As soon as the voice fell, the leopard slave had already rushed into the room, looked at the table full of dinner, and stretched out his hand to grab it.

Pop! Arthur punched the leopard so hard, “Wash your hands before eating!”

“Wow, you dirty kitten.” Bedivere said while washing the Leopard Man, “How long has it been since you haven’t bathed? Even slaves shouldn’t be treated like this?”

“Ugh!” The Leopard Man trembled subconsciously.

“I’m sorry, did it hurt you? Are there any wounds there?” Bedivere said, “I’ll have to sterilize and bandage your wounds in a minute. What a poor fellow. Well, you understand what I’m saying. ?”

The other party did not respond.

“Cough. Forget it.” Bedi looked at the bruised back of the Leopard Man, “Don’t be afraid, Arthur is a good person. If you come here, you will be safe and won’t be bullied again.”

He surveys the leopard man. Although he was a head taller than Bedivere, the same Orc Bedivere could see from the opponent’s bones that this guy was actually just a teenager.

This leopard man is not the Corvez he had seen in Rome before, maybe just an orc of the same race. About this, Arthur is probably going to be disappointed.

Although there are occasional examples of humans capturing orcs for sale, there are even examples of foxmen capturing orcs for profit and selling them to the human world. But Corvez’s clansmen should all be excellent fighters, even if they can’t beat them, they won’t be able to escape, right? How did this leopard boy fall into the hands of human traffickers, and how did he end up in the human world? What a puzzling puzzle.

“Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gugu.” Leopard Man’s stomach thundered.

“Haha, I’m sorry, are you hungry too? I’ll finish washing soon.” Bedi picked up the faucet and poured it on the Leopard Boy’s head.

“Eat slowly, do you want to choke to death?” Arthur scolded, eating the bread in a graceful manner, as if to set a good example.

The leopard boy ignored Arthur, or didn’t understand him at all, he just devoured and ate.

“Is this guy just a child? What a surprise.” Arthur suppressed his anger.

“You can’t be wrong, probably younger than me,” Bedivere said. (So ​​you don’t care about children!)

“You’re so tall when you’re younger, shouldn’t you review it?” Tristan pursed his lips and smiled.

“It’s so noisy, I want you to take care of it!” Brady raised his tail and said angrily, “I’m just a little dwarf anyway, and I don’t always grow taller!”

“What do you call this guy? You can’t keep calling [this guy], [this guy]?” Arthur asked.

“Well, isn’t it called [Covis]?” Bedivere said.

“[Colvis] is a surname. Maybe these blue-furred leopards are all called Corves. Will you call a blue leopard once in the future?” Arthur said.

“What should I do then?”

“Well,” Arthur carefully observed the Leopard boy’s face to see if he had any mood changes, “Chetovia Coves… that’s the guy’s name. I’m in Think, if you named this kid, would it be similar.——Tol’vir?”

“Is Tolvir?” Bedivere said Well, although I don’t know the language of the Grik tribe, a name like [Tolvir] should exist. pretty good. Let’s call him Tol’ville for now. “

Arthur was indeed watching closely, but the leopard boy only focused on eating, and Arthur didn’t respond at all when he said the name.

If this is fake, this kid’s acting is really good too.

So, Arthur gave up temporarily, only thinking that this guy was really brainwashed.

Late at night.

Zheng. Zheng.

Bedivere got up and saw Toville on the bed next to him subconsciously wrapping the collar around his neck with his claws, as if he wanted to break the chain and escape.

Bedivere then walked over and held the Leopard Boy’s hand: “No.”

Toville didn’t say anything, just cast a lonely look at the werewolf boy in the dark.

“I know what you want, but not now,” Bedivere said, “don’t worry, Arthur will set you free, he hasn’t unchained yet, just for fear of you running around You hurt yourself. As long as he knows you’re a good boy after a while, he will loosen your shackles. Until then, take a good rest.”

The leopard boy didn’t respond, but he stopped grabbing the chains.

“Good boy. Go to sleep.” Bedivere said in a childish tone.

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